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The current Jianwen seemed quite ridiculous to Mengyao- what did it matter to him what type of person Lin Yi was, that was her business! Take a look? Take a look for what, and as who?

Wha- I thought you had some objective or something! Lin Yi was speechless. I shouldnt have said yes then!

Its good too, actually- you can go put him in his place tomorrow! Hes always been super annoying. Yushu said as she raised her fist. He thinks hes such a big shot and everything for being a Songshan Young Master- hes just rich, thats all!

Shu, your brothers the leader of those Young Masters! Mengyao reminded, speechless.

My bro, huh? I actually find Shield Bro more capable than him, he couldnt even handle that Song Lingshan! Look at how Lin Yi did it, just one word from him and the womans a good girl all of a sudden Yushu was getting excited talking about Lingshan.

…….Shu, why do I feel like Lin Yis your real brother instead of Chen Yutian? Mengyao frowned. This Shu wasnt really in love with Lin Yi, was she?? Always Lin Yi this and Lin Yi that, and even molested and seen by him in the nude, kissed, hugged Everything! Worst of all, she didnt seem to be against any of that at all! Shu hadnt really fallen for him, had she?

Heh, of course hes my real brother- I admire him and everything, but hes way too weak in front of women. You think that Song girl would have her head so high up if he were even a little more hardcore?! Yushu said with a grin, not a care in the world.

Shu, youre a girl too Are you gonna be one of those submissive wives when you grow up? Or are you a masochist or something? Mengyao wondered why Yushu was speaking up for men all the time when she herself was a girl.

Come on, Yao Yao, I just want Shield Bro to punish that An Jianwen for being so cocky!! Yushu said. Oh, wait, I mean Big Bro Jianwen.

……. Lin Yi decided to go back to his room. He yawned and left the two girls alone as he headed for bed.

You have my support, Shield Bro! Ill be waiting for your good news tomorrow night! Yushu called out.

You know the type of family An Jianwen is from, Shu Youre causing trouble for Lin Yi! Mengyao frowned helplessly. Hes not a Zhong Pinliang that Lin Yi can just wipe the floor with, okay! What if something happens to him, you cant just throw him into a mess like that.

Mengyao treated Lin Yi with indifference and was even irritated by him sometimes, but she wasnt an unrealistic person. She didnt even hate Lin Yis presence in the house anymore, too- shed never want to cause him trouble.

Heh heh, are you worried for him, Yao Yao? Yushus lips stretched into a wide grin, her eyes narrowed as she looked at Mengyao.

What?? Me, worried?! Mengyao hmphed. Hes our follower, and An Jianwens gonna come here if he pisses him off, and then well have to protect him! You sending him into trouble is the same as getting us in trouble!

Oh, thats okay- Ill handle it myself if Jianwen bro comes! Yushu said reliably- she was pretty confident with dealing with Jianwen.

Alright, lets just go to bed first. Mengyao yawned- it was really late- Jianwen had dragged on for more than an hour.

On the second day, Xiaobo greeted Lin Yi at school excitedly. Boss, youre back!! I was scared you wouldnt be able to make it to the birthday feast!

Nah, I said Id only be gone two days, right? Its just Thursday today. Lin Yi said. By the way, is it Saturday or Sunday?

Sunday, but its not taking place in this city so well have to depart Saturday. My second grandpa lives the provincial capital Donghai. Xiaobo said.

Alright, Saturday then. Lin Yi nodded. Hows Fen?

Her body isnt that weak from the lack of protein anymore, and shes ready to leave the hospital. I was planning on doing the paperwork later this afternoon! Xiaobo said. My parents are coming with me this Saturday, I still havent told them about Fen I wonder if theyll accept it.

I dont think all thats important- whats important is you. Lin Yi waved his hand. Xiaobo- do you really like Fen? 

You want the truth? Xiaobo hesitated.

Why the hell wouldnt I? Lin Yi glared.

To be honest, when I first saw her photo It touched me, thats all- shes a pretty girl, after all, it was normal Id want to chase her Xiaobo scratched his head embarrassedly. Just like how I used to like Tang Yin, or Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu But I always knew that those were just fantasies- none of them would ever like me. I probably wouldnt even know Tang Yin now if it werent for you, boss!

Me liking Fen It was actually more compassion at first, because of how tragic her life had been I just couldnt help myself from wanting to give her care and protection. After visiting her at the hospital every day, talking with her, eating with her, and getting used to her I start to miss her whenever I dont see her that day. So I think its settled- I like her!

Do you like her or love her? Lin Yi asked.

Is there a difference? Xiaobo shook her head.

Probably Lin Yi sighed- hed liked a girl once, too, the like like type. Her name was Xiaoyi.

(big translation note at the bottom of the chapter)

Some say that youd walk into into fire or go through a forest of blades for someone you love- Lin Yi thought that his feelings for Xiaoyi shouldnt be considered love with that basis, but Why would he think about her so often if it wasnt love?

The inside rules of his industry limited him to just his profession Or was that just an excuse for his lack of courage to take that first step?

Perhaps it was a little of both Or perhaps it was because of his inability to provide for Xiaoyi the type of life she wanted At least, it had been.

But what about now? Lin Yi shook his head. Running wasnt a solution to the problem, but now that hed chosen that route all these years there was no going back to taking that first step.

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Boss, I feel like the difference between liking someone and loving someone isnt important- the point is what I should do about my parents! Xiaobo was full of concern. They never wanted me to get a girlfriend in the first place, and with the way Fen is What do I do??

(The chinese character xiao is present in some peoples names, but it also means little. I think i talked about this before but in the case where xiao isnt in the actual name of the person but just means little like Lil Jones, I take out the little part and leave the name as, for example, Shu instead of Little Shu. Theres no way to know if its part of the real name or if it means little whenever a new name shows up not in a full name form, so it gets confusing when translated into English sometimes. Since Xiaoyis name still hasnt appeared in full name form Ill just use Xiaoyi first instead of Yi and assume that Xiaoyi is her name minus her surname, like Xiaobo, since theres a Yi in Lin Yi already.)

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tough times ahead guys, tough times indeed.

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