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Chapter 352 – She Likes You?

Yao Yao, wanna go sit in the shade? Yushu grinned evilly.

Sit in the shade so we can watch Lin Yi hit on girls? Mengyao frowned, not very pleased seeing Lin Yi sitting there with Tang Yin. This was in the middle of the day, a weekday, too! He was supposed to be on duty, so why was he mingling with the school beauty!!

She was a school beauty herself as well, and so was Yushu! How come Lin Yi only went after Tang Yin all the time when he had a miss and employer right here for him?! Shouldnt she be the one Lin Yi chased after, by all rights..?

Mengyao felt quite upset at all this- was she simply not attractive enough?

As much as Mengyao felt like she didnt need someone like Lin Yi falling in love with her or anything, being ignored by him as he pursued other girls pissed her off!

He was blatantly ignoring her!! Couldnt he at least go after Yushu if she wasnt good enough for him? Why Tang Yin???

Although, the two did look very good as a couple, sitting there with the same school uniform and everything

Maybe they were meant for each other after all

Heh heh, we can go learn from him, see how he hits on girls so well! Yushu nodded.

…..Were girls, Shu, we dont hit on girls. Wed have been a couple long ago if we were into girls! Mengyao looked at Yushu, speechless.

Oh. Lets go see how Tang Yin hits on hot guys, then. Yushu just wanted to sate her curiosity with Mengyao.

…… Lin Yis a hot guy? Mengyao pursed her lips. I I couldnt be any less interested!

But she walked in Lin Yis direction with Yushu all the same.

Lin Yi couldnt help smiling bitterly as he saw the two misses walk over- the two were clearly here to cause trouble. Although, Mengyao seemed to have gotten pulled along by Yushu; a miss like her wouldnt walk over to mingle with something like this.

Its so nice under this shade, Yao Yao! Yushu walked over to the stone slab, pulling Mengyao along to where Lin Yi and Tang Yin were sitting- there was nowhere left for her to sit! Yo, Shie- hey, can you scoot over? I need this shade!

Yushu almost let the words Shield Bro out- Mengyao wouldve been pissed if shed exposed their relationship then and there.

Tang Yin, however, was a bit irritated by Yushus tyranny, but remembered how Yushu had passionately helped her out some time ago when she went to Lin Yis class to look for him.

But they were here first, so why should they just give their spot away?

Lin Yi, on the other hand, acted as if he didnt hear anything, not budging an inch- it made Tang Yin anxious.

After all, as beyond the Big Four Lin Yi was, Yushu was a little devil not even the Big Four dared to cross Even the likes of Zhong Pinliang and Zou Ruoming feared her.

Even Tang Yin had heard of how Yushu dealt with Wu Xiaocan after hed shamed her- she was worried Yushu would want revenge on Lin Yi as well. Maybe we should leave

Ignore them. Lin Yi knew it- Yushu was here to cause trouble. He decided to ignore her and enjoy the shade until she left out of boredom.

Yushu was quite troubled at the ineffectiveness of her command- she didnt want to expose her relationship with Lin Yi, too. She turned to look at Mengyao, her face bitter.

Theres a shade there, too- lets go. Mengyao wasnt Yushu- she wasnt interested in fighting Lin Yi for the shade.

But Yao Yao I like it here! Yushu didnt want to leave at all- she still wanted to listen to what Lin Yi and Tang Yin were talking about!

Then you sit here then. Im leaving. Mengyao found it a little awkward- what was with her standing here watching Lin Yi hit on someone???

Oh Okay then Yushu had no choice but to follow Mengyao as she left for another spot.

Mengyao found a clean stone slab and sat down, taking her MP4 out. She put on Pleasant Lamb and Big Big Wolf to watch with Yushu

Yushu, however, made sure to dart her eyes to where Lin Yi was sitting, wondering what he was up to. That lazy face of his and the lack of any flirting made Yushu lose interest a bit later.

What are they doing? Theyre acting weird. Tang Yin didnt understand what Yushu was trying to do, leaving after giving Lin Yi an order. What was with her?

Chen Yushu? Dont bother, that girls always crazy. Who knows whats inside that head of hers. Lin Yi shrugged.

Tang Yin looked at Lin Yi oddly- intuition told her that Lin Yi was hiding something..? Are you close with her?

Shes in our class you know Lin Yi nodded vaguely.

Oh So she likes you? Tang Yin wasnt planning on letting go.

Huh?!! Lin Yis eyes shot themselves wide open- he looked at Tang Yin, shocked. What did you say? She likes me?

Yushu did confess to him once and everything, but that wasnt real Lin Yi thought that Yushu wouldnt like him, with how immature she was. She probably wasnt even at that stage where she could like boys, even.

Its nothing Tang Yin shook her head. It had been just a feeling, since Yushu just walking over like that seemed off

But it didnt really seem possible now that she thought about it.

Lin Yi wasnt in the mood anymore with those two over there spying on him. He stood up to leave. Lets get back to class

Yeah Tang Yin was feeling pretty shy from being watched, too. She stood up and left with Lin Yi.

Yao Yao! Shield Bros leaving!! Yushu never stopped watching Lin Yi the whole time.

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Let him leave. Mengyao frowned, her eyes still on the MP4.

Thought we could see something fun, too Wasnt expecting them to just sit there. Yushu said, disappointed.

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