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Chapter 236 – I’m Looking For Grand Thief Lin

Lin Yi parked the van next to Yushus Beetle. The Beetle was more appropriate for driving Mengyao or Yushu, but the van was quite useful as well.

Lin Yi had wanted to get changed as soon as possible after stepping past the door, but both Mengyao and Yushu were right there in the living room watching TV, surprised upon seeing Lin Yi.

Lin Yi, whatre you doing? Are you trying to look gangster..? Mengyao asked, wondering what was up with Lin Yis shirt. Werent you having dinner with Zhong Pinliang, what happened to you?

Lets not talk about it- Im gonna go change first. Lin Yi said as he made his way to his room with quick steps. That guy tried to ambush me- he sent someone to teach me a lesson

Lin Yi didnt want to explain the incident with Tang Yin too much, but what he said was the truth. He could just pin the tattered shirt on that explanation.

Yushu, on the other hand, squinted her eyes suspiciously as Lin Yi walked into his room. Mengyao just turned back to the TV.

Lin Yi had wanted to throw Tang Yins uniform away when he stopped himself, deciding to put it in his wardrobe after some hesitation- It was still Tang Yins shirt, after all. He wasnt a boy with unique pervert fetishes or anything, and it wasnt like he wanted to collect worn pretty girls clothes, but he did feel like there was some value to the shirt if he and Tang Yin really did start picking things up because of what had happened today.

He took a shower before putting on a fresh set of clothes and walking out the room.

Shield Bro, quick, tell me- what have you been up to today! Yushu was as curious as ever.

Nothing much. Zhong Pinliangs always hated me, but never had the chance to do anything, so when he came into contact with Heibao after he escaped they plotted to beat me up. Lin Yi said simply.

Heibao? Mengyao blinked. Lin Yi, did you say Zhong Pinliang got Heibao to beat you up?

Yeah, why? Mengyao was being a bit odd.

I heard from my dad that Heibao got powerful all of a sudden, even hospitalizing a special ops officer.. Mengyao said. You You okay?

Yet instant regret came after finishing her question- Lin Yi was obviously fine, and there was no reason for her to ask that.

Ah.. Im fine. Heibao lost that power up when he met me, got weak again. Lin Yi smiled. I sent him back to the police already.

Ah? Mengyao blinked in disbelief- didnt that seem too convenient? It was like an online game or something.

Yushu, on the other hand, wasnt about to let Lin Yi go just yet. Shield Bro, tell me how you tortured Heibao this time.

Tortured? Lin Yi looked at Yushu- the girl was clearly excited. Did she have that kind of fetish..?

Lin Yi, naturally, couldnt tell her the actual details, but everyone knew how to bullshit. He started describing a fight scene to entertain Yushu.

Alright Shu, we should probably get to bed. Stop listening to violent stuff like that all the time! Its bad for your growing soul! Mengyao wasnt very interested in the stuff Lin Yi was talking about at all- where was Yushus interest coming from, anyway? Heibao had absolutely nothing to do with her.

But Yao Yao, I want to! Its like having a storybook read to you. Yushu said.

Well, Im gonna go up- you can stay here if you wanna listen so much! Mengyao said. Youre not gonna be pretty if you lose sleep.

With that, Mengyao started walking up the stairs.

Yushu stuck her tongue out at her before turning back to Lin Yi. Tell me the story some other time then, Shield Bro!

Come on, I wont have the time! Lin Yi said, shaking his head, not quite willing to be telling Yushu any stories.

That shirt you were wearing Its not yours, is it heh. heh heh. With that, Yushu turned away and ran up after Mengyao. Wait for me, Yao Yao!

Lin Yi froze, a bitter smile forming on his lips as Yushu went upstairs. Hed thought that the whole tissues thing had blown over already- there was also that time where she got caught using the tissues threat in school, and she shouldnt be using that codeword anymore

But out of nowhere came the uniform shirt! This girl sure was observant

Lin Yi shook his head as he walked back to his room.

A piercing cry of agony pierced the night sky somewhere in the northern district

Lin Yi had thrown Pinliang up there to have Ruoming think he was Tang Yin, maybe give him a kiss or two, thinking itd be pretty funny

But things hadnt quite turned out like what Lin Yi had envisioned, and it wasnt looking very good for Zhong Pinliang.

The pills hadnt taken effect for Ruoming, and he kept panicking, resulting in two more pills popped into his mouth

Yet still nothing happened! In a fit of rage, Ruoming pinned the blame on Tang Yin!

From what he could see, Tang Yin was Lin Yis girl, and that gave him a feeling of using a second-hand product That was why he couldnt get it up! He pulled his belt out, thinking of teaching this Tang Yin a lesson He whipped it at her when Tang Yins scream sounded like Zhong Pinliangs

Lin Yi woke up to the sound of his phone ringing. He thought it was Xiaobo before seeing the unknown number.


…… It was a minute of silence before someone spoke. Are you the Grand Thief?

Wh-Wha-?! Lin Yis eyes widened. Grand Thief? Youve got the wrong number!

With that, he hung the phone up.

Sun Jingyi blinked at her phone curiously. It shouldnt be the wrong number..?

Was his identity supposed to be a secret, perhaps? Did he decline her call because it was a secret identity?

It seemed to be the only explanation. Yet Jingyi really didnt have anyone better to help her- she dialed Lin Yis number up once more.

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Lin Yi saw the same number, and wasnt planning on answering when the ringing got to him. With a groan, he picked the phone up. Hello? Didnt I say youve got the wrong number? Give it a rest!

This had to be his voice! Jingyi was sure shed gotten the right guy- this was Lin Yi! Is this Grand Thief Lin? Im looking for Grand Thief Lin

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