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Chapter 254 – Ruin

Tongtian felt no remorse in ruining her at this point- the girl had clearly made her mind up.

Welcome, everyone. I understand that all of you present are either friends or friends of friends- none of you are outsiders, so lets skip the pleasantries! Tongtian said after clearing his throat.

Were all ready, Chairman Zhang! A reporter whod been pre-informed said as he turned the camera to the big screen in the meeting room.

Alright! Tongtian nodded. Ive gathered you here today to expose to you scum of the trading world! This person has ignored all rules and morals, a leading example of cancer in the industry! What do you say we should do to people like that?

Remove the tumor! People like that arent fit to be in the trading business! A couple of pre-informed people spoke standing up.

Chairman Zhang! Were all waiting for your exposure!! Let us see who this person is! Pigs like that arent fit to trade!! Another man said with a raised fist.

It was actually only a couple people saying the words- these were all people who have had prior contact with Zhang Tongtian. The others were really here for the drama.

Secretary Li, play this footage! Tongtian said as he handed the camera to his secretary- it was the first time the camera had left his hands!

He didnt want the footage to be leaked prematurely- he wouldnt be able to blackmail Jingyi otherwise.

He was also untrusting of the people around him, fearing that Jingyi mightve bribed them so as to remove the footage!

This was the first time hed passed the camera to anothers hands!

Everyone! Eyes on the screen! Tongtian said with a gesture as the secretary connected the camera to the screen

And the moans and huffs of a couple in bed filled the room

It wasnt uncommon for the sound to come before the footage, and during that one second everyone wondered what kind of video this was, Tongtian included. He didnt remember audio like that when he watched it?

The screen was then filled with two naked figures- the male was fat and the female voluptuous But why did that man look so familiar..?

Everyone turned their gaze to Zhang Tongtian, instantly realizing who the main character of the video was!

Jingyi gasped before lowering her head, not daring enough to look at what was on the screen- but she was still very much pleased at how things were turning out! The date on the screen was yesterdays, when shed asked Lin Yi to steal the footage for her.

And Lin Yi mentioned that hed played around with the camera during the job- this had to be what Lin Yi had recorded!

She was still pretty troubled over Lin Yis sudden dominance over her last night, but the Jingyi now was bursting with joy! What a payback this turned out to be!

Zhang Tongtian, on the other hand, was as humiliated as one could get! His face reddened after recovering from the shock. Secretary Li! What is this?! What have you put on the screen?!

Chairman Zhang, this is the camera you gave me I just connected it to the screen The secretary said innocently.

Ha Hahaha. Hahahaha Laughter could be heard resonating throughout the room- the people connected with Tongtian didnt understand what the hell was going on, but the others were brimming with excitement- this was quite the exposure!!

Shut it off! Turn it off right now!! Tongtian flared as he roared at his secretary.

The secretary felt wronged, but went and shut it down anyway.

Whats going on? What happened? Wheres the footage?! Tongtians darkened face looked very pissed off.

Chairman Zhang, is this the cancer scum you were talking about? Jingyi said with a cold smile as she stood up. You called all of us here just to see your performance? Forgive me, but I dont find pleasure in that vulgar footage. Goodbye!!

With that, Jingyi turned and walked out of the room- there was no point in staying there anymore. The other people started leaving as well, not feeling too comfortable staying there- what was this Zhang Tongtian even doing, calling everyone here to see him star in a porn video? Was the dude an exhibitionist or something? Did he want to show how manly he was?

Tongtian clenched his jaw as he looked at what his perfectly planned press conference had developed into- as pissed off as he was, there was nothing he could do about it!

He felt that something was wrong, but didnt know what Why had his footage turned into porn of his lover and him?!

It had to be Sun Jingyi! That woman, it had to be her! He didnt know how shed managed it, but his guts told him concretely that this had to be linked with Sun Jingyi!!

Why would she be that calm and composed otherwise, as if it didnt matter to her?

Sun Jingyi Zhang Tongtian gritted with a clench of his fists- he vowed that very moment that Jingyi would pay

In class five of Songshans First School, Lin Yi yawned. He actually had trouble sleeping last night After all, touching a girls boobs for the first time was a very memorable moment to remember.

He thought that hed be sharing that memory with Tang Yin, but never had he expected that itd turn out to be Chen Yushu! It was an emergency situation and an accident, but Lin Yi still felt it regardless

To tell the truth, he might very well have hit on Yushu if she werent Mengyaos soulmate But the problem here was that she was! The best friend of the Miss had to be pretty hard to get.

Boss, whats wrong? You look out of it today. Xiaobo had planned to talk to Lin Yi about Fen, but wasnt sure if he should after one look at Lin Yis face.

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Xiaobo, just say what you wanna say. Im fine. Lin Yi shook his head, trying to throw the fatigue off. He could use the Art of Dragon Mastery to remove the exhaustion from his body, but it was more than just fatigue- he was just troubled, and not in the mood.

Just what kind of relationship did he have with Chen Yushu? Lin Yi was feeling a little odd…

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