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Chapter 23 – Washroom Rain

Sure, wanted to pee anyway.

Zhong Pinliangs words were just what Lin Yi wanted to hear. He considered involving Wang Zhifeng to help him out, but he wasnt sure if even the dean would be able to handle the guy. He only felt relieved now that he was asked to follow them somewhere secluded.

The trio stared at each other, unsure of what to say.

People usually begged for mercy whenever they were called out to the bathroom Whats with this guy saying he wanted to pee anyway?!

Lets go then.

Pinliang was pissed at how Lin Yi treated the whole thing- his nonchalance took the fun out of the bullying.

Yao Yao, look! Lin Yis pretty badass isnt he? Yushu was swinging her small fist around excitedly as she watched. The shows getting good!

Mengyao only pouted. He probably has brain damage. Hows he so calm with three guys surrounding him?

Lin Yi walked out the classroom with Pinliangs group, stopping when they noticed the girls.

Yushu being involved didnt surprise Lin Yi- she wasnt someone to miss out on something like this. Zhong Pinliang, on the other hand, put on his best smile. Yao Yao, whatcha doing here?

Does it matter why Im here? I can be wherever I want, thank you very much. Mengyao rolled her eyes at Pinliang. What are you doing?

Ah, me? This farmer boy here doesnt know the rules around here Im about to educate him!

Zhong Pinliang wasnt aware of Lin Yis relationship with Mengyao, thinking that theyre complete strangers.

He believed that women love a display of strength. Strength made women feel secure and safe, after all.

Never would Pinliang have imagined that his actions were doing the opposite. Mengyao was simply disgusted by his personality.

Oh, hope you educate him well, then!

Mengyao glared at Lin Yi a little as she spoke. Steal my first kiss, will you? This is what you get!

Sure thing!

Pinliang smiled, assuming that Mengyao was praising him. So the girl liked to see him bully people?

If hed known that Mengyao was into delinquents, hed have won her over ages ago!

Go Lin Yi! Show them what youve got! Yushu cheered, no concern at all for Zhong Pinliang or his group.

Pinliangs eyes narrowed. How come these two besties are on different sides..?

So Chen Yushu liked the farmer boy type?

He wasnt pleased at all, but Pinliang moved on. This girl wasnt someone he could deal with- her brother would destroy him if he crossed Yushu.

Mengyao frowned. Shu, why would you cheer for him?

Yushu put her hands on her hips. Well, youre cheering for Zhong Pinliang, so naturally I have to cheer for Lin Yi! It balances out.

Lin Yi didnt pay much attention to the girls, choosing to continue on to the bathroom.

Hey, can you guys do your thing here without going to the bathroom? Yushu didnt want the show to take place somewhere she couldnt see.

Zhong Pinliang pointed in the bathrooms direction. Lin Yi had walked in already.

He had planned to deal with Lin Yi in the hallway, even if it meant risking the possibility of a teacher turning up. Itd be fine as long as he won Mengyaos heart.

In actuality, however, Pinliang wasnt completely fearless of the teachers. He was a student, at the end of a day, not some street gangster.

Hed have his share of shit if the teachers decided to tell on him to his father.

Most of the teaching staff would leave rich kids like him be most of the time, as long as they didnt cross the line. Kids like him werent going to study anyway- not with families that rich. There wasnt any point in bothering.

Why dont you two come in with us? Pinliang suggested after a moments hesitation.

Hey, thats the boys toilet dude! Yushu pointed at the men sign on the wall. Wed be violating school rules, Pingy!

Pinliang was not pleased with what Yushu decided to call him, but he smiled in response regardless. Its fine, isnt it? Everyones off to the field for the exercise break, no one will see you. Were going, see ya!

Zhong Pinliang was worried that Lin Yi would barricade himself in a stall. Wasting no more time with the girls, he marched in with Nai Pao and Xiao Fu behind him.

Yao Yao, maybe we should go in too? Lin Yi beating Zhong Pinliang up was not something Yushu wanted to miss.

Is that really okay..? Mengyao was hesitating hard- shed never been in the mens bathroom before.

Come onnn, its fine! Zhong Pinliang said no ones gonna come here anyway!

Without saying anything else, Yushu grabbed Mengyaos hand and ran into the bathroom with her.


Mengyao sighed as Yushu pulled her in. She had a feeling that something would go very wrong

Meanwhile, Lin Yi was relieving himself.

He did have a big bowl of noodles for breakfast, after all, and the soup was thick. He was too focused in looking around class to consider using the toilet.

It was quite the fancy bathroom, equipped with individual urinals and everything, not like the pissing trench back in the village. There werent even any bathrooms in the village Lin Yi lived in before that!

Lin Yi was enjoying his piss when footsteps sounded behind him. The reflections of Pinliang, Nai Pao, and Xiao Fu revealed their positions in the shiny floor tiles.

What the fuck This guys actually peeing..? Gao Xiao Fus eyes widened with utter disbelief. What the hell, this farmer guy didnt give two shits at all!

Ill take care of this. Zhong Pinliang said with a smile as he charged at Lin Yi, his mind set on paying him back for his kick yesterday.

A peeing human was vulnerable, and very sensitive to outward disturbances. A kick to his ass mid-pee would result in more than just a sore butt- Lin Yis health and well-being was at stake here!

Zhong Pinliang was cruel. Very cruel.

This kick might even send Lin Yi tumbling into the urinal. Couple that with the shock factor, and itd be quite a payback.

Zhong Pinliangs smile couldnt grow any wider as his leg swept through the air.

Lin Yi simply stared at Pinliangs reflection in the floor tiles, amused.

With an abrupt turn, Lin Yi sent a stream of urine smacking into Pinliang.


Pinliangs plans were shattered by Lin Yi in an instant. He tried to back off at the last moment, but

It wasnt something Pinliang could dodge, as Lin Yi made sure to shoot at him with water gun speed.

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Zhong Pinliang could only cry out in surprise as Lin Yi wetted his face.

It went without saying that one would need to have the mouth open in order to cry out in surprise

Two other shrieks could be heard as Pinliang screamed.

It belonged to Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu…

One step on Lin Yis puddle of urine, and Zhong Pinliang slipped. He landed on the floor with a wet smack.

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