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Chapter 298 – Guan Xuemin’s Thoughts

Guan Xin had been born in the Guan household, a family superpower now on the same playing field with some other big-time houses. 

Yet Guan Xin was nowhere near a spoiled miss.

Her parents were always occupied with work. Her father was a shareholder of the hospital, but had his company headquarters located overseas- he rarely came home with Guan Xins mother.

Guan Xin grew up with her grandfather, and learned from a small age to tidy the house and cook meals. She washed the clothes, and kept the house in beautiful shape. They had a nanny they called Aunt Liu, but Guan Xin never lazed around because of that; shed always help out whenever Aunt Liu worked the house.

She excelled at cooking, and became known as the Godly Miss Universe of the Kitchen by the neighboring families around the medical school. Her grandfathers rather thick-skinned friends would always drop by for a meal whenever Guan Xin would cook.

With all she had going for her, Guan Xin became the ideal partner for the boys her age, despite the strict teachings of the Guan house posing a barrier between her and those affections. She wasnt allowed to get in a relationship before graduating.

Guan Xin went into society to work upon graduating, and as Guan Xuemins name went higher and higher in its journey to worldwide fame, the relatives and old friends of the Guan house held back from bringing the topic up

The family was now considered equal with other families of power- that didnt guarantee that Guan Xin would want to be married into said families, but it didnt change the fact that she was an optimal candidate.

Talk of proposals lessened, much to Guan Xins relief. Shed only just graduated, and wasnt in the mood for love whatsoever.

Despite that, love was something that hit like a hurricane- there was no stopping it when it did decide to come.

Guan Xin herself was impressed that shes start falling for Lin Yi- she found it surreal and unbelievable, for it was the first time shed gotten interested in a boy. Shed even thought that her sexual orientation wasnt normal before that happened.

She consoled herself by saying that shed hit mental puberty late. Although, it didnt seem realistic that shed get with Lin Yi anymore She did fantasize about it occasionally, but reality remained for her to face.

The first time she saw Tang Yin, she decided to stop thinking about it, and decided to run. 

She realized that she couldnt stop herself from wanting to meet Lin Yi after that decision- she knew it was an unlikely relationship, but still hoped to meet Lin Yi if she could.

Like a moth drawn towards a flame- a shred of recklessness and illogicality, an uncontrollable urge.

Xin Xin, want Aunt Liu to help? Aunt Lius voice sounded from outside the kitchen. Shed tidied up the house, and came over to help Guan Xin out.

No need, Ill handle it on my own. Guan Xin rejected- she couldnt let Aunt Liu come in and see how she was sabotaging the food.

Aunt Liu didnt think much of the rejection- she knew that Master Guan was having a young man over tonight, and assumed that Guan Xin wanted to make a good impression on him.

How would she demonstrate her skills as the Godly Miss Universe of the Kitchen if someone else meddled with her art??

One had to admit the excellence of Guan Xins cooking- she couldnt stop the product from smelling and looking good even if shed messed the taste up with random seasoning.

The aesthetics and scent of the food would make one gulp, but a taste and one would realize how all the dishes were either too sweet, too sour, or too salty. None of the dishes tasted normal.

After all, Guan Xin had made sure to spam random seasoning onto the dishes right before completion.

Xuemin was feeling quite delighted at how busy Guan Xin was in the kitchen. He wondered if Lin Yi would remember this night as a memorable one with his elegant and gentle granddaughter?

Hed pay the Guan house more visits, and his problems and inquiries in medicine would all find their answers! The Guan family would enjoy centuries of fortune and fame should Lin Yi even become his grandson-in-law!

The Guan house was well known in higher society, and well respected by even more titanic houses above the family. 

But Guan Xuemin understood that it was all due to his membership in the Guan family!

People respected the house because he was the miracle doctor; nobody was exempt from illnesses and death, and that meant that having a miracle doctor around provided insurance. It was the reason for the Guan familys rise in power.

The Guan family would see a fall when Guan Xuemin passed- without the name of Miracle Doctor Guan, House Guan would be no different from a common household.

Guan Xuemin wasnt one who cared about fame, but he had to take into consideration his children and grandchildren- her granddaughter, especially. He wanted her to find a good home.

It had become a wish of his.

Seeing Lin Yi reminded him of his granddaughter, and he knew that the name of the Guan family would see an increase in fame and strength should Lin Yi get with Guan Xin!

Xuemin now understood that he was no miracle doctor at all compared to Lin Yi! Lin Yi was the miracle doctor! That miracle doctor hed met twenty years ago That was a genuine miracle doctor!

His eldest son now lived in the capital, his life full of luxury. 

His youngest son busied himself in business with his wife overseas.

He only had Guan Xin with him, and he knew that his two sons would have no problems in life.

His eldest son was nothing special, but he did manage to make quite a living with his fathers name all these years, enough for the family to spend their lives in comfort. Xuemin didnt like this eldest son of his too much- hed decided that a small city like Songshan wasnt worth living in after he entered the upper class. He only came back once every year, and Xuemin was disappointed in him.

His youngest son, on the other hand, came home often- he was a just man, but a bit old-fashioned. Hed relied on his own abilities doing business, and never used Xuemins name to benefit himself. Yet the common case with a personality like that was that this youngest son wouldnt have found himself in a very good life if it werent for background and support in society. But the kid was lucky- hed managed to meet an individual, a character of legendary proportions.

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Unfortunately, this legendary character disappeared from everyones sights during the same time the miracle doctor Xuemin had met did

Xin Xin, no need to cook that much! As long as we have enough to eat!  Xuemin wondered if Guan Xin really had grown up as he watched her fill the table up with dishes- could she perhaps be looking to impress this young man? Had she become concerned with her love life?

Oh Almost done, theres just one sweet and sour eel left! Guan Xin smiled. Hah sweet and sour eel. She couldnt wait to serve this mustard eel to that young visitor.

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