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Chapter 250 – Scheme

Jingyi was speechless- the guy still had time to play with the dv? Was he not worried at all that hed get caught?

You sure its this one? Jingyi asked, still not reassured.

Im sure. Lin Yi said lazily. Cafe, right? I checked it.

Jingyi was only at ease after that confirmation. Thanks so much, hubby! Here, let this big sis give you a kiss!

(should mention that she calls him little husband and refers to herself as big sis when talking to Lin Yi)

With that, Jingyi put on a kissing face

She froze- shed only puffed her lips up, but she hadnt moved at all- why was there something touching her lips right now? She opened her eyes and saw Lin Yis cheek against her lips.

You Jingyi couldnt believe how shameless this guy was- she wasnt going to do it for real, but the guy just leaned in all by himself!

Me? Lin Yi grinned evilly as he wiped at his cheek. Dont think Im so harmless or anything- tease me more and Ill react accordingly.

Lin Yi couldnt take what this girl kept throwing at him anymore- how long was she planning to keep their half lover relationship up? He decided that hed fulfil her desire since she wanted it so much- there wasnt really a line for their half lover status anyway, and itd probably be fine as long as they didnt sleep together. A kiss shouldnt be a problem at all.

You.. Jingyi was at a loss for words- it was true that she teased Lin Yi on the basis that he was too young to be her opponent Any other man would be dangerous, and Jingyi wouldnt even do stuff like this that children did- shed be getting herself into trouble.

According to Jingyis analysis, Lin Yi shouldve been an inexperienced boy- he was good, but he shouldnt have had much exposure to the outside world, most likely the type that trained in isolation with his masters. It was why shed confidently utilized her beauty to captivate him, so as to make him do stuff for her.

Yet she wasnt expecting Lin Yi to be able to attack as well! She was about to say something when Lin Yis next move froze her.

He was reaching his hand out, lifting her head up slightly from her delicate chin- a movement that was frivolous with a tint of humiliation It was something gangsters did to tease vulnerable civilian ladies with in those old dramas!

Lin Yi doing this was nowhere within her expectations, and she was starting to panic and even worry- shed never experienced something like this before.

What Whatre you planning to do? Jingyi was panicking harder- there was no way this could end well.

Half-lover, right? Ill come claim this compensation whenever I feel like! Lin Yi said as he pulled his hand away. Keep that in mind when you ask me to do stuff next time- Ill continue taking your form of payment, so be careful we dont turn into full lovers.

Lin Yi had to show this girl what he was about- shed start stepping on his head if he didnt keep her in line. He hadnt minded it too much before, but she was getting out of control.

He could tolerate and endure Mengyao and Yushu at home, and that was fine- it was his job.

Sun Jingyi, on the other hand, was just an acquaintance- did she think her beauty had no bounds? That it could get her anything she wanted?

Jingyi was upset- when had she ever suffered a humiliation such as this? Even the iron hands of Wu couldnt just say anything frivolous to her- that Zhang Tongtian was lusting after her, but hed never use force for something like that. Forcing her with blackmail was one thing, but forcing someone physically was another! Even Zhang Tongtian wouldnt want that sort of crime pinned on him.

Yet this Lin Yi just took her first kiss away by force! She hadnt kissed him on the lips, but she still did it on his cheek Jingyi was quite upset at that.

As upset as JIngyi was, she still understood her place and gradually accepted it in silence. After all, she had only herself to blame for playing with fire.

Jingyi seemed to be falling back into line, and Lin Yi decided to leave her alone- itd be best if she stopped calling him, too, since he was pretty busy himself. He felt that the things she needed help with wasnt worth his skillset.

Itd be okay if Jingyi really were his wife, but she wasnt! She kept pulling these tricks, too. Lin Yi decided that hed just let this one job slide, for the sake of them chancing upon each other at the bar- the next time she asked him for help itd depend on the sincerity she displayed.

Lin Yi, naturally, wouldnt have Jingyi drive him back to Mengyaos villa- he asked her to drop him off at a bus stop near the villa district, and got off. Jingyi bit her lip, giving one last look at Lin Yi before driving away.

Dad, Chu Pengzhans taking away authority from our forces recently, its very detrimental! A spectacled young man said carefully as he stood in front of a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was Jin Gubang, the brother-in-law of Zhong Fabai, the biggest shareholder in Pengzhan Industries other than Chu Pengzhan himself. This young man, on the other hand, was his son and secretary, Jin Maosheng.

I know. Zhang Yuchu got me a bunch of trash for men- things wouldve been carried out perfectly otherwise, and the company wouldve lost two hundred million! Chu Pengzhan would be the one who signed the contract himself, and hed lose his reputation with the board of directors instantly! Gubang said, pissed. Cant even kidnap a girl, what the hells the matter with these people? Did they eat shit for food, cant they even handle some bodyguard?

I know! That Lin Yi bastards really irritating- Id made it so that Chu Pengzhan would get into an accident in the parking lot; hed have been hospitalized for a while if that had taken place But that Lin Yi ruined everything! Maosheng added, pissed as well.

How dare you bring that up? How could you not have consulted me first? Something happens to Chu Pengzhan at the company and the first suspects would be the insiders! Gubang glared at his son. Do you have a brain? How could you have done something this reckless?

Dad, that electrical worker I paid is gone forever Maosheng lowered his head as he explained carefully.

Hmph, Im not saying you were wrong, but the location you picked was! Gubang hmphed coldly. Right, did that cousin of yours manage to get with Chu Mengyao yet?

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I dont think so. Maosheng said. Dad, I dont think its a certainty that uncle would have good intentions- if Zhong Pinliang were to get with Chu Mengyao, theyd be able to help us Jins control Pengzhan Industries, but Theyd have earned themselves big benefits! At the end of the day, they dont have the same surname Theyre still outsiders, and theres no guarantee that they wont betray us.

Youre making sense- Zhong Fabai isnt a man who willingly serves under others. Gubang nodded, agreeing with his sons viewpoint- Zhong Fabai was a man with dangerous ambitions, and there was no telling what problems might arise if he brought the guy in There shouldnt be any problems in the short-term, but there was no telling what hed do to flip his status from guest to master as time went on.

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Chapter 250