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Chapter 318 – Spark

Lin Yi drove Tang Yin, Xiaobo, and Xinwen to the hospital.

Ill be going then? Tang Yin was a bit unsettled with the new phone in her hands- it was the first time shed received a gift this expensive, and it was a gift from a boy, no less It was something sure to trouble her for a while.

Yeah. I might not get to use my phone these couple of days, so just text me if anything comes up. Ill check them later. Lin Yi said. Take a taxi back home later- remember to make Xiaobo pay for the fare!

Haha yeah. Tang Yin laughed softly, lighting a spark between Lin Yi and her- Lin Yi responded by grabbing her hand and stopping her

W-What are you Tang Yin froze, turning to see if Xiaobo and Xinwen had noticed.

Arent you gonna do something for our parting? Lin Yi pointed at his face.

M… Maybe next time There was no way Tang Yin could handle this heat- she struggled as hard as she could and ran out, exhaling only after she was some distance away as her heart thumped. She turned back to eye Lin Yi, her lips curling as she walked away.

She mightve ran away crying if it had been someone else, but she had only shyness towards Lin Yi at this point She blinked at that realization, wondering if it was a good thing that she was stepping deeper and deeper into this relationship with Lin Yi

Yin Yin, whats wrong? You dont look so good? Xinwen was just talking with Xiaobo when she noticed a flustered Tang Yin running up to them.

I-Its nothing Tang Yin shook her head. Lets go

Xinwen shook her head as well, wondering what was up with her. She turned back to look at Lin Yis car, already a far distance away- she decided to keep her questions to herself.

Lin Yi had to deal with Liu Zhenhus illness before he left for the mission- he still had to make some preparations for the medicine company with the money hed extorted from the Lius.

Lin Yi understood what it meant to be at the right place and at the right time, instead of just working hard and early for something- fortunately for him a hundred million yuan opportunity hit him just when he needed it the most.

He gave Xuemin a call, asking him to have Zhenhu over and thatd he be there soon.

Alright, Liu Tianyis already here, waiting for you. Hell bring Elder Liu over right now. Xuemin said. Have you had lunch yet?

Not yet, but its no rush. Lin Yi said.

I see, Ill let Xin Xin make something, then. Xuemin said, making the decision for Lin Yi.

Ah alright. Lin Yi said.

Zhenhu was already waiting in the living room by the time Lin Yi arrived- Zhenhu himself came over to greet him with Tianyi supporting him. Ill be in your care then, young miracle doctor!

Zhenhus attitude was actually making Lin Yi feel bad- he was taking a lot of money from them, after all, and Zhenhu was being really respectful. 

But it was money he needed- this was no time to go soft.

It wasnt really even his fault in the first place, too. They should blame that selfish daughter-in-law and the retarded nephew, if anything.

No need for formalities, Elder Liu! Lin Yi waved his hand. Here, lets get in an empty room.

Alright. Miracle Doctor Lin, regarding the payment Tianyi was no idiot- he had to be the one to bring it up if Lin Yi wasnt going to. Hed be a child if hed just left it hanging there like that.

Grandpa Guan, do you have a bank account? Well just have it transferred there. Lin Yi turned to Xuemin.

To my account? Xuemin paused, understanding the next instant that Lin Yi wanted him to take care of the preparations and procedure of the company with the funds. He nodded in response. Thats fine- just send it to mine, then. Mister Liu, you have my account number, dont you?

I do. Tianyi nodded. Hed prepared two million to pay Xuemin for his services, after all- he had his contact information. He called an underling and told him to send the hundred million to Xuemin, who checked his phone for the confirmation.

Lin Yi nodded, satisfied after confirming that everything was in order. Tianyi wasnt that bad- he was a man who kept his promise. It was that wife of his who was the problem.

Lin Yi had Zhenhu lie down as he asked Xuemin for a box of needles. He then inspected Zhenhu quietly, the needles still undrawn.

Hed checked Zhenhus situation before, so there was no need for inspection in that regard- what he was thinking about was how he would go about curing him. What was fastest, most effective route here?

A complete cure, naturally, wasnt possible- not now, at least. Some of Old Lins best elixirs were kept in hiding since it was something he saw as treasure Lin Yi had no access to that.

Making sure Zhenhus illness wouldnt act up within ten years, on the other hand, was doable, but It feel like hed be scamming him a bit.

He sighed, and decided that for now, he would just contain the sickness for a decade. It wouldnt be too late to find another solution if Zhenhu really did have that much life in him.

With that, he started inserting the needles in certain points of Zhenhus body, the speed and accuracy with which he operated stunning even Xuemin himself.

Two minutes later, Lin Yi started twisting the needles

Neiguan, Xiemen, Yinxie, Juque, Shanzhong, input your energy here Elder Jiao said.

(Sorry, I dont know acupuncture…)

Lin Yi was pleasantly surprised by Elder Jiaos participation- he didnt know what kind of a person he was, but it was evident that hed get this done better and faster with his help!

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The needles with energy sent into them started vibrating all of a sudden- the vibrations didnt stop even after hed let go of the needles

Xuemins eyes were wide open in disbelief as he stared at the needles- what sort of acupuncture technique was this?! Hed neither seen nor heard of such a thing!! How were these needles dancing on the patients body even after he had let go of them?

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