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Chapter 239 – Girl Under The Tree Shade

Zhong Fabai had called to see if his son himself actually wanted to meet Heibao.

Heibao Bros looking for me? Pinliang paused before answering with no hesitation. Ill see him!

Not only was Lin Yi still breathing hed sent Heibao Bro back into prison again!! This only intensified his hatred towards Lin Yi, and he wanted to find out exactly how good Lin Yi was to be able to fuck someone as strong as Heibao Bro up again.

Alright then, Ill come get you during lunch break. Dont tell anyone else about this. Fabai said, relieved. Hed been worried that his son wouldnt think of the consequences, rejecting Heibaos request- itd displease Heibao, after all. Although, he was a bit surprised at Pinliangs enthusiasm.

Got it, dad! Pinliang hung the phone up before putting a hand to his wound. He grit his teeth as he remembered what had happened yesterday.

He was unconscious when a belt whip came at him all of a sudden! Hed never went through a beating like that before in his whole life, and he was in a fit of rage and shock when Ruoming explained the situation to him. He had Lin Yi to thank!!

Ruoming mistaking him for Tang Yin troubled him, but he couldnt help but be a bit relieved that the guy had just beaten him instead of going on him and calling him Tang Yin… That wouldve been absolutely disgusting.

His hatred for Lin Yi couldnt be contained any longer!

Lin Yi got up from his seat when fourth period ended, preparing to go to the meeting point when Xiaobo stopped him. Boss, you going to the toilet?

Im not Lin Yi said, speechless.

Then can you go to the toilet with me..? Xiaobo asked.

I have a date You go yourself. Lin Yi said with a pat on Xiaobos shoulder- why was this guy latching onto him today? Couldnt he just go to the washroom alone?

Ah Okay then. Xiaobo said, a little embarrassed. During break then- theres something I need to talk to you about.

Sure, break then. With that, Lin Yi ran out the classroom. Xiaobo had taken up a bit of his time, and he wondered if Tang Yin was waiting for him already.

The sun shone on the field, and there werent many people around other than a couple of students playing basketball.

Ruoming was going for a slam dunk when he spotted Lin Yi walking out the building- he slipped and landed his ass on the floor, the basketball rolling away from him.

He had a trauma towards Lin Yi at this point- the guy wasnt human! He didnt have evidence to prove that what happened yesterday was Lin Yis doing, but there wasnt any need for evidence in the first place! Pinliangs Heibao Bro disappeared out of nowhere, and Pinlaing had replaced Tang Yin, unconscious on the floor Who else could it be, if not Lin Yi? Superman? Ultraman?

Ruoming wasnt expecting Lin Yi to be this insanely strong- seeing Lin Yi reminded him of what hed planned to do to Tang Yin yesterday, and he slipped as a result, assuming that the guy was coming for him.

Lin Yi only looked coldly at Zou Ruoming- to him, the guy was no different from an ant. Removing him from this world would only take minutes, but it wasnt something he should be doing yet.

He wasnt too familiar with Songshan yet, and hed rather not get involved into too much stuff and cause too much trouble. There was also his newfound love for school life He was sick enough as it was at his days of fighting and bloodshed!

After all, Lin Yi was an eighteen year old youth- being immersed in an environment made for eighteen year olds, he couldnt help but gradually lose that seasoned, old, veteran part of him

He moved over to the small forest near the field- a fine beauty stood there under the shade of the trees, her hair and skirt flowing in the wind She looked like she was a female lead in a manga or something.

Seeing Lin Yi coming put a slight curve in her lips She lowered her head shyly.

Hey, Tang Yin. Sorry Im late, Kang Xiaobo kept bugging me.

I just got here too Tang Yin said. She took in a big breath before handing the shirt over to Lin Yi. Here, your shirt I washed it yesterday

Ah Lin Yi hadnt expected Tang Yin to call her over to give him his shirt back. Whyd you wash it, it wasnt even dirty after you wore it- there was your smell on it

Stop that Tang Yin raised her fist shyly, as if to hit Lin Yi. Youre always like this Well, Im going then

Lets walk together- I need to get going too. Lin Yi said, pointing at the school building- it was only natural for them to walk back together.

Tang Yin hesitated, but didnt say anything in response before she started walking with Lin Yi by her side. There werent a lot of people on the field, but theyve all heard the rumors of Lin Yin… They had their doubts, but one look at them walking together solidified the relationship as a fact.

Yet they made sure to stay silent, all aware of the kind of existence Lin Yi was He was a man who beat Zou Ruoming and Zhong Pinliang up, still walking strong as one of the four tyrants of the school No one dared point fingers in front of a presence that monstrous.

They were walking past the basketball court when Lin Yi saw Wang Zhifeng scolding Ruoming and his lackeys, who looked like dogs as the dean lectured them. Youre all here to prepare for college- why even bother if all youre gonna do is smoke and play basketball all day? Get out of the school if you dont wanna study- theres plenty of people waiting to get in!

Thirteenth grade was under direct control of Wang Zhifeng, and he had the authority to kick out any student he desired! These students werent even from their school in the first place, and Zhifeng didnt even need to report it to the heads of the school or even the Ministry of Education.

Lin Yi stopped in his tracks, but Tang Yin wanted to get as far away from Zou Ruoming, as soon as possible When Lin Yi grabbed her hand out of nowhere.

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Ah!! Tang Yins cry attracted both Zhifeng and Ruomings attention.

Tang Yin and Lin Yi were holding hands at the field, and yet he couldnt do anything about it even when he was just lecturing other students he was the dean!!

He only nodded at Lin Yi with a smile, hoping hed pull Tang Yin away from here as soon as possible and go do whatever they wanted with each other, as long as he wasnt there to see it.

Yet Lin Yi started doing the exact opposite- he was pulling Tang Yin in their direction!

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Chapter 239