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Chapter 368 – Here Comes The Troublemakers

Tomorrow was the birthday feast, an important event- Zhaoming wouldnt go as far as to publicly laugh at Fen or anything, since both Xiaobo and him were still Kangs to everyone else, even if they had their differences.

If Zhaoming really were that immature and attacked Xiaobo with mockery or anything of the sort, then itd him whod get laughed at by others.

That was why tomorrow was the ideal day for Fen to come to a conclusion with Zhaoming- the four of them would then leave right after Xiaobo presented the gift.

Theres instant noodles here- lets settle with this then. Lin Yi opened a glass cabinet and took out the instant foods like instant noodles, rice, and sausages.

The people here werent picky in the first place- they were fine as long as they had something to eat.

They all went to rest after the meal- Tang Yin helped Fen to a room upstairs without giving Lin Yi or Xiaobo any chance at all.

Lin Yi didnt mind- his relationship with Tang Yin wasnt really an official couples relationship anyway. They hadnt said anything about it to each other either.

Theyd just gotten closer, thats all- of course they couldnt sleep in the same room.

Xiaobo, on the other hand, was slightly disappointed. Aw, I thought I could get closer with Fen and everything, too.

Chances will come. Lin Yi patted Xiaobos shoulder. Fen isnt in a good mood today, so even if youre thinking about doing other stuff she wouldnt be very interested. Might as well wait until we settle this whole thing with Kang Zhaoming and liberate her, right?

Right, boss! I guess I was rushing. Xiaobo said guiltily. Ill listen to you.

Haha Lin Yi laughed. Lets go to bed.

With that, Lin Yi headed to a room downstairs when Xiaobo started following him. Boss, wait for me

…Why are you following me? Lin Yi turned around, weirded out.

Heh heh I wanna sleep with you, boss Xiaobo said with a smile.

What the fuck A chill went down Lin Yis spine. I thought you liked Fen..?

Ugh Youre taking it the wrong way, boss I just wanted to chat, thats all! Xiaobo sweated, speechless. Im just worried what my parents would think about Fen after tomorrow

Lin Yi blinked- so there wasnt anything wrong with the guys sexual orientation! 

Lets chat then. Its not a big deal. Lin Yi sighed. This just depends on what you think- Fens a good girl, but she got unlucky with a relationship I think your parents will understand if you just tell them honestly

Yeah, Im think so too, but I feel like its a bit unfounded. Im thinking that if Fen and I become successful and everything and then tell them about the relationship I feel like theyll take to it better. But theres no time! Xiaobo sighed. My parents are gonna know about us tomorrow for sure, Im worried they wont like it

Ah, success, huh? Dont worry, Ill be able to give you an opportunity sometime soon. Li Yi was thinking about having a representative, too- Xiaobo was a good candidate, especially with his status as Miracle Doctor Kangs relative. 

Miracle Doctor Guan would be able to cause a huge uproar in the market!

Even if the patients doubted Miracle Doctor Guans medicine at first, theyd be sure to assume that Xiaobo had the recipe for Golden Creation as well if they found out about the relationship- Theyd think that hed split from his second grandpa

Really? Xiaobos eyes lit up excitedly. Boss, youre really too nice to me!

Ha Go get some rest. Youll need it to fight Zhaoming tomorrow. Lin Yi reminded.

Right, Ill go right now Xiaobo nodded and left for a room of his own.

Lin Yi, Xiaobo, Tang Yin, and Fen all left the villa at nine the second day after having instant noodles for breakfast. Li Yixun had wanted to prepare something for Lin Yi to eat, but the boss didnt task him with that, nor did Lin Yi call for the service- he decided not to disturb the hosts.

Kang Zhaoming was still feeling humiliated from yesterday- he was a direct heir of Miracle Doctor Kangs bloodline, and he couldnt even handle a mere branch relative! It pissed him off.

Hed gotten a hotel staff member he knew to scout out where Xiaobo was living, thinking of going there with some men to shame them, but nothing turned up. He had to leave them alone for the night.

But theyd make an appearance today, without fail, since it was grandpas birthday feast today. Xiaobo would definitely attend with those friends of his, so Zhaoming was already waiting at the entrance with some of his followers, prepared to humiliate the group at any moment!

You guys remember what Master Kang said? Zhu Xiaozhang said cockily as he handed out some cash to the security guards at the entrance- he was a follower of Zhaomings.

Yes! Rest assured, Zhu Bro A security captain-looking guy said as he accepted the cash.

Dont call me Zhu Bro! Xiaozhang glared- Zhu Bro was the exact sound of Pig Bro, it was quite irritating. Call me Xiaozhang Bro, got that?

The sound Xiaozhang, on the other hand, sounded like cocky- hed much rather be Cocky Bro compared to Pig Bro. He was Zhaomings number one lackey, after all It was a fitting name for his confident demeanor.

Yes, Xiaozhang Bro! The security captain said.

Here they come Zhaomings other top lackey, Wang Shubin, had memorized the licence plate on Lin Yis van already- hed been looking all over for that run-down van last night to no avail.

The security captain nodded to guard A and B, and the two of them started walking right at the van.

Lin Yi had seen what Zhaoming and his lackeys were up to long ago, mumbling to the security guards and everything. He curled his lips at the incoming antics. Xiaobo, Kang Zhaomings right there at the door- hes here to cause trouble. Careful.

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Yeah, got it! Xiaobo held a fist as Fen started trembling from her nervousness and panic- it hurt Xiaobo to see that. He held her hand. Dont worry, Fen! Ill make that bastard apologize

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