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Chapter 246 – Perfect Candidate

This Sun Jingyi, on the other hand, seemed a little more troublesome than even Song Lingshan Who was, at the very least, honest and straightforward. Jingyi was an absolute fox in comparison

Jingyi exploded from what Lin Yi was throwing at her- people were lining up to have her come to them for help!! Wu Chentian, for example! She didnt even think about him and went straight to Lin Yi all on her own, only to be called troublesome!!

Fine, but I dont care- Im gonna come find you if I need your help next time. Jingyi said shamelessly.

Lin Yi didnt respond to that- she could come find him all he wanted, but hed only bother if he was in the mood for it.

Jingyi dropped him off at the food street behind the school- Lin Yi made sure to wait for her to leave completely before walking back.

Zhong Pinliang was with a lawyer as he entered Heibaos specialized hospital room.

Heibao Bro! Pinliang couldnt believe what he was seeing- Heibao was completely wrapped up in bandages; he couldnt move at all!

Heibao smiled- whod have thought a golden class end phase like him would get beat up like this, with all his meridians destroyed? What a joke.

It was because of this that Heibao wasnt supervised by any officers- other than the lawyer, there wasnt anyone else there.

This sort of thing, after all, was still under Zhong Fabais range of influence- arranging an isolated meeting with Heibao like this wasnt beyond his capabilities.

Master Zhong you came A sad smile formed faintly on Heibaos lips as he looked at Pinliang. Ive underestimated him too much. Didnt think that Lin Yi would be that strong- like me, hes reached the golden class end phase

What? Hes at the golden class end phase?? Fabai was quite taken aback at the information. Heibao, is this true?

Boss, theres no reason for me to lie bout stuff like that now, right? Heibao smiled bitterly. Thats why, boss, Master Zhong Id advise you not to touch Lin Yi until you have a surefire method of dealing with him Youre not at his level

Heibaos words were ugly, but loyal truth never was- both Zhong Fabai and Zhong Pinliang understood that. Indeed, Heibaos words rang true.

Fabai wasnt too concerned with Lin Yi- he wasnt very involved with him at all, and didnt really care about taking him down Pinliang, on the other hand, froze at what Heibao had said- Lin Yi was an enemy he absolutely had to remove!!!

The humiliation hed suffered that night.. It came from Ruoming, but itd been caused by Lin Yi! That red belt mark on his ass still stung even now! He clenched his fists at the memory. Heibao Bro, you dont know this, but the humiliation Ive suffered that day wasnt too far away from yours!

Ha? Master Zhong, youre really thinking of removing Lin Yi? Heibao Bro smiled all of a sudden as he looked at Pinliang strangely.

Of course, Heibao Bro! Do you have any ideas? Pinliang assumed the smile meant Heibao had thought of something.

Yes, but. Heibao stopped talking as he looked at the people in the room.

You go out first! Fabai said with a wave of his hand to the lawyer- he was the only outsider here, and even if he was a trusted man whod always worked for him, Fabai knew that what Heibao was planning to say was best kept as secretive as possible.

Yes, boss! The lawyer understood well whenever hed work for Zhong Fabai- he never listened to stuff he shouldnt be listening to.

Heibaos face grew solemn after the lawyer left. Master Zhong- the only way to have your revenge is to improve yourself- get stronger, and go past the golden class peak end phase!! Thats the only way! Golden class peak end phase a man at that level isnt just someone you take down with numbers anymore- any regular gangster you send at him in groups would all just die.

Get stronger? Pinliang paused. Heibao Bro, are you saying that even I can get strong like that, and raise myself to the golden class peak end phase and even higher?

Thats right! Heibao nodded. But to gain something, you need to lose something in exchange After you start training in the secret arts of my sect, you wont be able to be with women anymore- itd disperse and dispel your power, and will result in life threatening consequences.

Ah? No women? Pinliang froze as he started thinking. What the fuck? I wanna kill Lin Yi because hes stopping me from getting Chu Mengyao!! What the fuck would I kill him for if I cant touch women anyway?

Thats right! Heibao said. This was why I couldnt lead a life like that in my younger years- it was why I ran from the sect without anything much other than the chant for boosting my power level temporarily to the golden class end phase I got to the peak end phase because I had basic foundations in martial arts.

If you were at the golden class peak end phase to begin with, then by using this chant youd be able to get to the mystic class mid phase!! This method should only be for special circumstances, since it only lasts for a month or two. Youd also lose five years of your life on top of that, so its something like a last resort. But its the only way youd be able to deal with Lin Yi… Otherwise youd just end up like me, losing to him even at the golden class peak end phase.

Ah..? But no women Pinliang felt that there would be no meaning at all to his life with a restriction like that!! Itd be fine if he could just train and do what Heibao said, kill Lin Yi, and disperse all that strength later But it turned out that his life would be in danger if he messed up! Wasnt that too much?

Master Zhong, thats all I have to say. I owe boss a big debt of gratitude, so Im telling you all this before I get sent to prison. As for what you decide on doing I wont be interfering in that! Heibao said. If you do decide on following through, then head to Springstar Mountain Tell them its Heibao who sent you. My older sect brother there is now the sect head… I may be a forsaker, but he wont turn you down!

Springstar Mountain? What kind of mountain is that? Pinliang wasnt too good with geography, and hed never even heard of the mountain, let alone some sect there.

Ill draw you a detailed map. Heibao said. Of course, if you have someone you can absolutely trust, you can also have him go in your stead- hed be able to take out Lin Yi for you after his training. Both you and I would have our revenge then! Im saying all this because I hope that, Master Zhong, youd be able to avenge me too!!

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Someone I can trust? Pinliang frowned, but a face came to mind- he could send him!! Zhong Pinliang remembered Zhang Naipao!!

Wasnt he a perfect candidate??

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Chapter 246