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Chapter 349 – Tang Yin’s Treat

Theres two options Lin Yi snapped back to reality from Xiaobos interruption. He shook his head and stopped thinking about Xiaoyi; he simply didnt match up to her and her family even with the hundred million and Pengzhan Industries shares 

Two options? Xiaobo asked.

The first one: you tell them honestly and try to make them understand. Lin Yi said.

…… I dont think thatll work Xiaobos face looked bitter. I wouldnt be so troubled if I could get them to understand.

The second option: you dont tell them that Fens your girlfriend. Say shes just a classmate of yours, and Ill go with Fen instead of Tang Yin. Then they wont suspect anything. Lin Yi asid.

That sounds like a good idea, but can Fen go if Tang Yin doesnt? Xiaobo hesitated.

That depends on how you tell it to Fen. Lin Yi patted his shoulder. Lets go to class.

Pinliang was looking quite down today- hed learned of his uncles hasty retreat from Pengzhan Industries, but wasnt sure of what he should be feeling regarding the failure.

Was it disappointment, or something else? Pinliang felt like there was even a bit of excitement mixed in the emotions- after all, having Chu Pengzhan removed from the chairmans seat was not something thatd be in his favor, since the Zhongs would still be under his uncle even if hed successfully pursued Mengyao. 

But it was clear now that the Zhongs would prosper if he managed to get with Mengyao!

Mengyao was Pengzhans only child- there was no way he wouldnt get those shares after he became Pengzhans son-in-law.

And so Pinliang was filled with hope and vigor when reminded of how bright his potential future could be, but there werent many approaches for him to take.

The letters of blood all turned out badly, and hed probably faint from blood loss before any of his sincerity ever reached Mengyao.

Xiaofu didnt dare give any ideas without thinking it through anymore, too, only giving some vague thoughts to Pinliang when asked for suggestions. The two remained quiet after that, evidently leaving Mengyao alone for the time being before something came up.

The last morning class, Lin Yi received a text from Tang Yin asking him what he was up to at noon.

He replied that he wasnt doing anything, and asked if she was.

A text came back a while later. Wanna go to the cafeteria for lunch?

Ah Lin Yi couldnt help but smile at the text- had Tang Yin finally opened up to him, to the point where shed ask him out to lunch??

The two hundred thousand definitely had a part to play in this invitation, but it would never have taken place if it wasnt for her acceptance of him, knowing Tang Yin and all.

After all, there was no doubt that the rich kids of this school would lend her money if shed just ask.

That lunch break, Xiaobo went to the hospital and busied himself with letting Fen out of the hospital, also talking to her about their trip to the birthday feast that weekend. Lin Yi, on the other hand, said yes to Tang Yins invitation and made his way to the tree shade to meet her.

Tang Yin was way too shy to just meet Lin Yi at the cafeteria.

This was the spot where they had their first date It wasnt technically a date, but the place had some sentimental value to Tang Yin. It was where Lin YI had held her hand and slapped Ruoming in front of the dean, announcing that she was his girl

Tang Yin couldnt help but be nervous- she couldnt sit well as she held her cafeteria card in her hands. They had a test last class, and she handed in hers early to wait under the tree shade.

She looked around- Lin Yi still hadnt come yet. She turned on her phone and checked to see if Lin Yi had sent her a text, if shed missed it

She was getting anxious when she saw a boy run over. She smiled and waved at Lin Yi.

She would never have done anything that brave at school in the past, since the school was more than strict

Now that school rules didnt apply to her anymore, there was nothing to be afraid of. Especially with how the dean handled her case with Lin Yi.

Tang Yin still had a bit of rebelliousness within her- she finally got to be a bit of a bad student after all those years of being a good one.

Been waiting long? Lin Yi could see some sweat on Tang Yins clean forehead- she mustve gotten here early.

Not really We had a test so I got out after handing it in early Tang Yin said shyly as she fixed her hair.

Why didnt you tell me? I couldve come out earlier. Lin Yi had long gotten used to skipping class- the other teachers didnt really care about him anymore, with the dean backing him up and everything. They just assumed he was some young master here to kill time.

Its alright. Tang Yin shook her head. Ill treat you to lunch?

Treat me? Lin Yi looked at Tang Yin, surprised.

Dont look at me like that I can only treat you to cafeteria food.. Tang Yin raised the card she had in her hand embarrassedly. The money at home, were using it all for dads surgery, so There might be leftovers but there was no telling if wed still need it So..! If you want a big meal then well have to wait until I earn my own money

Ah No, its just that theres a lot of money in my cafeteria card, so its the same. Itd be a waste otherwise. Lin Yi pulled his card out and gave it to Tang YIn. Hows uncle?

Tang Ju had something wrong with his bones- it required surgery. As good as Lin Yi was at acupuncture and medicine, there was no way he could perform surgery on Tang Ju in place of the hospital.

Whyre you giving me your card? Tang Yin paused. My mom brought him to the hospital in the morning He should be in there already. Hes had checkups and everything before, weve just been waiting for the surgery.

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I dont really eat at the cafeteria that much anyway, and Ill mostly be eating it with you when I do eat. So Ill just let you keep the card. Lin Yi said. Anything you need help with at the hospital?

I dont think so.. Tang Yin shook her head, her eyes red. Lin Yi thank you! I really dont know how Im supposed to thank you

Tang Yin was, naturally, very touched- Lin Yi wasnt planning on doing anything to her at all, nor had he made any requests.

Come on, we dont need all that. Lin Yi held Tang YIns hand. Lets go eat.

Yeah Tang Yins subconscious moved her hand away, but she hesitated and just decided to let Lin Yi hold her…

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Chapter 349