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Chapter 33 – Mysterious Jade

Lin Yi made sure Xiaobo was out of sight before making his way to where the car was. Li Fu had waited for him, as expected.

The car only started moving after Lin Yi got on. Yushu and Mengyao at the back were quieter than usual, and Lin Yi wasnt sure if it was the washroom or rooftop scene that caused it. Mengyao wasnt complaining about Lin Yi either, much to his surprise.

Uncle Fu, stop at that bank over there, Shu and I need to get ourselves bank cards. Mengyao ordered.

Mengyaos words reminded Lin Yi that he was supposed to get a bank card as well; all students were, as requested by the school- The explanation was that it was a necessity for the school to extract the miscellaneous school fees from the students.

Li Fu only nodded in response, not asking any questions at all. The car parked near the bank Mengyao mentioned, not going too close since traffic was bad at this hour, especially around twenty-four hour banks like this one.

Lin Yi got off the car with the two girls as well. His actions prompted a frown from Mengyao. Why are you getting off too?

Im your classmate now, remember? Lin Yi smiled.

Mengyao blinked, recalling the fact that Lin Yi was a member of the school now- he needed a bank card as well. With that, she pulled Yushu into the bank, not saying anything else.

The jade Lin Yi wore around his neck suddenly reacted as Lin Yi stepped inside, and Lin Yi froze. The jade was from the box he found back in the cave, and Lin Yi had never managed to figure out what it was supposed to be.

Yet the jade always offered a slight reaction whenever something big was about to happen, as if sending Lin Yi himself a warning. He never understood what the jade was trying to convey to him, but it was for certain that things happened whenever the jade reacted.

Like that one time, back in North Africa- he was in charge of protecting someone, and the both of them were heavily surrounded by enemies. The jades warnings, however, allowed Lin Yi to avoid every attack the enemy used against them, resulting in their escape.

The jade signalled for good things, as well, like when it reacted as he bought a lottery ticket for the old man. It was a winning ticket, and he received twenty kuai for the prize.

As a result, Lin Yi went on full alert whenever the jade reacted.

Mengyao and Yushu took their numbers before sitting down to wait, and Lin Yi did the same.

He decided to sit beside Yushu, recognizing the hostility that Mengyao still seemed to have towards him. He didnt want to give the Miss a reason to yell at him, after all.

Yushu, on the other hand, glanced at Lin Yi as he sat down beside her, the edge of her lips raising into a subtle smile.

Lin Yi was on complete alert, looking around as he waited for his number- the jade had yet to let him down, and he was certain that something would happen this time around as well.

His gaze then dropped on a black SUV parked outside the bank

We need to go! Lin Yi stood up with a jerk, exclaiming abruptly at the two girls as he grabbed Yushus hand.

W-what are you doing..! Yushu stared at Lin Yi, stunned and blushing. Shed never held hands with a boy her whole life, except for her brothers!! She could only stand there blankly as Lin Yi held on to her hand, unsure of the appropriate reaction she should take.

We need to leave, now! No time to explain! Lin Yi started to panic, and was about to pull Yushu up when a smack interrupted him.

Mengyaos hand had slapped itself on Lin Yis, smacking it away. Though, it was Lin Yi who let go of Yushu himself, in actuality. There was no way Mengyao could just smack Lin Yis hand away like that.

Lin Yi, what do you think youre doing? Trying to have your way with Shu?? Mengyao said as she glared at Lin Yi, her eyes burning with anger.

I..! Lin Yi sighed as he took another look outside the window. We dont have time! You guys need to get out of here with me, now!

Have my way with her? Have my way with her my ass!

Hmph! Why should we?? Are you crazy, who do you think you are? Just go yourself if youre in such a hurry- us two actually have business here!!

Yushu was perplexed by Lin Yis sudden change of behaviour as well- the guy was so calm earlier.

Well talk about this after we get out! Lin Yi didnt bother explaining anymore. With that, he grabbed both Mengyao and Yushus hands.

Let go of me! Mengyao was losing her mind as she squirmed around with all her might. The guy wasnt satisfied even after molesting Yushu- he had to lay his demon hands on her, as well!!!

Yao Yao, well find out whats going on after we follow him out! Yushu was a little more understanding than Mengyao, having recovered from the shock earlier. Lin Yi had an expression of genuine panic on his face, not a lecherous one.

Yushu knew Lin Yi a little better than Mengyao did, and she understood that it simply didnt make sense for him to just rough it out with them so abruptly, and in a public bank, no less! There was an entire night of just the three of them alone under one roof- there had been a luxury of time for him to have his way with them, had he actually wished to!

Mengyao wasnt expecting the words from Yushu. She stared at her dumbfounded, not understanding why she was on Lin Yis side all of a sudden.

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Lin Yi sighed. There was no time! A couple of guys in black jackets were already pushing open the doors to the bank!

A gunshot sounded, and the orderly scene of the bank went into chaos. People were screaming, kids were crying, and the alarm was ringing.

Freeze! Ill kill anyone who moves! A bald man with a black mask barked, seemingly the leader of the group.

Lin Yi exhaled slowly- he had wasted too much time with Yushu and Mengyao, and the window for escape had disappeared. They wouldnt be able to get away anymore.

Yet Lin Yi knew better than to blame the girls. After all, there was no way theyd sense the danger beforehand the way he did- their reactions to his behavior were nothing less of normal…

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