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Chapter 319 – Enigmatic and Unreachable

Tianyi didnt know acupuncture, but it was clear that the phenomenon Lin Yi was causing was nothing less than shocking! One look at Xuemins similar expression and he understood just how enigmatic and unreachable this miracle doctor was!

Even Lin Yi himself was surprised- he wasnt expecting the needles to be acting like this after they had his energy infused in them!

Elder Jiao, whats going on here? Lin Yi asked internally.

A natural phenomenon. Elder Jiao didnt sound worried or surprised at all. Youre at the first stage, so you shouldnt be able to cure the patient with the energy from the Art of Dragon Mastery yet, but maintaining his health should be fine. Do what I tell you and hell live ten more years without a problem!

Oh? Is that all it takes? Lin Yi was pleasantly surprised- hed planned to use acupuncture and medicine and have Zhenhu take his medicine periodically, all for the sake of keeping his illness at bay. 

Although, hed need to give him the acupuncture treatment every year. It was what he had wanted to use as a reason for the annual checkups, something he was sure the Lius would be more than happy to comply to as well. He wouldnt be breaking any promises that way. He said that he could give him ten years, but he never said anything about curing it instantly.

That was no longer a concern as Lin Yi listened to Elder Jiao speak. Of course thats all it takes!! Your body holds pure energy in there, so its more than enough to keep a patients body healthy! Is it that unbelievable for you?

I just find it odd, thats all. So does this mean that other golden class masters can do the same thing? Lin Yi asked.

Didnt I explain this before? Only the energy within your body is pure energy- they train in different arts, called pure qi. Every discipline has a different pure qi, so its only effective when you give it to someone in the same practice. Using it on someone else wouldnt do anything, and might even have negative effects than those intended Elder Jiao explained.

Heh heh So thats how it is Lin Yi chuckled dryly, a little embarrassed. Lin Yi could call other people idiots all he wanted- hed always be but a laughing stock when in front of Elder Jiao.

Alright, pull the needles back. Listen to what I say for the next procedure- stick the needle through the Jueyin point Elder Huai continued listing out several other acupuncture points. Send your energy through.

Lin Yi did as he was told, and the needles started to dance once more, much to Xuemin and Tianyis surprise and entertainment.

Tianyi couldnt be any less impressed- this hundred million had been absolutely well spent!

He wouldve lost this chance to witness Miracle Doctor Lins mysterious healing techniques if theyd made a ruckus over the price Lin Yi had asked for- not only that, theyd have lost the opportunity to be associated with him as well!

Fuu Lin Yi breathed out slowly. He still had sufficient energy within his own body, but outputting them for an extended period of time like that had taken its toll. His forehead was covered in sweat from the exhaustion.

He collected the needles, wiped away the sweat, and turned to the spectators. Done!

Done? It wasnt that Tianyi didnt believe Lin Yi, but It had only been a little more than an hour! This was an illness his father had been looking for a cure for all these years, to no avail Had Lin Yi managed what all those famed doctors couldnt in just a little more than an hour?

Lin Yis acupuncture was a marvelous phenomenon, but even that wasnt quite enough for Tianyi to take Lin Yi for his word- curing his father in that short a time period was simply too unbelievable. 

But voicing this thought aloud might not please Lin Yi at all- he decided to just hold it in as he turned to his father.

Dad, how do you feel? Tianyi asked.

I feel a lot better! I feel fresh! But Ill need to take a bath first- it feels quite sticky. Zhenhu was feeling a lot better internally, but there was something sticking to him on the outside.

Eh? Tianyi ran over to help his father up, only to see a layer of yellow oil sticking onto his father What What is this?

Xuemin walked over as well- the two didnt want to interrupt Lin Yi, deciding to stay farther away from him as they watched

But now that he was looking at Zhenhu close up he could see the layer of yellow oil as well.

Bone washing? Xuemin was naturally familiar with the technique from ancient medicinal practices- it was a lost art.

Bone washing was where one extracted the toxins from inside a body through the use of acupuncture or herbal medicine, making it seem like theyd shed into a newer, healthier body.

One would always ingest poison through food intake- toxins were always and inevitably present in food in some form. Technology had allowed for the extraction of toxins to some extent, but nothing to stop the accumulation from daily consumption

Xuemin hadnt expected this sort of efficiency and effectiveness from Lin Yis acupuncture at all.

Lin Yi himself was a little taken aback from Xuemins words- Elder Jiao spoke up beside his ear. Lin Yi, your pure energy has extraction properties- this wouldve happened even if you hadnt tried to do such a thing. Although, this probably means that that Zhenhu kid would have a couple more years after the first ten Youll have to treat him again when that time comes.

That Zhenhu kid..? Lin Yi didnt know what to say to that, but it didnt seem odd at all coming from Elder Jiaos mouth- he was sort of an otherworldly existence, after all. He always wanted to ask him about it, but the guy kept on insisting that he took on a weaker form when appearing before him, so Lin Yi decided to just leave it at that.

One thing he was certain of, though, was that Elder Jiao was far, far older than Zhenhu- it was perfectly acceptable for him to refer to Zhenhu as kid.

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Ah Lin Yi smiled without explaining. It seemed that the hundred million hadnt been for nothing- hed extended the guys life instead of just curing the sickness. This wasnt something that mere money could buy.

Although, there were still some precautions Lin Yi should be taking, now that Zhenhu had a couple extra years to live out. He turned to Tianyi, his voice faint and compelling. Elder Lius body is weak, so I thought Id do it as I cured the sickness, but I have bad news for you, Mister Liu.

Oh? What news? Please tell, Miracle Doctor Lin Tianyi froze- hed thought that bone washing was something godly that his father had lucked out on, and was just getting excited before Lin Yi interrupted him

Even the calm and composed Zhenhu raised his head, wondering what Lin Yi meant- didnt he say that hed been cured? Could the bone washing actually be harmful to the body? He thought that it didnt feel that way at all..?

Xuemin raised his head as well, stopping his inspection on the toxins thatd been extracted from Zhenhus body…

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Chapter 319