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Chapter 361 – Lin Yi’s Gifter 

Oh, nothing we were just talking about burning a cockroach Yushu still wanted to hear about how Lin Yi punished Jianwen and Taizao! There was no way shed piss him off.

Shu, wheres your honor! Youre all talk! Mengyao glared angrily at how Yushu was denying everything.

Hehe Yushu pretended as if she didnt hear anything. Jumping off from the sofa, she ran over to Lin Yi. Hurry, Shield Bro! How did you punish An Jianwen and Su Taizao? Tell me!

Mengyao was still annoyed at Yushu, but found the topic very interesting as well. She turned to Lin Yi, eyes wide.

Haha, look for yourself. Lin Yi handed his phone to Yushu.

Little bro Lin! Come, Ive told the manager to get us some hotties!

Thats great! Im definitely in the mood after food like that.

Dialogue started coming from the phone- Mengyao couldnt help but glare at Lin Yi as she listened to the audio. See, Shu? I told you! Looks like well have to let Tang Yin listen to this tomorrow, show her what kind of person Lin Yi is!

Yushu looked at Lin Yi as well, curious. Shield Bro, are you really that kind of person?

Ah Just keep watching. Lin Yi shrugged without explaining.

Mengyao frowned when she heard Lin Yi ask for Snow and Rose. Lin Yi, you even know about their names!

…… Lin Yi only motioned for her to keep watching.

Mengyao assumed that Lin Yi was feeling guilty, and continued watching after a hmph. It wasnt until Lin Yi started acting like a coward that she understood what was going on.

Why would someone like Lin Yi be scared of confrontation??

Mengyao and Yushu realized what Lin Yi was plotting by the time they heard the wine bottle shatter- they guessed that the person in that room wasnt someone whod take kindly to that sort of thing! Lin Yi was using someone else to punish Jianwen and Taizao!

As expected, the man in the room raged and sent his men on the duo- Lin Yi then pulled his phone out and the scene of Jianwen and Taizao getting beaten up came to life

Hahaha! Thats amazing, Shield Bro! Yushu looked quite pleased as she enjoyed the footage. Those guys sure deserve that, trying to get you with a sex worker and everything!

Only idiots would fall for a trick like that. Mengyao hmphed, not intending to praise Lin Yi at all, forgetting that shed been doubtful of him the whole time.

Hahaha, I cant! Theyre so dumb! Yushu was having the time of her life. Shield Bro, send me that later! Ill watch it again when Im bored!

Sure. Lin Yi nodded

He received a call from Xiaobo when he went back into his room- the guy was pretty troubled over the what kind of present he should bring to the birthday feast.

Boss, what do you think? Im going there with you and Fen, after all, so itd be pretty embarrassing if I dont bring something good.

Ah You know, your second grandpa, being Miracle Doctor Kang and everything He doesnt really lack anything, and anything you give to him he probably wont care very much. Lin Yi said with a smile. Thats because of their attitude towards your family. Like you said, your family and his look like youre getting along alright, but arent, right? If thats the case then theyll think youre being stingy and poor if you give them some crappy gift, but theyll still think youre trying too hard, going way beyond your abilities just to impress them if you get them something luxurious!

Man, thats right! Xiaobo nodded, enlightened. If it were Kang Zhaoming, then everythings different! My second grandpa would treat even a page of his calligraphy as treasure if he gave him that as a present, since hes his direct grandson and everything

Alright, Xiaobo, since you call me boss and everything Ill take care of this for you! Ill prepare something big for him, but its his business whether he believes it or not. Lin Yi said after some hesitation.

Oh? You have something good, boss? Xiaobo asked, delighted. Is it anything that can make us look really good, boss?

Yeah, but Im not sure if theyll believe its good. Lin Yi said.

Well, its fine if they dont believe it. As long as the thought is there! Xiaobo nodded. Well, whatever the case is, Ill always trust you, boss!

A smile formed on Lin Yis lips as he hung the phone up. Miracle Doctor Kang, huh 

They might become enemies in the future when his Miracle Doctor Guan brand succeeds- Lin Yi decided to deal with him at the birthday feast to prevent him from having any bad thoughts in the future.

He thought of an idea after that acupuncture session with Zhenhu the other day- a bone washing elixir. Naturally, not an actual bone washing elixir, since that required huge amounts of branded herbs and medicines, resulting in a terrifying cost. There wasnt enough stock of those herbs and medicine for mass elixir production in the first place, too.

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That was something Old Lin gave Lin Yi when he was small, something he used to eat to strengthen his constitution. It expelled the toxins from the body, achieving the same effect bone washing did.

Lin Yi, of course, would never give out something that good. He was thinking of making a replacement, something that expelled toxins but on a smaller scale, something that wasnt able to fully cleanse even the deeper toxins within the body. It wouldnt be able to fortify constitution the way the real one could.

Yet even so, itd result in up to ten years of life prolongation, on the condition that there werent any major problems with the body. It wasnt a miracle medicine or anything, just something that removed toxins. It didnt cure anything.

Lin Yis acupuncture on Zhenhus body achieved a similar effect, something that could be replaced by Eastern medicine. 

What Lin Yi was planning on bringing to the birthday feast, however, was a bone washing elixir hed renamed- Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing.

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