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Chapter 24 –  Not Pure Anymore

Mengyao and Yushu were planning on watching the development from the bathroom door.

The first thing they saw after peeking their heads in, to their surprise, was Lin Yis water gun spraying at Pinliang relentlessly.

Mengyaos eyes opened wide as she attempted to process the scene before her.

Didnt Zhong Pinliang say that no one was going to use the toilet? What was Lin Yi doing, then?

Mengyaos hands reached for her eyes, covering them up on reflex as she left the scene hastily. PERVERT!!!

Even Yushu cried out in shock when presented with the water gun. Her curiosity, however, prompted her to look a little longer before running after Mengyao, her eyes uncovered.

So it really does change between big and small, like the books say..! Yushu mumbled.

Whats that, Shu? Mengyao asked as she moved, not quite understanding the contents of Yushus mumbling.

Its nothing

Yushus face went red instantly- it wasnt something she wanted Mengyao hearing.

Ahh, I cant take this anymore, I really cant! Mengyao didnt so much as pause until she reached the classroom, still panting as she spoke. How could he…? How could that moron show me something so disgusting, so ugly!!! Its over. Its over, its all over! Im not pure anymore!

Yushu pouted in response. Just seeing it makes you impure? I was looking at it even after you left, doesnt that make me a slut then

Just seeing the thing wouldnt kill anyone If anyone should be complaining it should be Lin Yi! His privates werent private anymore! Yao Yao, thats the boys washroom you know Were the ones who went there to peek!


The thought silenced Mengyao, for it seemed utterly logical. There didnt seem to be any problem with a guy peeing in the mens bathroom, was there.?

Her peeking on said guy, however, was a different story. Wouldnt that make Mengyao the perpetrator, then? A sudden thought came to her as she tried to find a way out. Ah-! Thats right, you forced me in there! You were pulling me!

Whaaat? Didnt we decide to go after what that Zhong Pinliang told us? That no one goes to the bathroom at this time?

Mengyao was not pleased. Yushu, as usual, believed herself faultless. She even pushed the blame onto Zhong Pinliang!

There wasnt much she could do at this point- what had been seen could not be unseen. Mengyao sighed, troubled at how unlucky she was.

It was the most traumatizing thing her fragile heart had ever experienced!

Drinking Lin Yis juice yesterday was also due to her own horrible luck, and there was no one to blame for that.

Mengyao only wished one thing regarding Lin Yi himself, and it was a wish shed pay any price for. She wanted Lin Yi out of her home, and out of her life!

She was living a peaceful life before that bastard butted in all of a sudden!

It took no more than two days for her to lose her innocence, her purity! She lost her first kiss, and she saw something that should never be seen by a young girl like her! To what lengths would she continue to lose her innocence, should Lin Yi remain?

It had been decided. Mengyao would talk things over with her father face to face the instant he got back. Shed have him compensate Lin Yi for the contract, if thats what it took. It was out of the question to risk having Lin Yi by her side any longer, the danger was too much!

Zhong Pinliangs scream didnt affect Lin Yi at all. If anything, he felt more refreshed! The two other screams from Mengyao and Yushu, however, shook Lin Yi indefinitely.

…What the actual fuck were those ladies doing in the mens washroom..?!

Lin Yi rubbed his forehead as he contemplated. Screaming after peeking? Dont peek in the first place, then! Whatd you expect a guy to do in the mens bathroom?!

Very unprofessional peeking showcased here today. It wasnt peeking when you screamed and alerted the victim to your presence, now was it?

Lin Yi pulled his pants up, and made his way out the door.

Stop! Where do you think youre going?

Zhang Naipao and Gao Xiaofu stood in Lin Yis path, blocking off the exit.

You sure you wanna leave your boss lying on the ground like this? Everyone else is getting back from the exercise break soon. Last thing I imagine hed want is to have them see him like this He wont recover from the shame, or from the loss of rep. Lin Yi said as he eyed the guy moaning in a puddle of pee.

Zhong Pinliangs ass was injured enough as it was- falling on his butt again only destroyed him. The pain made it impossible for him to get up himself, and it was all he could do to writhe in agony in the puddle.

Uh Xiaofu wasnt sure what to do- what Lin Yi said made complete sense. Without a doubt, reputation was above all in this school. Zhong Pinliang would never be able to raise his head around here ever again if someone saw him crawl out the bathroom drenched in pee.

Hmph, were not done with you yet. Just you wait. Naipao understood that it wasnt the time to be dealing with Lin Yi. Another chance would come.


Lin Yi strolled out the bathroom without a care.

The fuck are you two still standing there for?! Help me up!

Pinliang didnt think too much of it at first, but Lin Yis words kickstarted his anxiety. He couldnt afford to have anyone see him this way.

But Liang Bro Your clothes

Naipao didnt want to be anywhere close to Pinliang. He was a guy covered in pee!

Hed get it all over his hands if he helped him up now!

Xiaofu was evidently thinking the same, his hand hovering in the air as he hesitated.

Hoh Think Im too dirty for you, huh?

Pissed off, Zhong Pinliang reached out and grabbed the two by their clothes.

Having been tainted by the pee anyway, the two moved to lift Pinliang up as they smiled bitter smiles.

Going back to class like this, however, was not an option. Theyd have to find themselves someplace to shower and have their clothes changed before returning.

Without delaying any longer, the three left the school via the back door.

Having the tables turned on him like this pissed Zhong Pinliang off heavily. He swore to give Lin Yi a trauma hed never forget.

Not just for him, but also for Mengyaos sake, whom Lin Yi had flashed in front of.

It was something he could never forgive- it was like having your girl violated by someone else!

Mengyao wasnt technically his girl yet, but Zhong Pinliang had no doubt that the day drew near.

With his merciless strength and family background, Mengyao was as good as his.

The thought eased Pinliangs heart a little as his followers helped him out of the school.

LIn Yi, on the other hand, was thinking of the term exercise break*. He couldnt believe his ears the first time hed heard it, back on the mountain. Seriously, students doing that between classes? Big cities were very different indeed!

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(*The original Chinese term had two meanings- exercise and sex.)

He only learned afterward that it was a misunderstanding- exercise break was simply that- an exercise break.

It was clear that Lin Yi lacked any innocence one would expect from a villager. He was, on the contrary, a larger pervert than your common teen.

Mengyao only gave a hmph! as Lin Yi returned to the classroom. She lowered her head, unsatisfied that Lin Yi had come back unscathed. She was hoping for Zhong Pinliang and the others to teach him a lesson, too!

Lin Yi coming back unscathed could only mean one thing, after all. It was Zhong Pinliangs loss.

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Chapter 24