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Chapter 356 – Someone In Mind

Master An, what do you think? Are they to your tastes? Mister Yand smiled as he displayed the girls.

Haha, little brother Lin is the guest here today. Bro, what do you think? Jianwen nodded to Lin Yi, giving him the first pick.

Oh. Can I pick two? Lin Yi asked after taking a look.

Of course! Taizao nodded, delighted. Hed get him all the girls if he wanted to! The messier it got the more impact when it reached Pengzhans eyes!

Thats great! Lin Yi smiled. But, to be honest These girls here arent really good enough for me

Lin Yis words put a frown on Jianwen and Taizao- wasnt he being too picky? These five may not be national beauties or Miss Universes or anything, but they were still very pretty girls who went under meticulous makeup and dressing up! 

And Lin Yi was saying that they werent enough?

Was his standards simply too high, or was he doing this on purpose?

Yet Jianwen had no choice but to have the manager give them a differente list of girls. Jianwen put on a pissed look and turned to Mister Yang. Whats with this, Mister Yang? Are you just gonna give us girls like that because I havent been coming here for a couple years?

No, of course not Mister Yang sweated. Ill have them changed right away!

Truthfully, these five werent actually top tier girls at the hotel He assumed that they were pretty enough after Taizao told him to get some pretty ones for his guest!

He wasnt expecting for that guest to be such a picky one- pissing Master An off was never a good thing.

That look on Mister Yangs face told Jianwen that those five werent the best he had- he was holding back. Jianwen couldnt help but look at Taizao accusingly. Why was this guy so unreliable?

That Lin Yi was someone who hung out with Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu all the time, there was no way hed even look at normal girls with just makeup! He had much higher standards than the average person, that was for sure.

My bad, bro! I wasnt expecting for Mister Yang to be so incompetent. Jianwen decided to pin the blame on the manager- he couldnt really blame Taizao for this.

Its alright! Lets just see what else hes got/ Lin Yi shook his head, amused. He wouldnt think the girls were pretty enough even if Jianwen got him goddesses.

A while later, Mister Yang walked in with three new girls, clearly on a different level from the last five.

Master An, Master Lin- are they to your liking now? The manager was completely confident this time around- hed brought in the best girls the hotel had to offer! He could only assume that this Master Lin had no taste if he still found them unsatisfactory.

Ooh, lemme see Lin Yi raised his head calmly and sized the girls up- he had to admit, these were top tier beauties. He sighed. Why had they chosen this path in life?

But Lin Yi was no messiah or hero- everyone had their reasons, he couldnt just butt into everyones business to understand them better. He pretended to take a very close look, to the point where the manager assumed that one, two, or even all three of the girls would stay when Lin Yi spoke up all of a sudden. Man, this still wont do. Mister Yang- youre not being honest with us, are you?

Ah? Mister Yang blinked, a little displeased. Not being honest? Whats wrong, Master Lin? Are they not to your liking?

Even Jianwen and Taizao started suspecting that Lin Yi was being picky on purpose- was this his way of putting them off, perhaps? Maybe he never wanted a girl in the first place?

But they kept that to themselves- what if Lin Yi really was just particularly picky?

Bro, are they really not good enough for you? Taizao stressed that question a little- after all, even he felt something looking at these three.

Ah Ahem. Fine, Ill come clean. Mister Yang! I heard that you have two star girls here, a pair of twins Snow and Rose, I remember? Lin Yi put on an unhappy look. Ive heard of them for quite a while now- youre not gonna tell me theyre just rumors, are you?

Lin Yis words froze the manager, Jianwen, and Taizao all in their tracks. 

The manager was surprised because Lin Yi had someone in mind from the start already- he wasnt just being picky! Perhaps hed tried to hide it because it was embarrassing, hinting at him through indirect methods

Jianwen and Taizao, on the other hand, didnt know who the stars were anymore- they havent visited this place for years! Lin Yi putting those two names on the table surprised them as well. So Lin Yi was an expert!

What made them happier was the fact that Lin Yi wasnt messing with them at all- he had his targets already! He mightve been embarrassed about being honest, but now that the names were out it was a pretty simple issue.

Mister Yang- are Snow and Rose the stars here? Jianwen looked at Mister Yang impartially. He was a little irritated at this point- even if he hadnt frequented the place for years he was still one of the four Songshan Young Masters! This manager was being too much, especially when hed asked him to get the real girls out! Who did he think An Jianwen was??

A chill ran down the managers spine after seeing Jianwens displeasure- it was a misunderstanding! Master An, please calm down Snow and Rose are our star girls here, yes, but theyre currently with another customer Hes paid heavy money for them

Money? Hmph! Ill give a heavier amount, so get me those girls! Money? I have tons of money, alright? Jianwen was starting to panic- especially when Lin Yi had his targets, too! This wouldnt work at all.

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That Thats a bit against the rules, Master An. The manager sighed internally- the Songshan Young Masters werent what they were in Songshan anymore They still had background and family influence, but Snow and Rose were with an existence not inferior to them at all He couldnt just go pull them away from him!

An Bro, its fine- you dont have to pressure Mister Yang like that. Why dont we do this next time? Lin Yi started putting on his good-guy act.

That only made Jianwen feel even more shamed- He was a Songshan Young Master!!! Could he not even get himself a star girl he wanted???

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