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Chapter 369 – Why’s She Here?

Yeah Fen when conscious had long since realized what Zhaoming thought of her- she was just an old plaything of his, there was no way hed come back to her!

Zhaoming had moved from Songshan to Donghai, but the two cities werent far apart- the guy wouldve came back to visit her a long time ago if he actually had the heart to.

Fen toughing it out and confronting Zhaoming one last time was for the sake of making her own subconscious understand as well- Zhaoming wasnt her lover, he was an asshole!

Lin Yi parked the car and got out along with Xiaobo, Tang Yin, and Fen.

You four, what are you here to do! Guard A pointed furiously.

Were here to attend the birthday feast. Xiaobo suppressed his anger and looked at the three guards- Lin Yis reminder told him that these three had been sent by Zhaoming himself.

Fen held Xiaobos hand tightly, her eyes looking away from Zhaomings direction

Birthday feast? Wheres the invitation card, let me see it. Guard B said.

Why would I have an invitation card for my second grandpas birthday feast?? Xiaobo frowned.

Your second grandpa? Whos your second grandpa? Youre all conmen, arent you! The security captain said, full of confidence.

My second grandpa is Miracle Doctor Kang! Xiaobo was getting impatient. You guys are just obstructing us on purpose!

Obstructing you?! Whatre you talking about? Xiaobo hitting the mark angered the captain. Look at yourselves, wearing thirty kuai rags! Whod believe that Miracle Doctor Kangs your second grandpa? Youre probably all liars, arent you, here to get free food!

Who are you calling a liar?! Xiaobo was getting worked up.

Lin Yi tugged at Xiaobo to calm him down. He turned to the guard captain and spoke faintly. Whats your name?

Why the fuck should I tell you my name? Listen here, you liars better leave fast or Ill call the cops! The captain smiled coldly, ignoring Lin Yis question.

Looks like Ill have to give Li Yixun a call- whats wrong with his men, pushing guests out? Lin Yi shook his head and started looking for the name card. Hm Wheres that name card Oh, here it is.

Lin Yi throwing Li Yixuns name and name card out froze the captain- of course he knew who Li Yixun was, that was the boss most trusted man! He was the one in charge whenever Mister Tian wasnt around, a direct representative! Even a big security manager was nothing in front of Yixun, let alone a small security captain like him!

Hed helped Zhaoming cause some trouble for Lin Yi simply because of money, but it wasnt that simple with Lin Yi!

Displeasing Zhaoming would result in no money, but pissing Lin Yi off would mean losing his job!!

Bro Bro, dont I was ignorant, please dont make that phone call The captain wanted to cry- so the one driving this van was the real big shot! Even if his association with Yixun was but a normal friendship, Yixun wouldnt risk that with Lin Yi for the sake of some small security captain!

To Yixun, he was an extra with no weight to his name- Yixun wouldnt have trouble finding a replacement for this position the next day!

Zhaoming, on the other hand, wasnt paying attention to Lin Yis conversation with the captain- he was looking at the girl standing beside Zhaoming, Fen!

Master Kang, that girl beside your idiot cousin- why does she look like that girl you threw away? Xiaozhang had a surprised look on his face as he pointed at Fen.

Huh? Dude, I think it really is that bitch Lan Fen! Zhaomings eyes were full of disbelief as well. Didnt she get hit by a car? Whys she still alive?

I dont know! I gave that driver five hundred thousand to make sure she died, how come shes still here! Xiaozhang was shocked. What a waste of money!

Xiaozhang, dont bring that up! Zhaoming glared. How could the guy just talk about hiring someone to commit murder so casually? Fortunately for him all three of them had committed crimes before.

And as for Fens incident, both Zhu Xiaozhang and Wang Shubin had been involved.

Hehe, its just us three here Xiaozhang realized his mistake as well- this wasnt something to joke about, they could go to jail for it!

But Fens family didnt have any power at all- they were poor as shit, and wouldnt be able to do anything about it even if they did hear about this anyway.

Why did Fen come? Doesnt she know Im Kang Xiaobos cousin? Zhaoming was perplexed at Fens purpose to visit- she wouldnt be here to humiliate herself if shed known that!

It never crossed his mind that Fen was here to cause trouble and get some compensation benefits- that was impossible. He would never give her anything, and she wasnt stupid enough to not know that- she wouldnt have come here just to embarrass herself.

We were thinking of something to humiliate them with, right? Theres our ticket! Lets go! Xiaozhang suggested with a grin.

Lets go see what this girl wants! Zhaoming was getting really curious as well.

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You guys get out of the way! Xiaozhang waved a hand at the security captain, dismissing them- they hadnt paid attention to what had happened between Lin Yi and the captain, and assumed that the group had received quite the humiliation already.

Yes Yes The captain had been thinking of a way to get himself out of this mess- fortunately Xiaozhang had provided that opportunity at just the right time.

He left with Guard A and B- familial warfare wasnt something outsiders could just butt in on. Kang Xiaobos side looked very weak, but they were associated with Li Yixun! Just that alone made the captain retreat. 

He shouldnt have involved himself for a couple hundred kuai at all.

Fen, you bitch! You still remember Master Kang? Why are you here! Xiaozhang walked over cockily, a finger pointing at Fen.

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