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Chapter 231 – What To Do

Tang Yins clothes were still intact, and she was the only one in the room. Lin Yi didnt know where Ruoming was, or why he hadnt done anything yet, but that didnt really concern him. He jumped into the room.

He lifted Tang Yin off the ground and checked her breathing, finding it to be a bit ragged Lin Yi frowned. Could it be..?

He was about to check on her condition more thoroughly when he heard a voice from the corridor. Fuck, two pills and still nothing? Do I have to take one more? Wonder if its working for Tang Yin Itll be pretty bad if I cant keep up with her later

As expected, this dude had fed Tang Yin something

With Tang Yin in his arms, Lin Yi leapt out the window and back onto the ground. He looked at Pinliang, an evil smile forming on his lips.

He put Tang Yin in Heibaos van before pulling Pinliang by the shirt, jumping back into the room and throwing him onto the ground, setting him into the posture and position Tang Yin had been in earlier

With that done, Lin Yi leapt out the window again, landing beside Heibao.

He thought about it for a bit before throwing Heibao in the back. Worried, he pressed on a few of Heibaos acupuncture points just in case- the guy shouldnt be waking up for another two or three hours.

Lin Yi then got in the vans driver seat and drove to somewhere quiet to check on Tang Yin.

If his guess was right, the girl should be under some sort of strong aphrodisiac.

The van hadnt gotten far when Tang Yin started moving about. Hot Its so hot

Was Tang Yin awake? Lin Yi glanced at the girl next to him in the co-driver seat, half-awake as she fidgeted and wriggled, as if in pain

Tang Yin? Lin Yi tested.

Yeah..? …Hot So hot Tang Yin mumbled subconsciously as her body continued fidgeting on its own accord. Its so hot Ahh

Lin Yi sighed, and decided to park the van in an alley- Tang YIn had regained some consciousness already.

As good as Lin Yi was, there wasnt much he could do right now Hed never done any research on how to deal with drugs like this, since his warmates had all been boys- there was no possibility of them getting drugged the way Tang Yin was.

It was evidently too late to check for details now. Lin Yi scratched his head as he looked at Tang Yins flushed cheeks. He swallowed. Come on, dont tempt me

Hottt. The pills seemed to be taking effect, and Tang Yin started pulling at her clothes

Lin Yi jumped back, startled. Hey, whatre you trying to do?

Its so hot Help me Tang Yin said, not hearing Lin Yis question and even telling him to help her. Her hands werent doing too well with the buttons, and Tang Yin went and pulled at them, ripping her school uniform open and exposing the camisole she was wearing

Lin Yi was quite surprised at how strong Tang Yin was, but there were more pressing matters at hand that he had just suppressed

Lin Yi was no proper gentleman or anything, but taking advantage of Tang Yin like this wasnt in his best interests, and not something he wanted to be doing Knowing Tang Yin, she probably wouldnt blame him afterwards, but shed most likely ignore him for the rest of their lives.

Lin Yi was trying to figure things out when Tang Yin sat up and pounced on Lin Yi.

Calm down, Tang Yin!!! Lin Yi decided at that moment that the hospital was the place to go- hed been concerned that it wouldnt look good for a girl to go to the hospital for this kind of thing, but there wasnt much of a choice left.

Hug me Its so hot, please Tang Yin looked into Lin Yis eyes dazedly as she started pulling at Lin Yis clothes.

Fuck! Lin Yi cursed as she pushed Tang Yin aside- things werent going to end well at this rate. Hey, Elder Jiao! You there?!

Im always by your side, no matter how far Elder Jiao said.

…… Lin Yi was speechless. You singing Legends?

Legends? Whats that?

Nevermind Lin Yi didnt have time for this. Elder Jiao, shes been drugged- do you have ideas?

Ideas Lets see Elder Jiao started thinking. A long time ago my grand sifu dealt with a similar problem Now what did he do (Ill just use grand sifu to replace mentors mentor cant seem to find a proper translation)

Lin Yi was in trouble, but the guyd said he had an idea, and he didnt want to rush him. Meanwhile, Tang Yin was kissing, hugging, and also pulling his shirt open

Oh, I remember… Wait, it wont work, youre in a different discipline. Elder Jiao said suddenly.

……No other way? Lin Yi didnt know what to say.

There is another way, use the art youre training in. Press on some of her acupuncture points and speak the words- your energy will flow into her to disperse the effects. Elder Jiao said. I think I told you this before, that energy inside you solves almost everything. You just forgot

How was I supposed to know that even this is included? Lin Yi said with a bitter smile. Elder Jiao, hurry and tell me what to do, I cant take this anymore- Im losing control.

Elder Jiao gave Lin Yi the acupuncture points, and he started sending his energy into Tang Yins body, which started steaming a while later.

Half an hour later Tang Yin had returned to normal as she laid in her seat, unconscious.

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Fuu Lin Yi exhaled. Didnt think itd take this much energy to remove the poison.

Lin Yi hadnt expected to use up half his energy just to dispel the effects- he started to feel fatigued.

Your levels too low. Elder Jiao said coldly. It doesnt take anything for my grand sifu to do it.

Lin Yi rolled his eyes at the comment, not paying him any heed. Elder Jiao himself was already an otherworldly master- what was he doing, pulling his grand sifu out to compare him with all the time? What was wrong with him?

He looked at Tang Yin- shed ripped her camisole a bit, and her bra was coming out WIth a gulp, Lin Yi picked her tattered uniform up and covered her up.

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