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Chapter 354 – Jianwen’s Plot

After all, the people he interacted with every day were very rich- it made him feel like he was on a different level from the poor!

The guard would then bow and smile at the big cars and put on airs at the cheap ones.

Who the fuck are you calling retarded? Taizao slapped the guard right across the face- hed finished parking with Jianwen only to see that Lin Yi wasnt there- they went searching for him at the gate and heard the guard call An Bro and him retards!!

I I The guard didnt know why Taizao hit him, but the guy was covered in brands! Hed come from inside the parking lot, too, evidently a guest here! There was no way he dared piss someone like that off. But I wasnt talking about you

Still fucking lying? Taizao sent another slap across the guards face. Im treating him to dinner and you called me a retard, you think I didnt hear that?

Ah? The guard froze- the van guy really did have someone treating him!

Jianwen had walked over as well, a frown on his face. Taizao, whats wrong?

This damned security guard called us retards! Taizao was very pissed indeed- all the guards and managers of every establishment in Songshan once knew who the four Young Masters were!

Of course hed be pissed when a guard insulted him without even knowing who he was!

Forget it. Jianwen waved a hand faintly. He was pretty pissed himself, but there were more important things than this security guard. Lets go, were better than him.

The guard started bowing and saying thanks, but turned around to glare at Lin Yi angrily.

He didnt think Lin Yi was rich- he was a poor student, as far as he could tell. That van was probably third-hand or something, too! He couldnt vent his anger on Taizao and Jianwen, but there was still Lin Yi He planned to go mess with his tires later to make up for his bad luck. He wouldnt know who was responsible anyway, with how big the parking lot was

Lin Yis keen senses, naturally, picked up on that hostility. He didnt mind, but warned the guard faintly anyway. You remember to watch my car! Ill hold you responsible if I see even a scratch on it.

Ah The guard smiled bitterly- Lin Yi had seen through him! There wasnt anything he could do at this point. 

The guard never knew that hed be lying on the ground if Lin Yi even bothered with him.

Jianwen brought Lin YI to a private room on the fourth floor, where the rooms were most luxurious. Above the fourth floor was the entertainment area.

It was a wide room, with a marvelous view of the night cityscape outside. 

The average man would never be able to afford a room like this.

Bro, please, sit! Jianwen, however, had long since grown accustomed to scenery like that. He put his phone on the table and seated himself. … Its been a while, hasnt it? Its gotta be three years since we last came here.

Yeah, An Bro. We were such big shots then, us Songshan Young Masters But now we have to bullied by even security guards. Taizao gritted through his teeth.

Haha, little bro Lins clothes are a bit plain, thats all- his cars a bit special too, catching that arrogant guards eye and everything. Jianwen smiled, making sure to mock Lin Yi a little.

Lin Yi, naturally, understood that Jianwen was mocking him for being poor and that he shouldnt even be with Mengyao.

He didnt mind. He was here today for the miss, and also to teach these two a lesson for Yushus sake. Anything else didnt really matter.

Moreover, Lin Yi had put on beggars clothing when on a mission before, too- there was no way something like what the guard said to him would bother him at all.

Haha, thats true. Taizao caught on to Jianwens intentions. Little bro Lin, you gotta get Yao Yao to buy you some better clothes! Itll be a bit embarrassing if you go out in those clothes otherwise.

Bought them, just not wearing them. Lin Yi smiled faintly. Mengyao did buy him clothes- he just wore the school uniform to school instead of his casual clothes.

Taizao, thats called laying low! Whats that saying again? Tiger in pigs skin! Jianwen explained with a smile.

Right, right! Tiger in pigs skin! Taizao nodded.

The two were being sarcastic- Lin Yi was no tiger.

Lin Yi didnt say anything to that- hed make them cry in just a bit.

Jianwen didnt want to go overboard with the mocking- Lin Yi might get angry and leave. He called for the waiter.

Everything had been pre-ordered before hed even left Mengyaos villa- the waiter started laying out dish by dish.

Jianwen sneaked his phone out and turned on the camera, aiming it at Lin Yi- hed left it on the table on purpose, all for the sake of filming the guy.

Jianwen assumed that Lin Yi had never had anything this luxurious for dinner before- itd be a nice bonus if he gulped the food down like a pig.

That, however, was only secondary- the fun was soon to come!

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Bro, eat up! No need for courtesies or anything, its just us three! Jianwen raised his glass. Here, Ill stop with all the thanks and give a toast for saving my life!

Its nothing, Yao Yao asked me to. Lin Yi raised his glass and took a sip before putting it back down. He picked his chopsticks up and started eating.

Jianwen was a bit disappointed at how normal Lin Yi was eating, but remembering the next event cheered him up. Bro, how bout some girls to spice things up? It gets dry with just us three men in here!

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