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Chapter 365 – Associated With Everyone

Instructions? I dont have any instructions Lin Yi was a special case, but even so this was an elder he was talking to, an old enemy of his shifu! Lin Yi would, naturally, want to be humbler. Uncle Tian, its a request for your help.

Just tell me what you need. Uncle Tian was a bit angry. Youre boss heir- your words are the boss words!

Alright, so heres the thing- Im attending my friends second grandpas birthday feast with him, but there arent any rooms left. Do you have spots for us at your place? Lin Yi asked.

Is that it? Uncle Tian was stunned at how simple it was. Is it Kang Laicais birthday feast?

Kangs the surname- Miracle Doctor Kang. Dont know if its Kang Laicai or not. Lin Yi chilled at the name- no wonder the guy was rich.

(a direct translation of the characters lai cai would be come, money…)

Thats him. Uncle Tian said with a smile. The Kangs booked the whole resort already, but I have a villa of my own there not for commercial use. You can just come over.

Alright, Ill go right now. Ill give you a call when I get there. Lin Yi made sure to give him a reminder. Im currently a student.

I understand. Uncle Tian said with a chuckle- he wouldnt ask questions about Lin Yis identities and goals.

Lin Yi hung up and went back to the car. Its done, lets go.

Go where? Xiaobo blinked.

To that Moon on the Sea resort! Lin Yi said as he started the car.

I thought there werent any rooms left Boss, you have a connection there? Xiaobo was getting excited. We get to stay at Moon on the Sea too?

Yeah Lin Yi nodded. The owner is an elder of mine.

Jesus, boss! Youre amazing! Xiaobo was as impressed as could be towards Lin Yi right now- his eyes flamed with fire, proud that he could make a comeback.

His second uncle didnt want to let him stay there, did he? Well, here he was, heading to his own place without bothering with the rooms hed prepared!

Tang Yin turned to Lin Yi after seeing Xiaobos excitement, her eyes curious. This guy seemed to be able to avoid every trouble and obstacle wherever he went He even knew the owner of Moon on the Sea! 

He sure knew a lot of people.

Haha Alright, calm down. Its not just a room, either, its a villa! Lin Yi smiled at Xiaobo.

Villa? Seriously? Xiaobos eyes were wide open. I heard that Moon on the Sea only has thirty villas, and only ten of them werent for business Oh, boss, you know the owner so of course we get a villa!

Lin Yi didnt know where the resort was, but he did pull Yushus GPS off of her Beetle and installed it in his car.

It was a very famous resort- he only needed to type the name in to see a clear route.

Kang Xiaobos second uncle, Kang Zhaomings father, was currently standing at the gates of Moon and the Sea, greeting guests.

Kang Xiaobo’s first uncle, on the other hand, was the CEO of the company Miracle Doctor Kang Medicine- he was a figure much more important than Xiaobos second uncle, and was with a couple of bigger guests inside the hotel.

Boss, thats my second uncle, and the one beside him is Kang Zhaoming Xiaobo pointed to the people, introducing them to Lin Yi.

Xiaobo Fen closed her eyes in fright upon seeing the guys figure- this was someone she was once head over heels for, but those emotions were no longer something she understood.

Was it still love? Or was it hate, or fear?

Xiaobo grabbed Fens hand tightly. Dont worry, its alright Im here, and my boss is here too No ones gonna bully you

Im still kinda scared Fen was clearly very nervous- she didnt look like she wanted to let go of Xiaobos arm at all.

Its alright If youre not ready yet then just bend down and close your eyes, itll be fine Xiaobo consoled.

Okay Fen did as Xiaobo suggested.

Lin Yi sounded the horn at the rail blocking their way.

Zhaoming took a look at Lin Yis car and walked over impatiently to a security guard. Can you guys tell the delivery vehicles to go through the back? How many times do I have to say this? It irritates our guests!

Yes, Master Kang. The security guard said carefully. He turned to look at the licence plate on Lin Yis van- he didnt know this car. Was it a delivery van for the hotel?

(he calls Zhaoming Second Master Kang here)

Delivery vehicles go through the back! Kang Zhaoming ran over impatiently and swung a hand at Lin Yi.

Im not a delivery guy, Im here to stay at the hotel. Lin Yi was a little speechless- this was the second time hed been mistaken for a delivery guy.

The hotel? My familys booked the whole place, there arent any rooms left. Go somewhere else. Zhaoming turned and left without paying Lin Yi any more attention.

He couldnt be bothered bullshitting with some stranger.

Xiaobo frowned and got out the car. Zhaoming, its me and my classmates- were here to celebrate second grandpas birthday feast!

Oh? Zhaoming was evidently taken aback from Xiaobos appearance- didnt he ask his father to tell them not to come to Moon on the Sea and stay somewhere else?

Zhaoming didnt like Xiaobo too much- Xiaobo didnt pay him respect or anything the last birthday feast, even when he was like a big brother to him and everything! He felt quite humiliated because of Xiaobos coldness.

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After all, every other relative showered him with praise and respect- but who did Kang Xiaobo think he was? He was a Kang, yes, but a Kang from a different branch! He had nothing on him!

And here he was, thinking he was hot stuff! 

Zhaoming assumed that Xiaobo had brought his friends along this time to show off how powerful the Kangs were, that his second grandpa was Miracle Doctor Kang!

Yet Zhaoming had long since grown resentful of Xiaobo- there was no way hed give him what he want. Since the guy wanted to be in the spotlight so much Zhaoming decided that hed embarrass him by asking his dad to tell Xiaobos father that there werent any rooms left, that they should go find some cheap motel!

Hed thought that Xiaobo would be so humiliated that he wouldnt try to show off like that again!

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