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Chapter 316 – Best Partner

No need to go back- just do it here! Yushu smiled slightly, her eyes on the band-aid on Pinliangs finger.

Pinliang had another band-aid on his middle finger- the finger he was supposed to have cut today. He was trying to fool them into thinking that hed cut his finger again!

Ah? Here? Pinliang paused, a bitter smile on his face. The wounds dried up, Id have to cut a new one again

Oh, thats fine- I have a graver blade! Here. Yushu then procured for Pinliang a blade from her bag.

I. Pinliang started sweating- he cursed his bad luck, annoyed that it all came down to him cutting his finger again.

Yushu was here looking at him, too- itd be bad if he didnt prove himself right there and then. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead. I dont think thats such a good idea What if the blood hits you, and sprays everywhere, I dont wanna scare the two of you or anything

I say, little Liang- this is something you dont understand. There was no way shed let Pinliang leave like this- she needed him to bleed!! She put on an educational look. Cutting your finger and writing a letter of blood in front of the girl you love Thats the best way to show your love for her!

Is that so? Pinliang saw the sense in Yushus encouragement. Ill do it now, then?

Whatre you still waiting for? Yushu asked.

I I understand! A firm determination flashed across Pinliangs eyes as he spoke.

Mengyao was quite amused- this Yushu really did things for her own pleasure, did she not have any problems toying with people?

But she wouldnt stop her, since Pinliang was someone she disliked.

Pinliang, on the other hand, mistook Mengyaos silence as a silent yes! After all, Mengyao wouldve asked him to leave if she didnt like how things were going! Mengyao wasnt saying anything, so that meant only one thing He had her blessing!

It only invigorated Pinliang with passion and decisiveness- he wondered which finger he should cut with Yushus blade.

Yushu shot a quick text at Lin Yi during Pinlaings hesitation. Calling Shield Bro! Pinliangs cutting his finger again, requesting backup!

Pinliang gritted his teeth as he moved the blade along his thumb, as if he were making a very tough decision!

Lin Yi stood up slowly after seeing the text- that Pinliang really was cutting his finger again.. Couldnt he learn his lesson already?

Out of my way! Lin Yi moved Pinliang out of his way with a push.

Pinliang jumped upon hearing Lin Yis voice- he thought the guy was about to send him flying again!

But Lin Yi walked right past him after that push, and that was it, much to Pinliangs surprise

Fuu Pinliang let out a breath of relief- the guy was probably in a hurry to get to the bathroom.

Woah!!! Yushu was point at Pinliangs finger, clearly very excited. Little Liang! Your fingers spurting blood again!! Do you have some kind of power or something, is that the legendary vein sword of the gods?!

Pinliang blinked, no understanding what Yushu was talking about- he lowered his head to see the piece of paper soaked with blood. His finger, on the other hand, had blood shooting out of it

Ahh!!! Pinliang threw the letter away and ran back to his seat. Fu, band-aid, band-aid!!

Yushu only put up a V sign as Pinliang ran off, pleased. Yay, mission success! Nice teamplay, Shield Bro!

……. Mengyao eyed her friend, unsure of what to say. She was sure now that Lin Yi was responsible for both instances of Pinliangs finger gun!

After all, the blood coming from Pinliang flowed slowly- it was only after Lin Yi had passed by that the blood started spraying out like that It had to be Lin Yi.

Lin Yi and Yushu- they sure were the perfect duo, born for each other. Pinliang sure had a hard future ahead of him with these two around.

Mengyao felt a bit sour at the thought- born for each other..? Yet it was the truth that the two were quite similar in some aspects…. 

Heh heh, how was that, Yao Yao! Nice, huh? Zhong Pinliang wont be writing you any more blood letters anymore! Yushu asked as she turned to look at Pinliang, busying himself with band-aids Clearly, it wasnt enough to stop the blood.

Helpless, Pinliang resorted to tape, finally stopping the blood from coming out. What was up with his finger? It only happened when he cut it himself, too

Lin Yi came back to the classroom to see Yushu blinking at him, giving him a victory gesture. Lin Yi only smiled.

Boss, whered you go? You missed it! Xiaobo looked at Lin Yi, thinking that it was a pity. 

Missed what? Lin YI asked with a smile upon returning to his seat.

You missed Pinliangs blood spray, it happened again! He sure made quite the scene, too- Ive never seen anyone bleed like that before Xiaobo said. It was even stronger than yesterdays too, man, you really missed it!

Ah, is that so Lin Yi had heightened his blood pressure instead of just increasing the circulation speed, after all

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Lin Yis phone vibrated again- it was another text.

Yo, best partner! Nice going, heh heh.

It was from Yushu- Lin Yi slipped his phone back into his pocket after reading it.

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