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Chapter 326 – My Bad

Yang Qiqi gave Lin Yi one final glare before exiting the car- he stepped on the gas and swerved away, leaving her alone in the junkyard. How was she supposed to get back with no one here?

She looked like she wanted to cry as she shouted at Lin Yis car. Lin Yi!! I hate you!!! Just you wait

Lin Yi only replied with the black smoke of his car

Helpless, Qiqi took her phone out and called a number. Grandpa Mubei You were tailing me, right No? Just admit it Im at the junkyard, Im lost- can you come pick me up Okay, Ill wait

Lin Yi saw the SUV go in the alley just as he came out of it. He frowned- so the car was involved with the girl after all.

He asked for some directions and managed to get back to his hotel- the routes here were pretty straightforward.

Lin Yi was planning on making his move at night. He didnt have much to do for the day, so he parked the car in the hotels parking lot, leaving the blue baseball cap in it in case someone would want to steal it.

Hed seen many other cars using the same method, too- it meant that the car was Bluewater property. No one would want to steal a Bluewater car.

He went back to his room and took a nap, resting himself for the mission tonight. He was going to just pull Xie Jinbiao out and bring him home to China directly.

At Kanha Hotels was Yang Qiqi, troubled as she sat beside an elderly man. Her face was quite flushed with anger. Grandpa Mubei, that Lin Yis such a bastard! I have to kill him!! He dumped me in a junkyard!

Did you say Lin Yi? Mubei paused at the name.

Yeah Why? Have you heard of the name, Grandpa Mubei? Qiqi asked curiously.

Its nothing Mubei shook his head. Why dont I talk to the master for you, to have tonights mission cancelled?

No. I need to kill that Charlandon! Qiq shook her head. Ill prove to my father alright- that Im a competent assassin!

Alright then, Miss Yang, but do be careful! Mubei said helplessly. Ill keep sentry outside the factory, so make sure to call me should something happen!

I got it! Qiqi didnt look too willing, but there wasnt much she could do to stop Mubei from watching over her- her mother mustve sent him.

Night fell, and Lin Yi parked the car not far away from the factory. He put on the blue cap and walked towards the entrance.

The sentry there only raised his head to glance at Lin Yi before returning to his video game.

Bluewater members were the only people coming in and out of the factory- regular people wouldnt come to a place like this during nighttime. It didnt occur to the sentry at all that Lin Yi was here to cause trouble solo.

Lin Yi walked around with his head lowered, not drawing any attention- there were hundreds of other people in attire like Lin Yis, minding their own business.

Lin Yi took it slow, surveying the area and imprinting the geography in his mind as he walked around. 

You guys go to Mister Weinharts casino- theres someone causing trouble there. Bring him over and have his family and friends bail him out with fifty thousand USD! A rough sounding man barked at some of his Bluewater lackeys.

Yes, sir! The members then got in a couple of cars and left the factory.

The man was about to turn and walk away when the point of a knife stopped at his neck. Dont make a sound, or Ill kill you.

Lin Yi had been looking for a leader figure as he walked about- not every Bluewater joe would know about the boss whereabouts.

Everyone had their own matters to attend to, after all, and Xie Jinbiaos thing wasnt too big a deal. It was something the Bluewater did often, and it was possible that even the boss himself didnt know about it.

Charlandon only looked at the mafias final profits- he had other people working on the methods of getting those profits. 

Simply choosing some random Bluewater would only have a negative effect.

You Whatre you planning? The man was just about to call for help when Lin Yi warned him not to- the knife pressed against his neck was cold and ready to pierce him.

Where do you keep the people you take hostage? Lin Yi asked. Give me a straight answer without any bullshit. Do not lie.

You Whore you looking for, just tell me the name- dont do anything rash! Ill tell them to let him go right now! The man said carefully.

Hmph. Lin Yi smiled coldly as he slid the knife across the mans skin, leaving a trail of blood on his neck. I told you, no bullshit- are you deaf? I dont mind killing you and moving onto the next one.

Dont, dont Ill talk The man was thinking of using the person Lin Yi would name as a hostage against him, but the guy wasnt interested in that at all.

Three Two Lin Yi added some pressure to the blade.

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That basement down the stairs over there, in that building Dont kill me, I told you where they are The man was starting to get scared. Its right down those stairs let me go

One Lin Yi said as he ended the mans life. My bad- didnt stop it in time.

sleeping early tonight yo

still 30 🙁

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