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Chapter 273 – Shark? Shark!

What gave Lin Yi relief was the fact that the jade never once signalled him the whole time after he cut the rope- that meant that they were safe.

It seemed that Cihuas two golden class masters were pretty much all he had- the guy now had to resort to characters like Ma, who resorted to using rope cutting and scare tactics, very cheap ways to get Mengyao killed.

Even so, Lin Yi wasnt one to let his guard down in a seemingly easy situation- he knew that Cihuas lack of master class personnel was temporary. The guy did mention that he wasnt alone, that he was but a Songshan representative, after all. There was an even bigger threat behind him.

Lin Yi then spotted the coast some distance away, but had no idea how far away from the city that coast was. He didnt have a GPS with him, and could only rely on looking at the sun to determine his position.

He didnt expect them to be carried away this far by the currents- he smiled bitterly at the thought. This wouldnt have happened if he didnt need to stop Yushu from drowning.

Shark Lin Yi squinted- a shark was speeding towards him not too far away.

He frowned. Sharks usually didnt attack people unless lured by blood- human flesh wasnt too tasty to sharks.

Sharks usually ignored people unless they were starving, or if they had fresh blood to excite them. This was, however, just for most cases- there were particularly savage sharks, swimming in shallow areas hunting for targets to prey on.

Lin Yi couldnt determine the sharks hostility as of yet, but he maintained his swimming speed towards the shore. The shark would swim past him if it werent hungry.

If it were looking to attack him, then itd be pointless to just wait for it. After all, a mere shark wasnt something Lin Yi would consider a threat yet.

The blade from his shoe reappeared in Lin Yis palm as he swam.

Unfortunately, the shark did seem to see Lin Yi as a target- it was swimming at him as if on a hunt.

As good as Lin Yi was, he still wasnt good enough to outswim a shark at sea. He calculated the distance and the speed of the shark, not slowing down at all until he was only a couple hundred meters away from land- for the shark was now tens of meters away from him.

The shark, as the tyrant of the sea, naturally didnt think of Lin Yi as a threat as well- as far as it was concerned, Lin Yi was living food.

Some waves started lapping at Lin Yi as the shark closed in; it was the size of a car as it opened its gaping mouth. The first attack was coming.

Lin Yi tugged at Yushu with his left hand subconsciously, signaling for her to stay within his reach. Yushu, however, still had all her limbs tightly latched onto Lin Yi tightly, but he only wanted a confirmation to deal with the shark reassured.

With the blade in his right hand, Lin Yi made a fist with his left and kept his eyes on the great white shark.

The shark continued closing in, and Lin Yi stayed still, not intending to dodge at all.

The shark wasnt expecting its prey to just stop moving- situations like this were extremely rare, since a preys first instinct was to run after getting sighted by a predator. Lin Yis behavior made the shark hesitate a little.

Sharks were still one of the more intelligent life forms in the ocean- they wouldnt just charge brainlessly at something that defied common sense. Lin Yis lack of movement prompted it to slow down as well, but not enough to have it think of Lin Yis as anything dangerous.

It was still intent on attacking Lin Yi- the only thing that changed here was the speed it approached him at.

The shark charged at Lin Yi abruptly- perhaps it lost its patience, but Lin Yi reacted with his left fist, launching it at the sharks nose!

It was a vulnerable part of the sharks body- Lin Yi understood that weakness well.

Lin Yi was strong- the attack hed just used was enough to kill off a regular human. It couldnt kill a shark off, but it did send its head the opposite way.

The pain actually intensified its bloodlust- it turned back with a gaping mouth at Lin Yi, but he never gave it the chance. He sent the blade into its gills, moving it up and down a couple of times before quickly darting to the side.

The shark then struggled in the water for a bit before ceasing all movement, floating in the sea, no longer proud and no longer predator. The gills were one of the sharks lethal spots- this was something Lin Yi was extremely familiar with.

Lin Yi, naturally, wouldnt just waste a fine shark hed just killed- who knew where the next shore was, after all? What if he got hungry? This shark meat wasnt too delicious, but it was plenty for an empty stomach. This was one of the basics for survival.

He untied the rope hed cut off from his legs and hooked it to the sharks tail, pulling it to shore with him. It wasnt heavy enough to strain Lin Yi at all.

Hed been able to swim fine with metal bars on his limbs during training, after all.

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Fuu. Lin Yi climbed up the shore and tossed the shark to the side- saving Yushu and waking her up was the first priority.

He hesitated as he thought about saving Yushu- common procedure called for mouth-to-mouth, but thatd be taking advantage of Yushu Lin Yi didnt need that manoeuvre to save a life

Yet Lin Yi couldnt really hold back the temptation- he still very much liked Yushu, at least more than he liked Mengyao. The girl was very cute and easily likeable.

But taking advantage of an unconscious Yushu was something Lin Yi couldnt bring himself to do. Back then was an emergency where he had to save Yushu from drowning, but there were other methods to achieve the same thing this time around.

Lin Yi liked Yushu, and he wanted to kiss her, but not like this!! He didnt think he was a proper gentleman or anything, but he wouldnt go as far as to do something against ones will.

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