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Chapter 302 – Starting Funds

Xuemin looked at Lin Yi, stunned. The Golden Creation recipe had always been a secret in the industry, a secret no one knew. Many medicine companies tried hiring Eastern doctors to look into the medicine, but nothing noteworthy came out of it.

And Lin Yi was telling him that he had a similar recipe? Xuemin remembered the prescription hed given Huaijun- he didnt doubt Lin Yi in the slightest!

Lin Yi claiming that he had such a recipe had to be true- it would most certainly be on the same level as the Golden Creation recipe, too, if it was Lin Yi saying that.

If thats true, then weve plenty of game to contend with Miracle Doctor Kang with the painkiller recipe we now have in addition to the recipe you mentioned. Xuemin nodded. He was intrigued in Lin Yis recipe, but wasnt too interested in business.

Grandpa Guan, Im thinking of building a medicine company by using my recipe and your name. Are you interested? Ill use the recipes for my shares. Lin Yi announced.

Hed interacted with Xuemin multiple times, and knew him pretty well. Xuemin wasnt one to put importance on fame- he hadnt much desire, but he did focus heavily on recipes. Lin Yi didnt think that hed want to take the recipes for himself, but rather look into the properties and nature of them.

I can let you use my name for free Xuemin waved his hand. I dont lack anything; why would I want so much money for? But do you understand the cost for a medicine company? Especially with recipes like these- wed need to prevent other factories from manufacturing them, and keep them firmly to ourselves! Put that in with all the other costs, and wed need at least a hundred million!

A hundred million? Lin Yi didnt have any experience doing business, and wasnt expecting the number. Thats quite a lot. Do you have the money, Grandpa Guan? I can hold a smaller share.

A hundred million wasnt much to the old Lin Yi- Old Lin always lied about how his missions were worth a few hundred kuai, but Lin Yi himself understood. He had had plenty of missions worth over a hundred million, but never argued with his stingy old man over it. The guy did raise him, after all, and he had no reason to put that emphasis on money with him.

But now that he actually had a use for money, Lin Yi realized that you couldnt do anything without it.

Haha I only have enough money for my daily spendings- I donate most of my earnings to medical establishments. Xuemin smiled. As you know, there really isnt any output for me to spend money on, considering my status at the school. I basically have all my daily spendings covered by them.

Lin Yi found himself in a difficult position- it seemed that he really did look at things too simply, assuming that itd be fine if he had the recipes. The thought of starting funds hadnt even crossed his mind until now.

He could discuss this with Chu Pengzhan, a prime investor candidate He was sure that Pengzhan would be interested in this new industry. 

Yet the guy hadnt even fixed the inside problems at his company yet- Lin Yi didnt want to hand his recipes over to a company with no guarantee.

It wasnt that he didnt trust Pengzhan- the problem was that it might not even be Pengzhans company in the future if things went wrong, Even if he continued to hold ownership, there were still the bastard shareholders to worry about; the lot even went as far as assassinating Mengyao. Stealing recipes would look quite benevolent in comparison.

My eldest son does have that kind of money, but I wont use it. Xuemin continued after seeing Lin Yis silence. Hes a greedy man- he cant be involved in this!

Oh? Lin Yi wasnt expecting this from Xuemin- people usually left the good things to their children, yet Xuemin cut off any possibility of his sons involvement right from the get-go.

Haha, he has enough money on his hands already, I dont want to make him fall any further. Xuemin chuckled. My youngest son, Xin Xins father, also has his own business- but it isnt too big. I reckon that its only worth two or three hundred million- they wouldnt be able to fund us even if they wanted to. Thats why I dont want either of them to get involved. Itd be fine if Im still around, but after Im gone

Xuemin didnt continue- he believed that Lin Yi would understand what he was trying to get at. 

And Lin Yi did. Although, it still came as a surprise- he knew that Xuemin wasnt one to care about fame, that Xuemin was a just man Yet he didnt expect this sort of thoroughness from the old man. Hed excluded his two family members right after Lin Yi had proposed the business partnership!

Grandpa Guan Its fine to give them some shares. Lin Yi said, feeling a little bad.

No need. Xuemin shook his head. Even I dont want the shares!

Ah? Lin Yi paused. We cant do that! How would I borrow your name then?

You little Let me finish! Xuemin was a bit speechless, a smile on his face. I wasnt done!

Ah okay. Please continue, Grandpa Guan. Lin Yi was pretty close with the old man at this point.

The two had long gotten into a deep bond ever since their last discussion.

Xin Xin is my dearest granddaughter- if possible, Id like you to give her a small portion of the shares. Xuemin said. Not too much- just enough for her to live her life without worry.

Naturally. No problem. Lin Yi said without hesitation.

Dont say yes too quickly- you still have to find a way to fund the company! Xuemin said with a wave of his hand, his tone solemn. My name should make things easier for you- youd be able to gather a lot of investments, but its best if you dont let other people participate in this company!

People envy the profits the Kang family enjoys- but theres nothing they could do about it, because outsiders arent allowed to get involved. They follow a familial structure when managing the company. Xuemin continued. As long as old Master Kang lives, nothing would go wrong. Your company, on the other hand, is different. I cant guarantee that theyd respect my name more than the profits in front of their eyes if you involve outsiders.

I understand, Grandpa Guan. Ill figure something out for the funding. Lin Yi nodded.

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Xuemin left it at that. A hundred million seemed like a ridiculous fortune to a normal person, but Xuemin understood that Lin Yi was no normal person.

They guy was teammates with Yang Huaijun, a man with outstandingly mysterious medical abilities. He was by no means a normal person.

Ah, right, something to discuss with you- I have a patients condition Id like you to have a look at. See if you have any solutions to cure him? Xuemin pulled out a medical record as he spoke.


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