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Chapter 294 – Legendary Love Triangle

Whatre you talking about? Lin Yi eyed Lingshan, a bit pissed off- what was her problem, did she love to ruin romantic scenes? Can it wait? Im in the middle of something important, okay?

Something important? So this was the important thing, not the murderer in the other room? Lingshan couldnt believe this!! Yet Lin Yi wasnt part of the police force, and she really didnt have any control over what he wanted to ddo.

But she couldnt help herself. Lin Yi, can you at least be able to take things seriously? Did you seriously just get him his food? Couldnt you have looked for a chance to take Huang Guanya down?

I did! Jeez, whats wrong with you? Will you leave me alone?? Lin Yi was getting pissed- what the hell was her problem? Guan Xin was still in there, so was she really so brainless that shed think that Lin Yi would ignore the girl like that?

You did? Lingshan didnt quite understand what Lin Yi meant.

Right at that moment, the door opened and out rushed Guan Xin- she leapt at Lin Yi upon seeing him. Haah Haah

She was no longer the strong and determined nurse she was when taken hostage- she was now just a frail girl as she hugged Lin Yi tightly There were even tears coming out of her eyes.

She had prioritized the patients safety over her own out of her sense of duty as a nurse, coupled with her natural tendency for selflessness The current her was just a normal female who needed shelter and protection after the shock, a shoulder to rest on, a person who could console her

Ah Lin Yi looked at Tang Yin helplessly, who just curled her lips and turned the other way, silent.

What else could she say at this point, after all? She was a little jealous, but Guan Xin had just gotten saved from a life-threatening situation- it was true she needed comfort and consolation. Tang Yin wasnt a selfish person, and decided that shed just pretend she couldnt see what was happening.

Yet she didnt quite understand how Lin Yi had saved Guan Xin that fast- hed only been in there for a little more than ten seconds, and assumed that hed rushed out after delivering the food for her kiss It didnt seem to be the case now that Guan Xin was here!

As unbelievable as it was, Guan Xins safety meant only one thing- Lin Yi had taken care of the criminal

She didnt believe it, and neither did Lingshan or any of the officers present It was simply too much of a stretch.

Lin Yis I did! prompted some mockery from Lingshan when Guan Xin came out all of a sudden- she was really confused now. What was going on?

She didnt bother asking Lin Yi anymore- she rushed into the hospital room and found herself shocked at what she was seeing

Guanya was lying on the ground, his dagger in a corner His eyes were bulging and his face was equipped with an expression of shock and rage- he found it ridiculous to have gone down like this! He didnt deserve to die like this!

His cause of death made Lingshan speechless.

The murderer had been killed instantly, and the weapon that had ended his life was a pair of chopsticks. Chopsticks that Lin Yi had brought in with the food.

The pair of chopsticks had been stabbed into Guanyas heart- from the length of chopsticks still remaining outside Guanyas body, Lingshan ascertained that the chopsticks had went straight through the heart, slightly protruding out of the back

Lin Yi did this? How..? Lingshan was confused.

A little more than ten seconds, excluding the time he used to open the door and walk out Hed have to have put down the food, get into a fight, disarm Guanya, push away Guan Xin, and then stab Guanya with the chopsticks

In a few seconds. Lin Yi did all this in a few seconds?! Lingshan didnt like Lin Yi too much, but she had to be impressed with what hed accomplished here today! Guanya didnt even have the chance to cry out before his instant death!

Lingshan asked herself this: would she have been able to achieve the same result should she have been the food delivery person, also taking into consideration that shed have to manage to keep the hostage safe from harm? Lingshan wanted to answer yes to that, but hesitated

She shook her head, and decided that shed leave the corpse for later- she ran to Bojias bed, seeing that the sheets had already been soaked red Guanya had stabbed the man in the belly a couple times, and the blood was still flowing

Get the doctor!! Lingshan cried out to Wangli, who just entered the room after her.

Understood! Wangli was surprised as well, but something else with a higher shock value was stuck in his mind- wasnt Lin Yi the captains boyfriend..? How come he was asking for a kiss from a pretty student?

Could this perhaps be the legendary love triangle? Yes, that should be the case It also explained why the captain was so pissed, eyeing Lin Yi and everything.

His legs never stopped moving as the thoughts went through his mind- he called for a doctor upon exiting the room.

The doctor and nurse had already been notified and prepared already- they burst in the room right after things had been settled.

Lingshan didnt even bother spending any resources on saving Guanyas life- the guy was dead as could be. His life didnt matter to Linghsan anyway, as well.

The guy was a full blown pervert, a psycho murderer who never knew an end to his crimes. The only thing he was capable of was describing his heinous crimes, thered be no useful information coming from him regardless! The case wouldnt be at a dead end as long as Bojia was fine.

The doctor and nurse moved Bojia to the emergency room, and the police started cleaning up the scene.

Tang Yin cleared her throat as Guan Xin and Lin Yis hug continued- it still had to end, right? They were doing it in front of her, too! What was this? Was Lin Yi starting to have second thoughts about committing to her??

Guan Xin opened her eyes after hearing Guan Xin clear her throat, realizing that shed been hugging Lin Yi tightly the whole time. She let go, a little embarrassed. 

Although, it was a natural reaction for her to have- Lin Yi did just save her, after all, and she subconsciously saw him as the shelter and protection she needed She didnt really think about it. 

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Yet she did hug Tang Yins boyfriend right in front of her 

Sorry, Tang Yin, I was in panic Sorry I borrowed your boyfriend for a little Guan Xin smiled apologetically at Tang Yin- she didnt mean to go against her and steal Lin Yi or anything Lin Yi was also still a student, too- another reason for her to hold down her feelings.

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Chapter 294