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Chapter 228 – Hit Me!

Zou Ruoming knows about my beef with you, so he came to me to discuss getting back at you! Pinliang said with a couple of nods. Man, boss, what Im about to say next Youre not gonna get mad and take it out on me, right?

Pinliang made sure to look afraid and worried.

Just get to the point. I wont do anything to you if youre uninvolved. Lin Yi said with a frown.

Alright So I said this to him without thinking about it, I said: look, Tang Yins with that Lin Yi already, so theres no hope left for you- you shouldve forced yourself on her when you had the chance! Pinliang paused and made sure Lin Yi was taking this well before continuing. What I didnt expect, though, is for what I said to light a spark in that guy- he said that it wasnt too late for that, and he said hes gonna force himself on Tang Yin to see if shell follow him then! I was being wary of the guys wrath, hes Zou Ruoming after all So I kept nodding and saying yes, but I kept thinking about it when I went back home- I had to do something about this! I was sure youd come at me if you found out later, so-

When is he planning this? Lin Yi interrupted as he hoisted Pinliang up by the neck- hed been right to think that something was up, but he hadnt expected Pinliang to have encouraged Ruoming to do something like that!!

Lin Yi wouldnt think that things were simple as Pinliang had made it sound like- the guy had to have thought of the whole thing.

Suddenly the food and his time-wasting made sense

Shit! Lin Yi tensed as a bad feeling surged within him- if things really were as Pinliang had explained them to be, then tonight might very well be that night!

He He Pinliang wasnt expecting Lin Yi to just hoist him up by the neck like that.

Its tonight, isnt it? Lin Yi said as he tightened his grip.

Pinliang started coughing as his face reddened. B-Boss L..Let go first

Where are they? Lin Yi smiled coldly as he applied more pressure- he mightve snapped this damned neck already if it werent for the information he needed. Zhong Pinliang, drop the act- you think Id fall for acting that shitty?

Fuck!! Pinliang said with a gasp of breath. Fucking Lin Yi, you knew!!!

Pinliang didnt see the point in acting anymore, but he did regret wasting his efforts playing follower the whole day.

Where is Tang Yin? Lin Yi said as he loosened his grip a bit, aware that Pinliang might either die or pass out if he continued choking him like that.

Haha, maybe Zou Ruomings been so rough he killed her off! Pinliang said with a cold smile- there was no need to keep the act up anymore. Hah? What, you wanna beat me up? You better think about this, you hit me and youll never see Tang Yin again! Heh heh, Hahaha! Come on, hit me! Hit me!

Pinliang was looking pretty pleased with himself, certain that Lin Yi wouldnt do anything drastic when a fist connected with his nose.

Grrk!!! Pinliang held his nose in his hands as blood spurted out. Y-You- You hit me!! You want me to tell you where Tang Yin is or not?

Grhhk!! Pinliang stared at Lin Yi in complete disbelief. You. You dont wanna know where Tang Yin is anymore..?


Pinliang wouldve long been dead if Lin Yi had willed it- he only wanted to teach the guy a lesson. Youll talk, I know you will. You wouldnt have led me all the way here otherwise.

Lets see, Im guessing you and Zou Ruoming teamed up to get back at me, right? So you got someone to ambush me, a place you and Zou Ruoming picked out- then you tried to look like you were making peace by snitching just to lure me over so that you can get me, right?

And this person ambushing me Heibao, right? Its too much of a coincidence, he just got out yesterday and youre after me the next day! Its gotta be that idiot- hes pissed off cause I sent him to prison, right?

Hmph, so what if youre right? Pinliang said with a hmph. You keep on bullshitting, well see how youll like it when Zou Ruoming finishes with Tang Yin! Hahaha! Hit me, come on! Hit me all you want, youre just wasting your own tim-

Ghrrk!! Pinliang stared at Lin Yi. Are Are you out of your mind? You still have time to be hitting me?

You keep on looking at your phone- youre waiting for a signal from Heibao, whos supposed to contact you after prepping things up over there. Lin Yis lips twitched as he looked at Pinliang pitifully. But you didnt get that text, meaning Heibao isnt ready yet. So stop with your shit.

………. Pinliang took a deep breath as he made a fist- he felt like such shit! Getting played around with by Lin Yi, whod guessed everything right! It was driving Pinliang insane!!

He couldnt wait for Lin Yi to drop dead, he wanted him to die right now!! He loosened his fist as he calmed himself down- he had to think of the big picture here: All he had to do was get Lin Yi to where Heibao was, and hed take care of him- hed have his revenge then!!

With that, Pinliang swallowed his pride. Fine, you guessed it! Ill cut the crap then, follow me! Heibaos waiting for you at an abandoned building at Red Flower Street!

You wouldnt have to get beat up if you told me that sooner, right? Lin Yi said with a flick at Pinliangs head. Dont do dumb shit like this next time.

Fuu Pinliang gritted his teeth as he steeled his resolve- hell let this guy please himself for a bit more- tragedy was coming for him. The guy still thought Heibao Bro was the same old Heibao Bro!!

Hahahahaha!! A wave of pleasure hit Pinliang as he imagined the stunned look Lin Yis face would soon have after the powered up Heibao Bro put him in the ground. He tried his best to ignore the pain in his face as he fantasized about what was to come.

The employees at the corridor all stared at the bloody Zhong Pinliang, wondering what was up with the young master today. None of them came up to ask, except for the manager.

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Master Zhong Is something the matter The manager asked.

None of your business! Pinliang said with a dismissive wave of his hand, telling the guy not to butt in.



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