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Chapter 293 – Quick Kiss

Tell him to walk in with the food!! Guanya ordered.

He couldnt risk receiving the food on his own- he didnt have an arm to spare.

I wont go, I wont go! Get someone else The employee was clearly a young bud that had just entered society- he was not equipped to deal with a scene like this. He landed on his ass after Guanyas bark, almost letting the food fall onto the floor had it not been for the officer whod caught him.

Guanya was a bit speechless- why the hell was this guy so much of a coward? He didnt even do anything..? 

Hurry up, tell him to hurry up! Im hungry! Guanya barked.

No Im not going I wont go, I rather die. The employees eyes were filled with fear as he shook his head A small puddle of wetness started forming underneath him

The officer beside him couldnt quite stand the sight anymore- pissing himself just like that? He frowned as he turned to Guanya. Maybe I can get you the food? Dont worry, I wont be armed- Ill take out my gun right in front of you!

No. You? Do I know you? Who knows if youd attack me!! Guanyu was no idiot- letting the police get close with him would just force him into a corner.

Lingshan was feeling helpless. You saw it yourself, he cant do that! We cant just force him, can we? Maybe I can do it?

You? Of course not!! Guanya followed that up with a suggestion. Alright, have someone from the crowd deliver it to me.

Those words prompted the onlookers to start backing off right away- no one wanted a job like that.

They were plenty satisfied with just watching, but getting involved? No one would want to do something as dangerous as that, the risk were just too high.

Lingshan wasnt very happy with the crowds reaction. These people were hellbent on not backing off when they were told to, but here they were, running like rabbits when the danger involved them.

She couldnt really do anything about that, though- it was just an internal complaint. Lingshan turned to see Lin Yi not far away, and a plan came to mind.

She kinda hated Lin Yi, but she had to admit that the guy had good reflexes. Even if he were a bit weaker than her, the guy should be good enough to deal with a character like Guanya. He was a good candidate for the job.

Guanya, on the other hand, had the same thought- Lin Yi was the only one still standing there with a dumb look on his face when everyone else had dispersed. Guanya had assumed that youths were more daring, and didnt think much about it. That student over there, get me the food! Yes, you! You! Stop looking around!

Me? Lin Yi grinned mentally, but made sure to put on a surprised face as he pointed to himself.

Yes! Hurry up, stop dilly dallying! Guanya barked.

You wouldnt hurt me, would you? Lin Yi asked weakly after some hesitation.

I wont! Hurry up! Guanya said impatiently.

O-Okay then You promised Lin Yi nodded softly.

Lingshan was quite overjoyed- she quickly made eye contact with Lin Yi to make sure he knew what was going on, but the guy looked as if he didnt see her.

Tang Yin, on the other hand, wasnt expecting Lin Yi to get chosen by the murderer- she was starting to panic! She didnt want Lin Yi to put himself in danger like that, there were so many cops around, he shouldnt have to get involved at all!

She grabbed Lin Yis hand without thinking, her voice filled with worry as she spoke. Lin Yi, you

Ah, its fine. Im good, remember? Lin Yi whispered.

Tang Yin paused after hearing that- it was true, she was panicking for no reason. The guy was able to beat down even a ruthless thug like Heibao without injuring himself when he saved her from that abandoned building- there really was nothing for her to worry about. Heibao wasnt even a threat to Lin Yi with a gun back on the school field, either, so there was no reason for a knife to pose any danger

But this This is you saving a damsel in distress, right. What if she decides to repay you with her body Another concern arose- this turn of events was the legendary damsel in distress scenario! Tang Yin herself had grown to like Lin Yi more because hed saved her, what if Guan Xin got added into the drama?! Would she have to fight her? Tang Yin started getting shy at the possibility.

I cant just not save her, right? Lin Yi wasnt expecting Tang Yin to go there. He pinched her soft and slightly moist palm. Ill leave her, then?

… Youd better save her Guan Xins actually really nice, and shes still worried about the patient with her when shes a hostage Tang Yin still admired the girl- she respected her kindness.

Will you two stop that? Continue after I get my food! Guanya wasnt too happy at Lin Yi romancing with a female student right in front of him. Jesus!

Lets talk after I get it over with, haha- hes getting pissed. Lin Yi smiled.

Kay Tang Yin nodded shyly. Be careful..

Ill be careful if you give me a quick kiss Lin Yi grinned evilly.

I Tang Yin couldnt believe it- what was the bastard even thinking of in a situation like this? She spoke after some hesitation. Then. After you get back safe

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Ah…. Okay, wait for me. Lin Yi smiled as he let go of Tang Yins hand- he then strolled to the officer with the food and took it before turning to walk to Guanya.

Impatient, Guanya pulled Guan Xin back to give Lin Yi some space. Come in and close the door!

Okay Lin Yi walked in looking scared and closed the door- ten seconds later he walked out and quickly ran up to Tang Yin. Im back, can I get a kiss now?

Lin Yis voice wasnt loud, but Lingshan heard what he said loud and clear! She couldnt believe this!! Shed hoped that Lin Yi would be able to disarm Guanya or even put him down if possible, but this Lin Yi..! Did he really come back right after delivering the food/?

Did he come out so fast just for Tang Yins kiss?! Lingshan was speechless as she pointed at Lin Yi. Whats wrong with you??

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Chapter 293