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Chapter 325- Ten Years Revenge

Because I admire him! The cool girl was trying to sound cute, but had no such expression on her face- it felt off.

Admire him? Lin Yi curled his lips, amused. Im sorry, I really dont know him, but it doesnt seem like you actually admire or respect him? A girl like you coming to Blue Town talking about how you admire the Bluewater mafia boss, you think anyone would believe that?

The cool girls face tensed up for an unnoticeable instant. Of course. Whats else?

What else? Lin Yi hmphed. Ill tell you what else, theres a SUV thats been tailing us, do you know the people in there?

SUV? The cool girl turned behind her after a pause, a brief instant of rage appearing on her face. I dont.

You dont? Alright then, Ill shake them off. Lin Yi switched up the gear and the sedan rumbled and charged with a burst like a wild horse- they were instantly a far distance away from the SUV when Lin Yi swerved into a smaller road, turning left and right and left and right again, making his way into an alley before the SUV even caught up to the first turn.

The cool girl stared at Lin Yi, completely taken aback. How Whyre you so good at driving?

You sure have a lot of questions, dont you? Youve been asking me non-stop the whole time, so what exactly are you up to? Lin Yi got right to the point- he was getting impatient with this girl.

Shed looked familiar, and she was an Eastern girl like he was- he wouldnt have picked her up for a ride if hed known about the trouble hed get involved in. Shed been asking weird questions too, and there was no way she was just a regular tourist now that an SUV had been tailing her. Lin Yi wanted to have nothing to do with her as soon as possible.

Who exactly are you? Youre not a member of the Waterblue? The girl realized that something was up as well- shed seen how Lin Yi was a Bluewater member coming out from HQ, but that didnt seem like the case at all! The guy didnt even know the roads here, hed only shaken the SUV off because of how good his driving skills were!

Lin Yi had driven the car into an alley, too- an alley with a dead end, with a junkyard in front of them. There was no way to run, and the place had evidently been abandoned There was no way a local Bluewater would lack the geographical knowledge to get himself stuck in an alley like this.

Thered been chances for him to go left or right before he reached the dead end, but Lin Yi did no such thing- he just drove straight on, evidently unaware of the dead end ahead!

He said he didnt know about Kanha Hotel, either Something was wrong!

Im not! Lin Yi admitted candidly. I was just buying a car, and the hat was a gift!

…… The girl didnt know what to say- she frowned in frustration. Was she really this horrible in the field?

Shed gotten hurt when going on her first mission, and now that the injuries had finally healed shed taken on a second mission only to have her family tailing her to protect her..?

On top of that was a failure that made her feel the worst- shed mistaken someone else for a Bluewater member, spilling needless information to him!

The guy was now suspicious of her, and the chances for her missions success were looking quite slim.

With that in mind, the cool girls hand moved and a knife flashed right at Lin Yis chest.

Lin Yi caught the hand with a smack.

You-! The girl wasnt expecting this at all- she was inexperienced, but still a top tier combatant in terms of physical ability! She wouldnt have been allowed on a solo mission by her family otherwise!

She was very confident in her abilities- as far as she was concerned, Lin Yi was defenseless and had been focusing on reversing the car.

And yet hed managed to catch her hand under that distraction- she tried to pull her hand back after the initial shock, to no avail. Lin Yi wasnt letting her go at all.

You- let go of me!! The girl sent her other fist at Lin Yis face as she spoke.

Lin Yi frowned as he tilted his head to avoid it. Didnt you go read that story about Mister Dongguo after you went back? Were you even listening at all?

The girl froze, pausing her attacks as disbelief filled her eyes. Y-You You Youre that guy who molested me??

Im your savior! Lin Yi corrected. I saved your life, but look what you did? You tried to kill me! I even gave you a ride today, answering all of your questions for free, and here you are trying to kill me again.

You Yang Qiqis cool face looked upset and wronged- she was afraid that hed ruin her plans, she had to have him killed! And it had been his fault for touching and looking at her body that other time, too, she wouldnt have tried to kill him otherwise!

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Lin Yi had been observing this cool girl the whole car ride, trying to remember where hed seen her face before That knife she stabbed at him was what made him recall- this was that female assassin hed met at the pharmacy back in Songshan!

‘You’, ‘you’, ‘you’, stop saying you!! Lin YI frowned. Get out before I count to three! Dont let me see your pretty face again, miss ungrateful. I wont go easy on you next time.

Lin Yi admitted that Qiqi was pretty, but having a murderous assassin around him was not something he was very keen on. Although, the jade would always warn him before she attacked him.

Qiqis looked pretty upset- she stared at Lin Yi angrily. Fine, Ill get out! But Ill come back for you, even if it takes ten years to beat you!!

Try to stay alive that long first. Lin Yi replied casually.

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