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Chapter 282 – Board of Directors Crisis

So Shu, this is the shark meat you said was really good? Mengyao wasnt too impressed as she chewed the shark meat in her mouth- it wasnt even as good as regular carp.

Mengyao didnt want to say anything bad about the shark meat that Yushu had been so looking forward to, especially when Lin Yi had spent the whole afternoon cleaning and preparing the shark- it smelled quite nice now that it was completed and on her plate, but the texture of the meat simply wasnt anything great. It was extremely normal

Yeah!! Yushu moved a piece of shark to her mouth excitedly with her fork and started chewing.

Hm? It isnt as good before?? Yushu frowned as she leaned in for a closer smell- it seemed to smell the same It was actually way more seasoned than the meat shed had for lunch, but the taste just wasnt as good

Shark meat isnt that good in the first place. Lin Yi commented as he put a piece to his mouth. You were just in shock the first time you ate it, and you vomited your stomach empty, remember. Thats why it was so appealing to you.

Oh Yushu was a little embarrassed. Yao Yao, you dont have to eat this.

No way! Mengyao said. Of course Im eating it, you guys went to all this trouble for me to have a taste- Im happy to eat it.

Oh, lets eat then! I actually think its still really good! Yushu said as she put another piece in her mouth.

You fucking pig! Youre a fucking pig!! Jin Gubang glared at his son, very pissed off. Lin Yi and Chen Yushu arent dead, and now the police are involved! Were really screwed this time!!

Why are we screwed if they survived?? Maosheng blinked.

That old fox Chu Pengzhan, hes hosting a board of directors meeting tomorrow! Hes gonna let me have it tomorrow! Gubang gritted. If he decides to pull the industries under my control and manage to find something wrong then were done for!

Maosheng was no idiot- his face paled upon hearing his fathers explanation. He hadnt given the matter that much thought before, thinking that it sucked for Lin Yi to have survived He thought that thered be a next chance, so it wasnt too big of a deal.

Yet he never thought that Pengzhan would try to shed House Jins power in the company!

And the theme park just had to be one of the businesses under Gubangs control- Pengzhan now had a huge card to play!

Dad, Im sorry!! Maosheng didnt know how big of a fuck-up hed caused today- he didnt expect Pengzhan to have reacted this fast!

Forget it. Hell need time to investigate, and we still have a killer card we can play. I didnt want to have to resort to this, but he has himself to blame for forcing me! Gubang chuckled coldly. Think Jin Gubangs a retard, do you? Ill deal with you before you get to pull anything away from me, chairman!!

Gubang paused- it was the first time hed heard about a trump card from his dad. It seemed that he had something prepared, something he had confidence in to have Chu Pengzhan rid of!! What could it possibly be?

Dad Maosheng was about to ask what the trump card was when his father interrupted him.

Dont ask so many questions- just do your part! Gubang said. Right, did you take care of that guy who brought them bungee jumping?

Ma? I hinted to Zhang Yuchu to off him already. Maosheng said. Dont worry, dad- no ones gonna trace todays accident back to us.

Is that so? Hmph, that old fox wasnt planning on investigating in the first place!! Gubang chuckled coldly. Ive really underestimated him. Didnt think hed actually tell the police not to carry out an investigation now that Chen Yushu and Lin Yi were safe!! Hes blatantly telling us that he wants to pin everything on House Jin!

Maosheng was a bit speechless- pinning the blame on House Jin? But he was the one who did the crime in the first place

The meeting started early that Sunday morning.

Gubang sat in the seat beside Pengzhans- he was the second-largest shareholder, the vice-chairman, after all.

Alright- lets begin the meeting right away. Pengzhan said without beating around the bush. We all know what happened yesterday at one of our theme parks- an accident involving my daughters best friend, Chen Yushu! I believe everyone present understands the sort of background Chen Yushu is from- none of us would be getting out easy if anything happens to her.

It wasnt a secret- every member of the board of directors knew about what had happened. They all nodded as Pengzhan spoke, agreeing that it would indeed be extremely serious should anything have happened to Yushu.

Fortunately Chen Yushu survived in one piece, rescued by the police. Pengzhan said. I find it clear that our management in that department is lacking- resulting in this accident at the bungee jumping station in the first place! This wouldnt have happened if proper maintenance were present!

Gubang listened to Pengzhan quietly as he prepared a response. Hed prefer not to use his trump card unless he absolutely had to- itd get him to his goal in the fastest way possible, but it wasnt something that would earn the other shareholders trust.

It was very likely that none of these shareholders would support his decision to cut out an industry from the company when the time came- he couldnt do something on that scale alone. He needed a supporting force.

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I dont want to be pinning any blame on anybody, but Vice-chairman Jin I understand that accidents like this arent something youd want to see when under your management, yes? Pengzhan asked.

Certainly! No one would want something like this to happen. Gubang replied faintly, chuckling internally as he spoke. Dont want to be pinning any blame on anybody? What was he doing now, then?

Pengzhan continued as Gubang had expected. Vice-chairman Jin is the vice-chairman of this company- he is to manage a variety of complicated affairs on top of the entertainment businesses under him. Its perfectly normal for the workload to exceed Vice-chairman Jins attention. With that in mind, I suggest we lessen the burdens on his shoulders- lets give the entertainment industry to Mister Xie to look after- Mister Xies in charge of only finances and personnel. Im sure this is an acceptable suggestion?


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