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Chapter 353 – The Miss Cares

School ended, and Lin Yi drove Tang Yin to the hospital before getting back to the villa. Jianwen was waiting outside in his car already.

Lin Yi parked in front of the villa and went to greet Mengyao for a bit, since this was something Mengyao had allowed yesterday.

She called out suddenly as Lin Yi was about to leave through the door. Dont drink too much! And also, dont go to those kinda places.

Ah? Lin Yi blinked- was this Chu Mengyao, caring? It sounded a little like an order, but Lin Yi could feel some emotions coming from those words.

Its nothing. Do what you want. Mengyao turned away from Lin Yis stunned look- She had some idea what Jianwen was up to- she rarely joined events for rich kids like herself, but had an understanding what they were like, especially with a little spy like Yushu around. She wasnt oblivious to the stuff Jianwen and his buddies did.

It was why Mengyao never had any romantic feelings for Jianwen- why would she ever go out with a man who played around with girls all the time?

Ah Dont worry, Im actually a good kid you know? Lin Yi smiled before walking out the door.

Remember to teach them a lesson, Shield Bro! Ill be cheering for you, so remember to mess them up! Yushu swung her fist.

Ill try. Lin Yi nodded- he was planning on teaching that irritating An Jianwen a lesson too; him coming over to bother him again wasnt something Lin Yi looked forward to.

Yushu waited until Lin Yi left before turning to Mengyao. Yao Yao, let me tell you a huge secret!

Oh? What did you learn? Mengyao had sent Yushu out for spy work again earlier- Lin Yi may be good enough to notice her, but that wasnt the same with Jianwen. Yushu had heard everything.

Jianwen Bro told Taizao Bro that theyre gonna order a prostitute for Shield Bro and take a video of it! He said that youll be able to break up with him after he sends the video to your dad and destroys his reputation! Yushu said.

(prostitute has another name in Chinese: chicken. Thats what Yushu uses here, and Mengyao got confused. Bonus fact: duck is used for gigolos.)

Prostitute? Mengyao paused before understanding what Yushu was saying. Her face reddened. Shu, dont use words like that! Its called a sex worker.

Oh, sex worker. Theyre gonna get a sex worker for Lin Yi! Yushu nodded. You think we should warn him, Yao Yao?

No! If he falls for something like that then hes a huge pervert! Dad can fire him if that happens. Mengyao hmphed, finding Jianwen quite distasteful. She wondered if Yushus brother used to be the same.

Lin Yi walked out the villa and saw a Porsche 911 behind Jianwens Ferrari- Su Taizao was standing next to it.

Lin Yi didnt like Taizao a lot- the guy was pretty noisy that day at the restaurant, and Lin Yi found it a bit disgusting. The Taizao now, however, had a wide smile on his face as he greeted Lin Yi. Mister Lin Yi, good to see you! I still have to thank you for what you did for An Bro that other day.

Lin Yi waved a hand, not paying him any attention. Jianwen stepped up from behind him. Little Bro Lin! I didnt know you were in the same class as Mengyao!

Jianwen had done his research- Lin Yi was Mengyaos classmate, younger than him. Calling him little bro would feel more intimate.

Yeah, I guess Lin Yi nodded faintly. Arent we going for dinner?

Thats right, were going now! Ive booked a room in the Starlight Hotel, lets go. Jianwen made sure to introduce the place in case Lin Yi didnt know. Starlight Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city- we frequented the place quite a bit in the past.

Theres special service, too! Taizao walked up and patted Lin Yis shoulder, as if telling him that they were bros, and that there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

Is that so? Ill make sure to enjoy myself, then! Lin Yi nodded, an excited look on his face but a cold chuckle inside. So Mengyao had guessed it right- these two were out to get him!

Jianwen breathed out in relief after seeing Lin Yis enthusiasm. Taizao was feeling happy as well.

Things were easy now that Lin Yi had said yes- there was plenty of stuff planned for the night, after all! Lin Yi would have quite the night of his life.

Although, hed have to pay the price after that night Heh heh heh

Lets go, then! My car? Jianwen pointed at his Ferrari.

Nah, Ill drive my own. Lin Yi pointed at the old van behind him.

Ah Jianwen wasnt expecting Lin Yi to choose an old van over a sports car, but didnt say anything. Sure, driving your own cars good.

Jianwen and Taizao got on their cars and headed for Starlight Hotel, with LIn Yi following behind them.

The hotel was a top-tier hotel in Songshan- buffets, KTVs, nightclubs just their parking lot alone was the size of a field.

Jianwen and Taizao drove inside to park, but Lin Yi was stopped by a security guard.

Hey! Delivery cars go through the back! The guard glared. Dont you know the rules? Are you new?

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Delivery? Lin Yi blinked and shook his head. Im here for dinner.

Dinner? The guard started laughing upon hearing the reply. Dinner? In that van? Do you know how much the food here costs? One meals enough for that old van of yours! Alright, stop messing around. Go through the back!

Im here to have dinner, alright? Lin Yi didnt want to stoop down to this assholes level. I dont care how expensive the food here is, someones treating me.

Yeah right, whod treat a guy like you? Alright, scram! Ive seen tons of people like you, you just wanna go steal stuff in the parking lot, right? The guard looked at Lin Yi with disdain. Only retards would treat you!

The man was just a security guard, but he was a security guard at the Starlight Hotel- he couldnt help but feel superior to the common man.

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