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Chapter 36 – Damned Licence Plate

But we have the snipers ready! Theyre ninety percent certain that theyd kill off the robbers! Song Lingshan argued.

You said it yourself, its a ninety percent chance! What about the other ten percent, and what if Miss Chu gets hit? Both of us will be responsible for that casualty! The director scolded. I told you to play it safe- listen to their demands before all else!! Well decide our course of action afterwards!

Understood. Song Lingshan was troubled. She had planned to play a riskier hand and have the robbers sniped, but that was no longer possible considering how things stood. Even the director had forbidden it- what else could she do?

Baldy, on the other hand, was only pleased at the helplessness of the police. With haste, he got on the black SUV with the rest of his crew and left.

Song Lingshan could only watch helplessly as the car disappeared into the distance, hostages in hand.

Miss.. Li Fu panicked as he stared in the direction the car went. He had tried to call the chairman, but the it wouldnt connect.

Rest assured, Mister Fu- the police will take care of this. With that, the vice-captain pulled out a walkie talkie. Attention all squads, attention all squads! The bank robbers have made off in a black SUV, licence plate A74110!! Have tailing preparations in place!!

74110? Lingshan thought about it as she mumbled the licence plate number to herself. These robbers were making fun of her! She dialed a number on her phone, pissed off. Traffic police? Im Song Lingshan, from the criminal department. Help look up a licence plate number for me, its an SUV, A74110. What? Its not an SUV? Are you sure? Okay, I see.

Damned thieves! So that was why they put the licence plate on full display, it was a full-fledged taunt!! Lingshan couldnt take it anymore, she even looked the fake plate number up!

Baldy had his lackeys tie Lin Yi and Mengyao up the instant he entered the car. He was looking at Lin Yi, amused and in glee. I say, what the hell were you thinking, did you really wanna join the party that bad? We only wanted the Chu Miss here, but you-! You just had to be the hero, didnt you, forcing us to pull you along!

Lin Yi was startled- the guy knew Mengyao! It was a possibility that hadnt even crossed both their minds- they only assumed that the hostage was picked randomly. Lin Yi even thought that Baldys insistence was due to Mengyaos looks and his desire to have his way with her a little.

Never did it occur to them that the entire thing was a targeted kidnapping.

Y-you know me? Mengyao asked subconsciously, taken aback as well.

Yeah, why wouldnt we- youre the heiress of fucking Pengzhan Industries!! Baldy explained gleefully. Why the hell would I bring you with me, if I didnt know you?

Why are you guys kidnapping me.? Mengyao didnt understand. It was evident that the group had everything planned out!!

Why? Heheh. You know why Baldys smiled widely, his yellow teeth baring. Think, what do you have on you worth kidnapping?

I. Mengyao blinked in shock. This man wasnt after her body, was he!? At that thought, Mengyao concluded that it was very likely indeed. She was so pretty, so sexy, her eyes were big and her skin was white Her chest was perfectly shaped, and perky, as well It was only natural for a man to be interested in a body like hers.


Mengyao was about to burst into tears as she imagined getting violated by this ugly-ass person. Shed rather die than let someone like him have his way with her!! Shed rather give herself to Lin Yi than this disgusting criminal!!

Why Lin Yi? Because he was the only one Mengyao could think of. Zhong Pinliang irritated her to such extremes that he was out of the question, and that really just left Uncle Fu and Lin Yi…

She cursed at how much of a failure she was. These three were the only men she knew!! Her social circle was way too limited..!

Why was she always so unlucky? Mengyao started thinking up a plan to get herself out of this mess as she contemplated on her unlucky life.

Mengyaos paling and blushing only told Baldy one thing- the girl was getting the wrong ideas. Fuck! I have plenty of women, okay? Im not interested in a kid like you!! Im kidnapping you because someones paying!!

Mengyao instantly let out a breath, very glad that the kidnapper wasnt after her body.

Boss, Im fine with a kid like her you know? Maybe we could play with her a little? Ma Liu grinned lustfully as he looked at Mengyao.

Shut the hell up, Ma Liu!! The higher ups said that the girls off limits- we need her whole. Baldy scolded.

Aw, shit!! Pity. Ma Liu turned back, seemingly afraid of Baldy. Id die a pretty satisfied man if I get to do a girl that hot!

Stop bullshitting, just go get yourself a couple of schoolgirls with your payment after the jobs done!! Baldy didn’t appear to take well to Ma Lius lustful wishes.

Mengyao only grew more relieved. These guys werent after her body, so that was good- she didnt have to worry about being violated anymore! What annoyed her, however, was the fact that this bald asshole decided to tie her hand up with Lin Yis!

The guy was probably having the time of his life feeling her up!

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Yet Lin Yis hand reminded Mengyao of the scene back in the bank, where he pushed her down in order to take her place as hostage. It gave Mengyao a sensation she failed to understand.

What was with her? Could it be that this little gesture changed her view towards Lin Yi? No, thatd be way too fast! It wasnt that easy!

But would anyone else do what Lin Yi did, given the same circumstances? What was Lin Yi thinking when he decided to put his body on the line for her? Mengyao was getting confused- she didnt know anymore

Fuck!! What the hell are you smiling for?! Baldy was not pleased. The girl was blushing and smiling, what the fuck? Didnt she understand her situation? It was an insult to his pride! The girl clearly didnt see him as a threat if she blushed and smiled in his criminal-filled SUV!!

Ah-! Mengyao froze in realization as she stopped smiling.

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