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Chapter 324 – Cool Girl

There wont be. Here, write my phone number down- give me a call if anyone messes with you York paused and took his hat off for Lin Yi. Here, take my cap- the cops in this city wont mess with us Bluewater.

Oh, thanks! Lin Yi put the cap on. Is it fine if I say Im Boss Yorks lackey if any one causes me trouble?

Of course, of course! York was delighted at that boss title Lin Yi was referring him to with. Use that name as much as you want- I have my connections here in Bluetown.

Lin Yi nodded and handed four hundred euros to York- he only had a couple thousand with him, and York wasnt too interested. He led Lin Yi to the car right after that.

The keys were in the cars, since they werent afraid of anyone stealing from Bluewater property.

Lin Yi drove the car out of the factory- things were easier now that he had this cap. 

He hadnt driven far when he spotted a pretty girl hitchhiking at the roadside- she waved to Lin Yi when he neared.

Naturally, Lin Yi had no interest in hooking up- thered been plenty of girls trying to hit on him in this northern district 

Hed only paid attention to this particular girl because she was an Asian- it gave him a sense of familiarity, seeing someone from his race in this foreign land.

The cool girl had a pair of huge sunglasses on, dressed in hot black. She stood out, and Lin Yi felt that hed seen her before, though the sunglasses did obstruct a big part of her face.

He wouldnt have stopped the car for just the Asian face- hed stopped because the face seemed familiar.

Whats up? Lin Yis baseball cap and black sunglasses didnt make his face any more visible than the girls.

Can I get a quick hitchhike, handsome? The cool girl squeezed out a smile.

Hitchhike? I dont even know where Im going, how am I supposed to give you a hitchhike? Lin Yi was sizing the girl up as he spoke- he felt like hed seen her before.

He must’ve met too many people these couple years- it was normal for him to find a face familiar every now and then.

Thats perfect then, if you dont- drive me to Kanha Hotel please. The cool girl said as she got on the co-driver seat.

Ah Lin Yi smiled. I dont know where that is either.

Hm? The girl paused. Arent you a Bluewater? How come you dont know where Kanha is?

I just joined, is that a problem? Lin Yi shrugged.

Oh Not at all. Ill point you the way. The girl sounded slightly disappointed, but her voice remained cold.

Lin Yi started the car and drove on, the corner of his eye still glancing at the cool girl. You a tourist?

Lin Yi felt that that wasnt possible right after he asked the question- would a tourist be brave enough to stop a strangers car for a hitchhike, especially when she knew what the Waterblue was? Did she have a deathwish?

He started getting interested in who this cool girl was. Had he met her before? He might be able to recall if she took her sunglasses off.

Self sponsored tourist. Lin Yi wasnt expecting than answer.

A self sponsored tourist who knows about the Bluewater mafia? Lin Yi asked. The girl was clearly lying.

Because Im interested in that kinda thing, okay- I look up to the strong. The cool girl was trying to make her smile more flirty, but it looked more like a cold smile on that face of hers.

…… Lin Yi was speechless- what sort of lying was this? Look up to the strong, huh? So youre saying youve been waiting for a Bluewater members car to hitchhike in their territory?

Yeah, see how that worked out? The cool girl smiled. Come on, tell me about your Bluewater!

Sorry, I told you I just joined- wrong guy to ask. Lin Yi was getting more and more curious- what was this girl here to do? She couldnt even lie properly.

Then you should know who the Bluewater boss is, right? Is it Charlandon? Ive heard that its him! The girl asked.

I guess. Lin Yi had looked up the Bluewater mafia online before- that seemed to be the right name.

Then do you know who he is? The girl continued her questioning. Is he in that car repair factory? Or in the blue castle?

In the factory, I guess Lin Yi answered casually- it was something hed heard from the taxi driver.

I see. Then do you guys get to meet him, usually? Does he work inside an office? The cool girl continued.

That, I dont know. Lin Yi wasnt really a Bluewater member- how was he supposed to know so much?

How come you dont know anything! The cool girl was a bit pissed. Then can you bring me to meet him?

What do you wanna meet him for? Lin Yi didnt know what this girls deal was, but he frowned after finishing that question, spotting a black SUV tailing him from afar.

He was busy talking with this girl, and didnt even know where the hotel was supposed to be, and yet the SUV had been tailing him the whole time. It was an impossible coincidence.

Was it the Bluewater mafia? Lin Yi frowned as he recalled his actions- he hadnt done anything suspicious, and hadnt told anyone about his purpose here He didnt even have that much cash on him, so why were the Bluewater following him?

What made it odder was the fact that the SUV had started tailing him after hed exited the factory, since hed make sure to check for any tailers after leaving

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So they were following this girl? Lin Yi found that possibility to be the most feasible one. They mustve started tailing him after the girl got in his car.

Just who was this girl??

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