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Chapter 295 – Giving Away

The two were simply not a good match for each other- they were around the same age, but they had different statuses. It wouldnt work.

Tang Yin, on the other hand, was the obvious fit for Lin Yi. Their futures would look bright together if they even got into the same college.

Guan Xin sighed, feeling down. It was the first time shed felt something towards a guy, too

Hes not my boyfriend at all Tang Yin was getting embarrassed by Guan Xins apology.

Haha. Guan Xin laughed. This girlfriend of Lin Yis was pretty interesting.

The laughter only put Tang Yin into even more embarrassment. Guan Xin sis! Whatre you laughing at! Its true! You take him if you want!

Take him? Why would you get to give him to me if hes not your boyfriend, then? Guan Xin teased.

Guan Xin wasnt too experienced herself- she was still a child in front of her family and friends, and in the hospital as well, but Tang Yin was two years younger than her. It was only natural that shed feel like an older sister in front of her, since she was a little more mature than Tang Yin was, too.

I Tang Yin paused- it was true! Where did she get off giving Lin Yi away if he didnt belong to her in the first place?

Lin Yi smiled bitterly from the side. Was he some sort of product? Why were these girls talking about giving and taking him??

Miss Guan Xin, right? Please come with us for a testimony. Lingshan frowned as she walked over, her eyes on the nurse who had just pulled away from Lin Yi. So even this pretty nurse had something to do with Lin Yi?

Is there something wrong with your brain? Lin Yi turned to her. Cant you see what that dumbass did to her neck?

Dumbass? Lingshan couldnt help but smile bitterly in her head- only Lin Yi would call the Huang Guanya a dumbass Shed been treating him as a formidable threat all this while, and here was Lin Yi, writing him off as a dumbass.

Yet there wasnt much Lingshan could say to that- Lin Yi did take care of Guanya within a few seconds, at the end of the day For him, at least, Guanya really had been a dumbass.

But what was that comment about her brain?! Did Lin Yi have to speak with such toxicity? It wasnt the first time hed commented about her brain like that, too.

What did you say, Lin Yi? Lingshan glared. You need to come with us for a testimony, too! You killed someone, did you maybe realize that?

I saved the day! LIn Yi shrugged. And you were the one who told me to kill him.

If you didnt want that, then whyd you ask if Id found a chance to take him down? Lin Yi curled his lips, not too interested in arguing over something this meaningless with Lingshan But the tigress really was being annoying, and he needed to respond to her.

You Lingshan was getting irritated as well. I asked that after you came out!

Okay, but that still means that you wanted me to kill him. Lin Yi said. Whyd you give me that look when I was going in, then? Something wrong with your eyes? Was there something wrong with your face??

You Lingshans glare reminded Lin Yi of a tigress- it looked like she wanted to eat him alive.

Lingshan, on the other hand, thought that Lin Yi was a cruel joke God had sent her way! He was always messing with her!

Wangli was watching from afar- he turned from the raging Lingshan to the nurse who seemed to have an ambiguous relationship with Lin Yi. He wondered if a love triangle wasnt enough Maybe it had evolved into a love square..?

Alright, enough with the yous. You owe me another one! Ill go to you for the licence plate this afternoon, wait for me. With that, Lin Yi turned back to Guan Xin, not bothering with Lingshan anymore. Go get your neck treated- theres still blood coming out.

Okay Guan Xin was a nurse, and naturally understood her injury herself. Her skin got cut a little, it wasnt a big deal.

The police then took her away for a testimony after shed treated the wound. Lingshan, on the other hand, wondered if she should ask Lin Yi to come along as well. She decided that shed ask him to do the testimony when he came to her for the licence plate later that afternoon.

Lin Yi reached for Tang Yins hand on their way back to Fens room, but Tang Yin moved it away fidgetly.

Whenre you gonna keep your promise? Lin Yi grinned.

What promise? Tang Yin paused.

The quick kiss. Lin Yi replied.

Maybe next time! Tang Yin rolled her eyes at Lin Yi- that courage she had had had long been ruined by Guan Xin. There was no way she could kiss Lin Yi now.

Can I kiss you then? Lin Yi, naturally, understood why Tang Yin was upset.

Go die! Tang Yin wouldnt agree to that.

Ah Lin Yi wasnt thinking of rushing anything. He looked at the time after entering Fens room- it was almost time for class.

Xiaobo was saying goodbye to Fen, who still hadnt made her decision about the birthday feast yet. She was apparently still considering it.

Xiaobo didnt rush her.

The four walked out of the hospital and got a cab. Lin Yi was dropped off near the villa area- he had told the group that he had the licence plate thing to sort out that afternoon.

Lin Yi skipping class had become a common occurrence at this point- no one minded anymore. Tang Yin couldnt do much about that, as well- such were the likes of Young Master Lin: it was impossible to get him to study at school like a good student.

Lin Yi drove the van to the police station- there was no licence plate on it, and Lin Yi found himself quite lucky that he didnt bump into any traffic police. Hed have to call Lingshan again otherwise.

Lingshan was quite troubled in her office- Bojia had been saved, but his condition had yet to be stabilized. There was no telling when hed wake up.

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The psycho murderer case lacked clues, and itd be really bad if the last trace died here. Lingshan was quite pressured- she wondered if she was fit for her current position in the first place.

She never said anything mocking to Lin Yi when he arrived- she couldnt really piss Lin Yi off anymore She used to rely on Huaijun for cases, and Lin Yi had basically assumed that role now

Why was she so useless?! Couldnt she crack her case with her own abilities? It was something that had been on Lingshans mind that she couldnt do anything about.

She copied down the vans model number and engine number, and managed to get the details after a call. It was a vehicle registered at a second-hand car company.

It was confirmed that it hadnt been stolen- Heibao had bought it for ten thousand kuai, telling the owner of the company that hed do the registration a few days later.

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