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Chapter 306 – Unhappy Parting

Alright. Xuemin nodded. Be careful, youve been drinking..

Im sober. Do I look drunk to you, Grandpa Guan? Lin Yi smiled. His tolerance to alcohol had grown all the while he trained the Art of Dragon Mastery

Old Lin always dragged him to drink together, but itd always be Old Lin whod ended up wasted, and Lin Yi completely sober. It troubled Old Lin quite a bit- there was no fun in drinking with someone who wouldnt get drunk!

Old Lin didnt even let Lin Yi drink alcohol after that, letting him have water instead! The reason was simple: if Lin Yi found water and beer to be the same, then beer would be a simple waste on Lin Yi!

Xuemin nodded- Lin Yi didnt look drunk at all. Hed taken advantage of the Lius because theyd pissed him off!

Tianyi exhaled after Lin Yi had left. He turned to Xuemin, a bitter smile on his face. My apologies, Elder Guan. Ive caused you trouble.

After all, Tianyi had first come to Xuemin to have his father treated- turning to Lin Yi all of a sudden was more or less disrespectful to Xuemin. He was the one who recommended Lin Yi, but Tianyi had to make things clear.

He wouldnt want to cross Xuemin by his attitude towards Lin Yi- the kid was a miracle doctor, but so was Xuemin! Hed really prefer not to piss the guy off.

Xuemin waved his hand dismissively. I wasnt good enough, but I still hope to see my patient recover. Youve met Lin Yi before?

Hes the man who saved my father, the one I told you about last time! Tianyi explained. This is also why I believe hed be able to cure my fathers illness!

Enough, Tianyi. Zhenhu spoke up. Take out another two million when youre gathering the funds, for Professor Guan!

I understand, father. Tianyi nodded.

No need for that- I never cured your illness, Elder Liu. Xuemin waved his hand, rejecting the money.

No, youve helped me all these days! Its a necessary payment! Zhenhu said. To him, it could even be considered a recommendation fee.

Alright, Ill accept the offer. Xuemin said after some thought. Lin Yi getting himself one hundred million for the company might not be enough- having an extra two million would be beneficial.

They chatted for a bit before Tianyi stood up to bid their goodbyes. It was getting late, and they could tell that Xuemin had done quite a bit of drinking. They didnt want to interrupt his rest.

Huiru was taken aback upon hearing Lin Yis fee. One hundred million?! House Wu was a powerful family, but that power was built on martial arts! They didnt have that many assets, and a hundred million was a fortune!

Uncle! That Lin Yi really is a liar, hes Sun Jingyis boyfriend!! Hes not a miracle doctor, dont let him trick you! Chentian was getting really pissed off- who did Lin Yi think he was? One hundred million?! What else would he have against Lin Yi if he had a hundred million? Jingyi would only look down on him further, and worst of all, itd be his uncle who put him into this laughable position!

Wu Chentian, what on earth are you blabbering about? What do you know? Keep your mouth shut! Tianyi was quite displeased at the immaturity his nephew was displaying. Maybe you arent satisfied with the trouble you caused? Youve angered Miracle Doctor Lin! Do you want to see your Grandpa Liu die?!

Hmph! Im saying this to help you, uncle! Fine, if you dont want to hear it, then Ill never bother you anymore! Chentians young master attitude was starting to surface. He was the most promising Wu, the iron fists fighter most likely to get to the mystic class! He was a respected figure in his family, so why did he deserve this sort of treatment?!

Tian!! Dont be reckless, apologize to your uncle immediately! Huiru was starting to panic as she tugged at Chentians arm.

Apologize? Hmph! Chentian snorted. Aunt, uncles looking down on the Wus! So be it, Im leaving! Will you come with me, back to the Wu house, or will you stay?

Tian!!! Stop that! Huiru wasnt expecting Chentian to get so angry all of a sudden.

Alright, aunt- Youre a Liu now, so I wont force you. A look of decisiveness flashed across Chentians eyes. Stop the car, Im getting off!

Tianyi, naturally, wouldnt suck up to Chentian. He parked the car on the side with a snort. This Wu kid was the one starting this, so hed better not blame his uncle for anything that happened! He wouldnt back off when his fathers health was involved!

Wu? Even if he were a Wu, he was but a sproutling- to talk in that manner to an elder? It was too much for Tianyi to tolerate. Wu Huiru, youre going with him?

I. I wouldnt mess around with Tian like this, of course Huiru sighed. She understood that today marked the start of the crack between the Wus and Lius- as the daughter-in-law of house Liu, it was only natural that she sided with the Lius. That was what it meant to be a wife. Shed only get laughed at if she went along with the Wus.

She wanted to fix this crack, but didnt know how. She supposed that it was normal for Chentian to get angry, since Lin Yi happened to be Jingyis boyfriend Just this alone was enough to turn Chentian hostile. Yet Lin Yi was the person capable of saving Zhenhu It was a difficult position she was in.

Huiru, walk with him a bit. He is your nephew. Zhenhu spoke up. He didnt want to meddle with the Wus affairs too much- he was the head of the Liu family, after all.

A son of the Wu house should be left to the Wus to handle. He was an outsider in comparison.

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Alright, dad! Huiru nodded, and got out the car with Chentian. She spoke to him softly. Tian, calm down! That Lin Yi really is a miracle doctor!

Aunt! Even you now? Chentian hmphed, displeased.

If you wanna go against him then at least wait until he finishes the treatment! To be honest, Im quite displeased myself with the outrageous number hes put out! Im sure your uncle would be delighted if you manage to get that hundred million back for aunt! Huiru whispered.

Those words were all I needed, aunt! Chentian cheered up instantly. After all, itd only take a couple days for Lin Yi to finish healing Zhenhu. As long as the Lius didnt butt in Itd be a piece of cake.

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