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Chapter 274 – Feeling Kinda Happy

He wouldnt technically be forcing himself on her, since he was saving her, but Lin Yi would much rather Yushu have her eyes closed while she called sweetly to him. Shield Bro Kiss me

Just imagining that made Lin Yis blood boil He was thus unwilling to take advantage of Yushu. It was the same as imagining looking at Mengyao and Yushus bedroom once and for all- he wouldnt really do it.

Lin Yi positioned Yushu on his legs, her face aimed at the ground as he pressed some of her acupuncture points. Even that put dirty thoughts in Lin Yis mind as he felt the softness of Yushus body under his fingers

Blerghh All the water exited Yushus body, and she started coughing right after. Lin Yi patted her on the back the whole time until her breathing went back to normal.

Shield Bro? Im not dead..? Yushu raised her head, fatigued as she looked at Lin Yi weirdly. Or maybe we are dead, and this is heaven?

Youre not dead, and this isnt heaven. Lin Yi found Yushus reaction pretty funny. It felt nice to have Yushu on his legs, but he didnt want to take advantage of her by feeling her up- she wasnt his girlfriend, after all. Now if it were Tang Yin on his legs… he might just help himself

Oh?? Im not dead?! So that means you saved me?? Yushu got up from Lin Yis legs excitedly- she was about to do a dance when her body couldnt support her weight. She almost fell.

Ah-! Yushu cried out, holding on to Lin Yi before she hit the ground. Shield Bro, are we really not dead??

Nope. Its not that easy to die with me here. Lin Yi rolled his eyes- wasnt Yushu overestimating the danger a little? How was falling into the sea supposed to kill you? Lin Yi might as well just kill himself if it were that easy to die.

Heh heh, youre the best, Shield Bro! Yushu felt that it sure was nice to be alive. Shield Bro, you kissed me earlier, right?

That wasnt a kiss, I was trying to cover your mouth up! You wouldve drowned if I hadnt. Lin Yi explained himself. Connecting lips with another person wasnt just for kissing, there were other uses as well.

Oh. What about when you saved me, then? Did you do mouth-to-mouth?? Yushus face reddened. I heard that youd still need to press on the persons chest, too.. Did you take advantage of me?

Didnt you see the position you were in when you woke up? Lin Yi smiled bitterly. I dont need techniques like that to save people.

Oh Yushu didnt think that Lin Yi would be lying, but she couldnt help but feel a bit disappointed Why had the guy let go of a chance to take advantage of her like that? Did Shield Bro not like her??

My phones not working- see if yours is still good. We need to call Uncle Fu and tell them were okay. Lin Yi said as he put his phone back into his pocket- it wouldnt turn on.

Most electronics would be done for if they got submerged in seawater for that long.

Mine? I dont have it with me, I gave it to Yao Yao before jumping.. Yushu said. But who cares about that? Were fine, right, we didnt die! Im actually kinda hungry, Shield Bro, anything to eat here?

Lin Yi didnt know what to say- but he understood Mengyaos pain now This soulmate really was too much

He didnt say anything, but he knew that both Mengyao and Yushu hadnt eaten anything yet- so of course Yushu would be hungry after all that. Shed even vomited on an empty stomach, too.

Yushu looked around the shore to realize in disappointment that there was no one there. It was a desolate place.

It was a dangerous area because of the sharks that frequented here, and the theme park never developed it into an attraction. Yushus eyes froze on the shark corpse on the shore. Huh?? Shield Bro, whats that!! Dead fish??

Shark. Lin Yi said faintly.

Shark?!! Yushu gulped, her head tilting back on instinct. She was about to go take a closer look before, too. Shield Bro, there are sharks here??

Yeah, that one tried to eat you. Lin Yi smiled. But I killed it.

You killed the shark, Shield Bro?! Really?? Youre so cool!! Yushu didnt think Lin Yi even killed a shark as he dragged her to shore- the guy was really strong!!

Theres nothing to eat here, but there is a dead shark over there, so I can roast it if you want. Lin Yi had spotted a jungle some distance away from the shore- he should be able to start a fire with some sticks.

Shark meat? Yeah, that sounds nice! I never tried shark before! Yushu was starting to get excited at the thought. Wonder what sharks taste like? Are they good?

To be honest, not really. Lin Yi had had shark before- it really wasnt anything tasty. People wouldnt throw sharks back into the sea after cutting their fins off otherwise.

I see, I see. Dont worry, Im not picky- I can eat anything. Yushu felt that it was nice enough to even have something to eat at this point- she was starving!

Lin Yi nodded and went to get some wood. He turned around after a couple steps. Dont go anywhere, and dont go into the sea.

There were still sharks in there- Lin Yi didnt want to walk home and see a pile of Yushu bones.

Got it! Ill wait for you! Yushu hugged her legs as she sat down on the sand. She waved at Lin Yi happily. Dont worry, Shield Bro! Ill be a good girl!

Yushu realized at that moment- it was like she was playing house, walking her husband to the door and waving goodbye as he went to work And then shed wait for him to come home.

It was a kind of happiness she never knew- Yushu was feeling quite sweet and shy at the same time as she looked at Lin Yis figure disappearing off into the distance. He didnt look very majestic, and actually looked kind of skinny, but Yushu felt oddly comfortable with Lin Yi- she felt safe, secure.

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Itd be pretty interesting if she stayed here with Shield Bro, wouldnt it? Yushu wondered before remembering the impracticality of it.

Yao Yao seemed to like Shield Bro too Yushu sighed softly.

Lin Yi walked back with some branches in his hands as Yushu continued dwelling in her thoughts.


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