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Chapter 308 – Leave It To Me

Pengzhan lit up a cigarette as Lin Yi entered the Bentley. He handed one to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi refused it with a wave of his hand. I dont really smoke.

Pengzhan didnt mind. He handed it to Li Fu.

Yi, Uncle Chus run into some trouble. Pengzhan didnt know why his old man asked him to go to Lin Yi for this. The guy was responsible for Mengyaos protection, so how was he supposed to help him with company politics?

Lin Yi shouldnt have experience in this field.

Its about the company? Lin Yi had a pretty good guess what Pengzhan was troubled over.

Yes, the company. Pengzhan nodded, not hiding anything since he was asking Lin Yi for help. The second and third largest shareholders have formed an alliance against me, and now they have the members of the board on their side. Theyre preparing a board meeting for the re-election of the chairman

Lin Yi waved his hand to stop Pengzhan there. Uncle Chu, no need for details- I dont understand how companies work too well. I just want one thing cleared up: is it a certainty that your position is threatened if these two are allied?

Yes. Theyve been in the company for many years, and they have their connections outside and inside the board of directors as well. I have no chance of winning if theyre teaming up. Pengzhan said bluntly.

LIn Yi nodded, his brows locked in a frown as he started thinking. Pengzhan didnt interrupt him, thinking that Lin Yi would need some time to digest the information since he wasnt versed in the field.

An unexpected question then came from Lin Yi. The second and third largest shareholders you mentioned- what was their relationship like before?

Before? Pengzhan was a little infuriated after a brief pause. As far as I could tell, not very good at all. As you know, the three top shareholders all have a certain influence in their words, and within these three shareholders we dont try to please the other at all. As far as I can see, their relationship had always been a tense one! Yet all of a sudden these two shareholders got together against me during Sundays meeting This is whats got me cornered- the two had been plotting together long ago!

Ah Lin Yi smiled. As the saying goes, onlookers see more than the involved player.

What do you mean? Pengzhan paused.

Maybe they hadnt been plotting together- what if it was an alliance they had just formed at the last second? Lin Yi shrugged. Of course, this is just a conjecture. Theres always something wrong when its out of the ordinary. I think theres something people dont know about involved in their alliance.

Pengzhan nodded. Yi, its an accurate guess, but that no longer matters- the point is that the two are currently in an alliance, and that I have to be fighting them.

Ah Why fight them? Lin Yi smiled. Uncle Chu, have you not considered the other possibility? That you could split them, or make them fight each other from the inside?

Lin Yi had no experience in managing companies, but hed fought plenty of enemies in the past. The method he most commonly used was just that: making the enemy kill each other from the inside!

Oh? Pengzhan paused. Hed only been thinking of how he should combat Gubang and Guangbo as an alliance

Lets talk about these two shareholders- whos the leader? Lin Yi asked.

Jin Gubang and Xie Guangbo. Theyre the two largest shareholders, and Jin Gubang is the one Ive been thinking of fighting. Hes the one who sent all those attacks on Yao Yao! Last Sunday meeting I used the theme park incident as leverage to use against Jin Gubang, and that was when Xie Guangbo sprang up all of a sudden Pengzhan then continued to describe the events in detail. ……Old Xie was never a talkative man- he rarely talked, and rarely fought for anything. This alliance was truly an unexpected one.

Lin Yi now had some understanding of the two shareholders- this Jin Gubang had to be the leader, and it was near impossible to get him to be the one to turn on his partner. Xie Guangbo, on the other hand, was the key for solving the problem!

Pengzhan himself had said that the guy was acting out of character- that was whats wrong with this out-of-the-ordinary event. This was the person LIn Yi should target.

Alright, if thats the case Just leave it to me, Uncle Chu. Ill take care of it. Lin Yi nodded, following it with a question. Where does Xie Guangbo live?

Xie Guangbo Yi, you wouldnt do anything like murder, would you? Pengzhan paused, a little worried as he looked at Lin Yi.

Dont worry, I wont kill him. Lin Yi said with a reassuring smile. Killing him would be a clean way, but from what Ive heard, I might as well kill Gubang directly if I were to go down that route. I cant do so if Im setting Xie Guangbo as my target.

Naturally, assassinating Gubang had come to mind as an option, but it was an option that would inconvenience Pengzhan. Gubang was the second-largest shareholder at the end of the day- no small fry. A Pengzhan shareholders death would most definitely attract heavy attention, and that was not something Lin Yi currently wanted. He still had a peaceful life to look forward to in Songshan.

Good! Pengzhan nodded. Xie Guangbos house is located in the Chinalead Shore district, villa number six.

Got it. Leave it to me. Lin Yi said. Ill go have a talk with him right now.

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Be careful Pengzhan didnt know if hed made the right choice coming to Lin Yi with this, but it was what Old Elder Chu had recommended. It was something he had to try. Xie Guangbo is no normal man, and he also has a bodyguard himself. A master!

Also? Lin Yi narrowed his eyes, involuntarily turning his sights to Li Fu. Uncle Fus expression looked a little off that time he mentioned the golden class masters Could his suspicions be accurate? Was Uncle Fu a master among masters as well?

Yet he couldnt sense any energy from him- he couldnt sense any pure qi from him. Was he a physical master?

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