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Chapter 313 – Small Matter

Pengzhans words warmed Lin Yi up- it seemed that Pengzhan didnt just see him as a mere employee. He cared for him more like the way an elder would.

Ah Uncle Chu, this is actually just a small matter its fine Lin Yi felt in bliss, having people care for him all the time So this was what a normal life was?

Small matter? How is this a small matter? Youre about to face off with an overseas mafia! Pengzhan said solemnly. These are people different from little gangsters here, they have guns, they have explosives- how would I take responsibility should something happen to you? I wouldnt be able to face Old Lin. Even my own father wouldnt forgive me!

Lin Yi didnt know what sort of interactions Pengzhan and his old man had, but from the way Pengzhan was acting it seemed that he had no idea what kind of missions he always went on? Lin Yi had been killing even leaders of small countries, the type with their own private army a mafia boss was nothing in comparison.

Uncle Chu, you should be aware of this if you know my old man What Im about to do isnt actually a big deal at all Lin Yi explained with a bitter smile.

Alright, I believe you. Pengzhan finally nodded after the explanation. Give Uncle Fu a call and hell sort out the plane ticket for you. Ill get going now- Ill have to make different preparations for Jin Gubang now that Xie Guangbo isnt supporting him anymore.

Alright. Stay safe. Lin Yi said as he walked Pengzhan to the door.

Pengzhan waved his hand, talked to Mengyao for a bit, and left the villa.

It was getting late as well- Mengyao and Yushu locked the villa door shut before turning the TV off. The two then walked upstairs for bed.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, sat in front of his computer and checked his mail.

As expected, Guangbo had sent him the details on his son.

Guangbos son was called Xie Jinbiao, nineteen years old, an exchange student. Hed been carried off to an isolated place, a small city called Blue Town.

It was an outer city of a small country, lawless and in chaos due to its geographic location. Almost the entirety of the city was under mafia control.

It was also because of that that the mafia was called the Waterblue- they didnt seem to mind revealing Jinbiaos location to Guangbo at all.

They thought that Guangbos influence would never reach the place- even the surrounding mafia groups wouldnt just trespass on their territory without paying their respects.

Naturally, the leader of the Waterblue mafia didnt think that Guangbo would be capable enough to reach his son even if he did decide to come over. It was their world here, a simple deathtrap for outsiders.

The boss of the Waterblue was located in a blue castle in Blue Town, one with quite a bit of history. It used to belong to a big family a long time ago, wiped out because theyd crossed an existence stronger than they were The entire family had been wiped out.

It was a powerful family that once had full control over Blue Towns politics and businesses- the city fell into chaos after their fall.

The place only started seeing order when the Waterblue took control of it- the economy of Blue Town plummeted after that. After all, a small mafia group would never have the sort of influence and prestige the old family used to have. They had to resort to using drugs and gambling to attract tourists to the city.

An odd smile formed on Lin Yis lips as he read the information- Blue Town, blue castle These were very familiar names. His assassin shifu mentioned eradicating a trash family once, but Lin YI couldnt quite remember if the family had occupied a blue castle

Lin Yi called Uncle Fu and had him help book a plane ticket for a return trip- the mission shouldnt take more than two days, and hed still be able to make it to Xiaobos grandpas birthday feast.

The second morning Lin Yi received a call from Xuemin- the Lius had gathered the money already, and the hundred million was ready for transfer.

Lin Yi found that quite fascinating- the Lius sure were an efficient bunch. He didnt know the core role Zhenhu played in that family- it was a role so indispensable that saving his life was worth all the money he could ask from them.

I got it, Grandpa Guan. Ill be there soon. Lin Yi said. Tell them to wait for a bit.

Guan Xuemin smiled and hung the phone up, relaying Lin Yis message to Liu Tianyi. 

Tianyi didnt find that insulting or annoying at all- this was just how the most capable were, it was only natural hed have to wait.

He might actually wonder if Lin Yi was a conman if hed come rushing over because the money had been prepared- itd make sense for Lin Yi to not seem too interested in the compensation.

Any normal teen would find themselves at a loss should a hundred million suddenly fall on their hands- it was a ridiculous amount of money. Yet Lin Yi asked for that money without even batting an eye To Tianyi, it meant that the guy was confident in his abilities, that hed be able to cure his old man. 

Tianyi had Huiru wake Zhenhu up while he contacted his underling to have the money prepared. Itd be bad if the transfer couldnt be made by the time Lin Yi got here, he might get pissed off and leave.

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Lin Yi put the phone down and went to the kitchen, thinking of making himself something to eat. Hed always make Mengyao and Yushus portions anyway. 

He thought it was quite sad for the two girls to be alone all the time, now that he thought about it- their parents were never home with them, and they always needed to study late into the night They were twelfth graders already. This wasnt what a rich girls life should be like at all.

The two were smart, but the gaokao was a bridge filled with smart participants- at the end of the day it depended on who had made the most preparations. Just smarts werent enough.

It was also something that impressed Lin Yi- the two could just use Pengzhan to get them into a good college, but they studied anyway, intending to have good grades because of themselves. This was the fundamental difference between them and trash like Zhong Pinliang.

Lin Yi didnt mind making breakfast for these two girls, since it wasnt much trouble for him anyway…

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