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Chapter 289 – I’m Not

Lin Yi wondered when hed get that old van a licence plate when he got in the taxi- the car hed taken from Heibao was still parked in Mengyaos courtyard.

It didnt match the elegance of the villa, but Mengyao didnt say anything about it. The girl was now much more easygoing compared to the first time hed met her- shed accepted Lin Yi as a member of the villa at this point, and didnt think too much about that crappy van he had in front of the villa.

Lin Yi took his phone out to give Lingshan a call- his own phone was broken, and his current one was an older model Yushu had upgraded from.

It was a pink seashell phone, and Xiaobos eyes widened upon seeing it. Tang Yin and Xinwen, on the other hand, failed to notice as they continued chatting at their side.

Hello? Lin Yi? Lingshan got a little frustrated just from remembering the events yesterday. I sent your pictures to your phones mail, you can just receive it! Anything else?

Oh, I called for some other stuff. Lin Yi said. Ive got an old van without a licence plate, can you get me one?

Im the criminal police, not the traffic police!! Lingshan exploded at Lin Yis request. Do you really have so much free time on your hands? Im actually really busy every day, ok mister? Go have it registered yourself, you can do that at the western-

The car isnt new, I cant do that stuff. Who else would I go to other than you? Lin Yi was speechless- was the girl stupid? Did she have problems with understanding things? Whyd he bother her if the car could get registered normally?

I still cant do anything about that! Stop bothering me, Im occupied with a big case here! Im really busy! Lingshan said impatiently. Remember, Im from the criminal police! Dont ask me to do stuff unrelated to my job! Im hanging up if thats all?

Oh. Yeah, Ill remember that. You remember that Im a student, too, not a cop, not ultraman. Dont ask me to do stuff unrelated to my studies next time. Lin Yi was a little angry- he just wanted her to help him out a bit, what was with her??

………. Lingshan really wanted to hang up right there, but she refrained herself from doing so. The car wasnt stolen, was it?

Nope, it shouldve went through proper procedure. Check it and youll find out, Heibao was the one who drove it. Lin Yi smiled- hed finally taken care of Lingshan.

Then you drive it over this afternoon! But if I see that its a stolen car then Im confiscating it! Lingshan gritted.

Ah…okay. Lin Yi smiled as he hung up.

Boss, your phone Whyd you change it to this one? Xiaobo wasnt too interested in the phone call- hed seen Lin Yi drive a much better car before, so an old van wasnt anything of interest to him.

Didnt I say my phones broken? This is a phone my friend used to use, I borrowed it. Lin Yi said.

Let me see? Xiaobo reached his palm out.

Lin Yi handed it to Xiaobo without thinking about it.

Xiaobos eyes shot themselves wide open- the background of the main screen was Chen Yushus picture!! Xiaobo was about to ask why when he shut his mouth after seeing Tang Yin right beside Lin Yi.

Xiaobo wasnt so stupid that hed ask a question like that right now! Itd be a mess if Tang Yin misunderstood!

But he still poked at Lin Yi, an evil smile on his face as he handed the phone back to him.

Lin Yi noticed the picture as well that moment, a bitter smile on his face. This phones owner is the same as the Beetle cars

Having Xiaobo catch him with Yushus picture twice was a little awkward- hed have to take care to prevent this sort of thing next time. He didnt think much about it when he asked to borrow it from Yushu, not bothering to change anything in it since hed just be using it for a few days Who knew that Xiaobo would see it within those days?

Feeling awkward, Lin Yi went into the picture folder for a picture to use as his new background when Xiaobos eyes shot themselves open even wider!!

It wasnt just Yushus pictures in there, there were even Mengyaos!! And they were pictures from daily life!! There were pictures of them eating, shopping Even selfies of themselves at home..

Lin Yi started to sweat as he closed the phone shut- he slipped it into his pocket and turned to look at Xiaobo awkwardly. The guy was clearly shocked.

He didnt think that the phone belonged to Lin Yi anymore! Putting the obvious fact that the phone was in a color a girl would use, the pictures in it were definitely not Lin Yis!!

Lin Yi wouldnt have so many pictures of Mengyao and Yushu in his phone, it was just impossible- they werent the type of pictures that showed skin, but they were still very much private pictures! How did Lin Yi get them?!

But whose phone could it be, if not Lin Yis?

Xiaobo, however, was someone who understood consequences. He had a hundred questions he wanted to ask, but he knew that asking them right now would only make Tang Yin misunderstand. He decided to hold them in.

The taxi stopped near the hospital, and Lin Yi paid the driver ten kuai. 

Lin Yi? Is that you? A pleasant voice sounded behind Lin Yi as he got out the taxi.

Lin Yi turned back to see Guan Xin. Its you! Haha, what a coincidence.

Yeah! Are you here to visit your friend? Im going up to give her an injection right now, lets go together. Guan Xin failed to contain her excitement upon seeing Lin Yi.

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After all, shed been strolling around the hospitalization department these couple days- she didnt know what for, but perhaps she hoped that shed bump into Lin Yi? Shed even asked to take on the responsibility of giving the injections in Fens room She now knew Xinwen, Xiaobo, and Tang Yins faces, too.

There was one thing, however That little girl Tang Yin, the prettiest one, always had that trace of hostility and caution whenever she greeted her with smiles Guan Xin, naturally, understood the cause for that hostility: Tang Yin was afraid shed steal her boyfriend from her!

In actuality, Guan Xin never really planned on fighting Tang Yin over Lin Yi or anything She wasnt even sure of her feelings towards him- it might really just be simple gratitude that made her interested in looking at him a couple more times, to talk with him a bit more She wasnt considering anything else yet.

Tang Yin curled her lips, her face a little pale. Xinwen, naturally, noticed that change in Tang Yins behavior. She pinched Tang Yins arm as she whispered to her. What? Scared shes here to steal your man?

Tang Yin nodded her head softly. Whats so good about him? Thinks everyone just likes him so much? Itd be nice if she steals him, I wouldnt have to get taken advantage of if that happens

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Chapter 289