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Chapter 259 – Scaring People

Ma, who was following Mengyao and Yushu from a distance, had heard the conversation.

Lin Yi had noticed Ma stalking them long ago, but didnt want to expose him. As far as he was concerned, Ma wasnt a threat at all- letting him tail them would allow Lin Yi to see what he wanted. He might even bait the person in charge of the whole thing out.

After all, there was no point in offing this little character if it wouldnt even affect said person. The guy wasnt even one-third of the way to the golden class, he had to be someone unimportant.

Yuchu Bro, from what Ive heard, theyre gonna go to the haunted house Mas mission was to report the trios movement to Maosheng and Yuchu.

Haunted house? Alright. Yuchu said. Ill discuss this with Jin Bro first, Ill tell you what to do later.

Maosheng had heard Mas report, but he couldnt quite think of a good approach on the spot. There really werent many accidents he could cause in the haunted house An assassination was out of the question, thatd only get the cops focused on the case. It wasnt what Maosheng wanted to see happening.

Tell Ma to get to the ticket counter for the haunted house, make it so that they give tickets out slower! Dont let the kids go in too fast! Maosheng said after some thought.

Alright. Yuchu then relayed the words to Ma. Jin Bro, what do we do now?

What do you think? What are the type of accidents in a haunted house that could cause death? Maosheng decided to brainstorm with Yuchu.

Hm Haunted house Yuchu couldnt think of anything on the spot either. Other than scaring people there isnt really anything much Everything there is fake!

Scaring people Maoshengs lips stretched into a dark smile. I know, heh heh. Why dont we put on costumes and scare them to death?

Thats a good idea- everything in there is dead, and scaring people doesnt do much, but if we put on costumes and call their names heh heh heh Yuchu nodded in agreement right after hearing the suggestion. Isnt there that saying? You scare people by calling their names! It makes sense!

(untranslatable saying sorry)

Lets go prepare, then. Well scare these two girls to death! Maosheng grinned. It wasnt a very serious suggestion, but Yuchus agreement to it touched his heart. It was true, you scare people by calling their names! It was an old saying, it had to be right.

Whys this haunted house only letting three or four people in at a time? Mengyao said impatiently as she looked at the entrance- at the rate they were going who knew how long itd be before they got their turn! She shouldve contacted Uncle Fu beforehand and she wouldnt have to wait this long in the first place!

Dont worry, look at all these people, its gotta be good! Yushu didnt really mind. Ooh, Yao Yao, look- that couple that just came out, they look so pale!

Thats what youre gonna look like in a couple minutes! Mengyaos tone wasnt very friendly. Maybe we should go to another attraction?

Lets wait a bit more, its just two or three more groups and itll be our turn! Yushu didnt want to give this up that easily. Think about it, Yao Yao! Itll only be scary if you go in the place in small groups! Whats the point if you go in with a lot of people? Wed outnumber the ghosts in there and itd be you scaring the ghosts, thered be no point!

Thats true Mengyao found herself agreeing with Yushus argument- it was true, theyd just be sightseeing the ghosts if there were too many people.

In the control room behind the haunted house were Maosheng and Yuchu, all dressed up. Maosheng was now a vampire, and Yuchu a zombie- Ma pasted a piece of skin on his face, and became a faceless void!

(really wanted to make a dota reference, shouldve been faceless one)

Were ready, tell the guys at the front to let Chu Mengyao in directly! Yuchu said to Ma.

Yes Ma mumbled unclearly- he was a faceless void, after all. He pulled his phone up and called the people at the front of the line. You guys can leave now!

The two groups of people in front of Mengyao hung up and started leaving. Its so slow, lets go play something else!

I know, jeez. Lets go! Another guy said.

With that, the two groups left.

Eh? What the- Yao Yao, whats wrong with them? Theyre right up! Theyve been waiting so long, so whats with that? Yushu asked, puzzled as if she were looking at a bunch of idiots.

Who knows? But its good, its our turn next! Mengyao was puzzled as well, but it was actually good news for them.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, looked at the groups coldly, smiling. So theyd started- what were they planning to do in the haunted house?

Next An employee said as he opened the entrance to the haunted house. You three? Are you three together?

Yes, is it our turn? Mengyao asked.

Yeah. Give me the ticket and go in. The employee said as he received the tickets, throwing them into the ticket bin without even looking at it. It disgusted Lin Yi a little- couldnt he put a little more effort into his acting? Was he this excited about getting them into the place?

Mengyao, Yushu, and Lin Yi walked through the door, and it closed shut. Wails in agony and pain could be heard moments later. Haaaa..Aa..a…aa.

Mengyao shivered involuntarily- she knew it was fake, but the atmosphere they were in made her go cold regardless.

Shu, hold onto me and dont go wandering off! Its pretty scary in here! Mengyao was acting the big sister, but the quake in her voice changed the context entirely. Shed meant it as support for Yushu so that the girl would be less afraid, but now it sounded like Mengyao was the one who needed someone to hold on to!

Hehe, you scared, Yao Yao? Yushu, on the other hand, was pretty brave- the wails didnt affect her too much.

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I didnt say that! Mengyao would never admit to being afraid. This is all fake, meant to scare people with! Whats there to be afraid of? Lin Yi, you walk behind us! Dont stray far!

Ah Lin Yi smiled.There were a lot of concaves and convexes in the haunted house- everything looked real, but that was all mostly due to the lighting effects, making them stand out more. It was like watching a 3D movie, except they were physically in it.

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