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Chapter 346 – Uninvited Guest

Understood! The tatooed man nodded respectfully. Where are you headed tonight, Wen Bro? Should I drive you there?

No need, its a private matter. Wen Bro waved his hand. Dont follow me.

Yes, Wen Bro! Ill prepare the car for you, then? The man said carefully.

Yeah, go pull that Ferrarri out. Wen Bro ordered.

That night, in Chu Mengyaos villa, came an uninvited guest

She was trying to lecture Yushu when the doorbell rang, quite displeased at how her friend always ran around naked in the house. Shu, youre nineteen already! You cant go on like this, you know!!

Hehe, I get it, Yao Yao Yushu nodded with a grin.

Look, youre still grinning! Lin Yis the one who benefits in the end! Mengyao glared. Youll be in trouble if he takes a nude pic of you one day!

Oh. Yao Yao, theres someone at the door downstairs! Maybe we should go take a look? Yushu was trying to change the subject again.

For what? We have our lackey Lin Yi to answer the door for us, whats the rush! Mengyao said, uncaring.

Oh It must be Uncle Fu though, and Im hungry! Lets go! Yushu rubbed her stomach, looking like shed faint from the hunger anytime soon. Im starving..!

Mengyao shook her head before walking downstairs with Yushu.

(so I always translate it as Mengyao pulled Yushu upstairs with her, but it sounds a lot more forceful in English than it does in Chinese. Just something to keep in mind)

Lin Yi walked over to the door and opened it- it wasnt Uncle Fu, or anyone he was close with It was An Jianwen, that guy hed met at the theme park the other day!

An Jianwen? Lin Yi blinked- why had he come ringing?

Jianwen, on the other hand, had an unnoticeable dark look flash across his face when he saw that it was Lin Yi who answered the door- why was he in Mengyaos home?! Jianwen didnt like this one bit. Was he at that stage with Mengyao already?

Did Pengzhan know about all this? 

Yet Jianwen remembered to keep a warm smile on his face- these emotions inside him werent something hed want exposed. Oh, isnt this a coincidence! Youre here too, Mister Lin?

I live here. Lin Yi said faintly after one look- of course hed sensed the probing way Jianwen asked that question.

The bad feeling in Jianwens stomach had proved accurate- hed still been a bit hopeful before Lin Yi made the confirmation.

He held his fists tightly- three years overseas and someone else had set up a nest with Mengyao!! One of the four Songshan young masters, taken advantage of in his absence!

Haha, so you two live together now. Jianwen felt his heart bleed Even if he won Mengyao over from Lin Yi, hed be bringing home a second-hand

Whatre you doing, checkups? Lin Yi frowned. This guy sure liked to bullshit a lot. What do you need?

You see, Im here to say thanks in person after you and Yao Yao saved me that day. Jianwen pressed down the displeasure stirring inside of him before handing Lin Yi a gift, a smile on his face. See, I brought a gift as well Can I come in first?

Lin Yi smiled coldly inside- say thanks in person? The guy didnt even know he lived here one minute ago, what was he even talking about, pretending that he wasnt here to hit on Mengyao? 

But Lin Y wasnt interested in exposing him- what he was here for didnt have too much to do with him. He opened the door and let Jianwen in.

I wonder if Mister Chus home? Jianwen prodded once more.

Who are you here for, actually? Lin Yi looked at Jianwen disdainfully. Uncle Chu doesnt live here- you can go look for him in the company!

Oh? He doesnt live here anymore, I see Jianwen actually wanted to know where Pengzhan was this time around- after all, he lived with his daughter before Jianwen went overseas.

Lin Yi ignored him and stepped into the villa first, thinking that Jianwen could just follow him. He didnt bother taking the gift, either- who knew whom it was for?

Mengyao and Yushu had come downstairs as well, surprised to see Jianwen behind Lin Yi.

Jianwen Bro, whyre you here? Mengyao didnt like Jianwen too much anymore- he no longer gave her that brotherly feeling he once did There was a dark air about him, too, something she couldnt explain. It made her uncomfortable.

Haha, Im just too grateful for what you and Mister Lin did for me at the restaurant that other day- Im here to say thanks in person! Jianwen said with a smile sa he put the gift on the coffee table.

It was a couple of foreign health supplements and other similar products, clearly not something meant for young people. Lin Yi inferred that this dude had come today to visit Pengzhan, not knowing that he didnt live here anymore.

Jianwen Bro, when had you become so hypocritical? You would never do anything like this in the past. Mengyao said faintly. She felt like the distance between Jianwen and her was increasing- they didnt feel like brother and sister anymore. Wouldnt you do the same if I got sick?

Haha, I guess Im being cheesy! Jianwen felt like he hadnt thought this through, too, visiting with a bunch of gifts without making sure if Pengzhan still lived here. These gifts didnt suit Mengyao at all, but itd be worse if he took it back now. But here are some stuff I brought back from overseas, think of it as trying out something new.

Oh! Yao Yao, those gotta be quite expensive, right? Why dont we sell them? Yushu eyed the gifts curiously.

Shu!! Mengyao glared at her. Wasnt that too disrespectful, even if she didnt like Jianwen?

Jianwens lips twitched, but there was simply nothing he could do regarding Chen Yushu. She was even Mengyaos soulmate, too.

Hehe Yushu smiled, not bothering to deal with Jianwen anymore. She went to the sofa and turned on the TV- the atmosphere grew cold all of a sudden.

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You guys have fun, Im going back to my room. Lin Yi stood up and left, thinking that it was a waste of time to talk with Jianwen.

Jianwen found that odd. Do you live downstairs, Mister Lin?


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