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Chapter 283 – Shift in the Meeting

Xie Guangbo was the third-largest Pengzhan Industries shareholder- in other words, the strongest power within the company other than Chu Pengzhan and Jin Maosheng. Pengzhans suggestion of handing over the entertainment industry to Guangbos management should most likely be accepted by other members of the board.

Raising your hand and rejecting Pengzhans suggestion would naturally win the favor of Gubang, yet with the cost of crossing both Pengzhan and Guangbo- tyrants at the board. No one would go for something with an opportunity cost like that.

This was Pengzhans move on the chessboard- a move the other shareholders wouldnt go against, since the target benefactor he was moving the authority to was one of the biggest shareholders.

Yet even that excellent move was a misstep.

Gubang froze upon hearing Pengzhans suggestion, followed with pure joy! Oh, Chu Pengzhan, you old fox! You were thinking of cutting my authority, but

Chu Pengzhan was the chairman- pulling the entertainment industry back into his own hand wouldnt yield any rejections from the other members. The only real consequence was the strong impression people would have, yet now this man had chosen to transfer that authority to Xie Guangbo?!

Haha, hahaha!!! Gubang had to consciously hold in his laughter- this Xie Guangbo was his trump card!!

This trump card was something Gubang had acquired out of coincidence and accident- should Pengzhan have done this a couple days earlier there really wouldnt be any countermeasures Gubang could take, since hed not have gotten into contact with Guangbo yet.

Yet now, Guangbo needed his help- his son might as well be dead if Gubang didnt provide said help!

Guangbo had a son overseas, constantly drunk on gambling and racking up an excessive amount of debt- he even got into drugs and developed an addiction problem on top of that The man was now over hundreds of millions of kuai in debt!!

Guangbo was the third-largest shareholder, but he didnt have that much cash on him- most of his assets were shares and real estate, making it almost impossible to pull out hundreds of millions of dollars for his son to pay off his debt!

This was a sum that had to be paid! The mafia of the country his son was in had taken ahold of him, threatening to have his legs cut off if the debt werent paid off within the month!

Helpless, the only way he knew to go about this was by moving the companys finances so as to have the debt paid off- hed fill the gap back in afterwards.

He was in charge of the finance department, but even he couldnt pull out a sum like that without the chairman or vice-chairmans signature. He didnt dare bring this to Chu Pengzhan, and decided to have his hopes pinned on Jin Gubang instead.

Naturally, it wasnt something hed brought to Gubang blatantly- he only hinted and hit at the topic, not expecting for the two of them to end up on the same side! Gubang hadnt any requests, only hoping that Guangbo would support Gubang with his full strength when he would need it!

Guangbo understood the situation that moment. The three biggest shareholders of a company were usually independent against each other- two of the shareholders getting too close would always be a threat to the other shareholder.

But Guangbo had no other choice- to him, his sons life was more important. What use was money if his son were dead? Hed spent half his life already, how long did he even have left? The money was to be left to his children and grandchildren, his descendants! How would he have grandchildren without a son?!

Guangbo made the decision there and then to fully support Gubang- he understood what that notion entailed perfectly. Gubangs wish for the two of them to team up meant only one thing: he was preparing to go to war with Pengzhan.

He hadnt expected for Pengzhan to go against Gubang this soon during todays meeting, and he hadnt expected to be the benefactor of their battle! Any other day before that and hed take the gift, no questions asked But he wasnt in that sort of position anymore.

He was now in an alliance with Gubang- he needed to constantly have Gubangs benefits taken into consideration! He raised his head to look at Gubang to find that the man was looking right back at him. Guangbo nodded very slightly to signal that he understood.

Only then did Gubang turn to Pengzhan with a smile on his face. Haha, Chairman Chu makes a good point. This incident relates back to me- Ive nothing to say in defense.

Pengzhan paused at Gubangs words- hed thought that the man would be the first one to jump up against his suggestion! Why was he being so compliant, letting go of this authority in silence? Pengzhan saw something wrong in that attitude instantly.

Could it be that there wasnt any evidence left over at the theme park Pengzhan could use against him? He frowned- something was wrong, but he didnt quite understand where

Gubang not rejecting Pengzhans suggestion meant that no one else would- after all, the members of the board wouldnt piss Chu Pengzhan off for Gubangs sake when Gubang himself was complying.

With that- the notion for Gubangs burdens to be lessened passed.

Haha, since were all in agreement Lets have Mister Xie manage the entertainment industry from now on. Pengzhan hadnt expected for things to turn out so smoothly- something felt wrong, but cutting authority from Gubang was always a good thing.

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Chairman Chu, if I may? Guangbo spoke faintly.

Oh? Pengzhans heart tensed up. Do speak your mind, Mister Xie.

Haha, I feel that Vice-chairman Jins been managing the entertainment industry perfectly well I dont see the need for it to be passed onto me? Guangbo said. We cannot use a slight accident like this to nullify Vice-chairman Jins accomplishments and capabilities- after all, the company has benefitted with profits of tens of millions yearly under his management! I wouldnt dare put myself on the same level as the vice chairman in terms of management skills…and thus I dont see myself agreeing with the authority transfer. My apologies, chairman- I cant quite handle this large a workload- I must reject. 

Pengzhans pupils shrunk as he stared at Guangbo! When had he allied himself with Jin Gubang?! Why was he speaking for him??

This was more than just regular help, he wasnt just standing up for Gubang- throwing away a cake this big when put right in front of him? The two had come to a private agreement- that was the only explanation.

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