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Chapter 366 – Going Against Each Other

Zhaoming turned to look at his father, only to find that he found it odd as well- hed informed his Xiaobos father already, did Xiaobo miss the news?

Xiaobo, didnt your father tell you? The resorts packed, we didnt arrange a room for you and your friends! Zhaoming said innocently. How bout this, you and your friends can live in the motel over there. Its thirty, forty kuai a night, you guys handle it first and tell me how much it was tomorrow.

Oh, no need to trouble you, Zhaoming, weve booked a room in here already. Xiaobo said faintly. We dont need your arrangements.

Hm? What? Zhaoming froze. You booked a room here? Impossible! I booked all of the business rooms here already! Whatre you trying to pull?!

Im not trying to pull anything. Xiaobo shrugged, delighted at Zhaoming going crazy.

Xiaobo, I know how you dont wanna lose face in front of your friends, I really do understand! Zhaoming made it sound genuine, but also loud at the same time so Xiaobos friends in the van could hear. But you need to understand that the people attending my grandpas birthday feast are all people of very high positions, and even they dont get rooms! Theres no way we can arrange any for your friends! Also, youre not grandpas direct grandson, too- we really cant include you when managing those rooms!

You dont have to worry. Xiaobo wasnt the slightest bit frustrated. The ones open for business may all be booked, but not the ones not open for business, right? Thats what we booked.

With that, Xiaobo got the rail pulled up and got back in the car, not paying Zhaoming anymore attention.

You Zhaoming was almost choking with rage- did Xiaobo know a worker in here? Did he get himself an employees room or something?! It was so frustrating just to let him trot in like this!

Forget it, Zhaoming! Zhaomings father said with a wave of his hand. He looked down on his nephews family as well, but he was still an elder- he wouldnt want to go overboard.

What the hell! Think youre some big shot! Zhaoming yelled out, unable to contain himself. You call that a car?! Arent you ashamed of yourself?!

Alright, Zhaoming, your grandfather cares about his reputation- dont embarrass yourself in front of outsiders. Hes a long-distance relative anyway, just let him do what he wants if he wants to show off. It doesnt get him any substantial benefits or anything. Kang Cuipu shook his head before turning to an Audi with a smile. Mister Wang, you came

Lin Yi contacted Uncle Tian after entering the resort- he had to persuade him into not coming down to greet him personally and send someone he trusted instead.

Although, even the trusted person didnt know Lin Yis real identity.

Lin Yi wanted to keep a low-profile, after all- if people knew about his connection with the boss itd attract the Kangs attention

He was here with Xiaobo as a bystander and observer in the first place- the point was to show Fen exactly what kind of an ugly person Zhaoming was, thus removing him from her memory!

If Lin Yi were to expose his connection with Uncle Tian, then Zhaoming might actually have a change of attitude and be all respectful towards him all of a sudden- Fen wouldnt be able to see his true face if that happened.

Master Lin, nice to meet you! Mister Tian sent me. A thirty year old man walked over to Lin Yis car with quick steps, not a single trace of disdain in his eyes towards the run-down van Lin Yi was driving, clear of suspicion and full of respect. Im Li Yixun- you can call me Li, Master Lin.

Uncle Tian mustve told him the licence plate number for him to be able to confirm Lin Yis identity so quickly.

Ah, just take us to the villa please, Mister Li. Lin Yi said politely.

Please come with me, Master Lin. Yixun nodded. Should I get in your car, or will you and your friends come in mine?

Yixun pointed at an SUV not far away as he spoke.

You get on, Mister Li- Ill drive. Lin Yi said.

Yixun left it at that and got in Lin Yis van. He gave him directions and got them to a stand-alone villa by the sea- it should be the villa with the best view here.

There was a sign on the villas door- Not for business.

Master Lin, the preparations have been made- you can move in right away! Yixun said as he handed Lin Yi his name card. You can contact me if anything comes up, Master Lin!

Alright, thanks. Lin Yi put the name card away.

Yixun didnt have much to say- he nodded and left. There was demand for people like him, people who worked without asking or saying too much.

Master Lin? Boss, youre not really one of those big young masters from a rich family, are you? Didnt you say you have a rich relative? Xiaobo was clearly excited from how Yixun had been addressing Lin Yi. Boss, tell me honestly! Are you a legendary young master?!

Do I look like one? Lin Yi smiled bitterly. That brother of yours is what you call a young master, okay

Heh Eh? Fen? Xiaobo was about to prod Lin Yi on when he saw Fens tear-streaked face- he jumped, completely startled. Fen, dont cry! Whats wrong?

Lin Yi and Tang Yin heard the sobbing as well, turning around to see tear stains on Fens face

But both Lin Yi and Tang Yin didnt know what to say- this was within expectations.

Fen meeting Zhaoming again, after all, was enough to affect her fragile and broken heart, even if shed only seen him from a distance

There was only Xiaobo who could be there for her right now- Lin Yi and Tang Yin didnt need to say anything at all.

Xiaobo, you wanna help Fen inside and talk to her first? Lin Yi suggested.

Okay Xiaobo nodded and quickly went in with Fen in his arms

Lets wait outside a bit Lin Yi sighed and parked the van outside the villa, shutting the engine down.

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Fen sure has it rough Tang Yin sighed as well, shaking her head as she looked at Fen and Xiaobo walking away. Hope she gets over it after all this

It’s gonna get intense soon ;D

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