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Chapter 227 – Waiting For News

What Zhong Pinliang had planned for tonight had been approved by Zhong Fabai, whod sent a trusted man in an Audi waiting for Pinliang at the school gate.

Boss!! Pinliang said as he opened the door for Lin Yi.

The driver blinked at Pinliangs behavior- what was Master Zhong doing, playing follower and opening the door for someone else? Hed been told by Fabai not to ask questions he shouldnt be asking, however, and the driver pretended that he hadnt seen anything.

Pinliang only got in the co-driver seat after Lin Yi had seated himself at the back.

Where are we going, Master Zhong? The driver asked after Pinliang shut the door.

Liangbai Hotel. Pinliang said.

The driver nodded before speeding to their destination.

Lin Yi acted as if he were looking at the view, but was actually observing the driver and Pinliang The two didnt seem to be doing anything.

Liangbai Hotel wasnt a good name, but other than Pengzhan International Hotel, the place was one of the best in Songshan!

It was a skyscraper with more than twenty floors, with a grand parking lot and garden Lin Yi could tell just from the scale of the hotel that Pinliang came from a very wealthy family.

Boss!! Pinliang said, opening the door loyally before the guard there even made it to the door.

The guard was completely taken aback- he knew who Zhong Pinliang was, after all. Why had the young master become a follower all of a sudden?

Chen Bro, give me the car keys- Ill drive home myself later! PInliang said to the driver.

He handed the keys to Pinliang without hesitation, and left the scene.

Lin Yi smiled faintly- it seemed that whatever Pinliang was planning, it wasnt something he wanted people knowing about- Even the driver wasnt trusted enough. With that in mind, Lin Yi went on higher alert.

Even with an employee leading the way, Pinliang maintained the follower act, his arm outstretched as he walked slowly beside Lin Yi.

Lin Yi decided to ignore him- the guy was putting on an act anyway. He wondered what sort of trick the guy had up his ass.

They reached a private room, and the employee pushed open the door. Master Zhong.

Fucking- Are you serious? This here is Mister Lin Yi! Even I call him boss, are you blind? Pinliang said with a glare- this employee wasnt very observant.

Yes, I apologize! The employee said quickly. Mister Lin Yi!!

Lin Yi only nodded before walking in, followed by Pinliang who closed the door behind him, that stupid smile still on his face.

Lin Yi seated himself at the table before looking at Pinliang. Alright, speak. What is it?

Boss, the foods coming right away! Lets talk as we eat! Pinliang said, still waiting for Heibaos message. He had to hold on to Lin Yi before news came from Heibaos side.

Do what you want. Lin Yi hmphed coldly, noticing a slight panic in Pinliangs face- the guy was still acting.

It wasnt long before the door opened, and the waiter pushed in a cart with clearly expensive and exquisite dishes on it. He laid it all out on the table as Lin Yi thought Pinliang to be quite loose with his money.

But Lin Yi didnt have high standards in the food he ate- anything went as long as it satisfied his hunger.

Pinliang was a bit disappointed at Lin Yis disinterest in the food- As far as he was concerned, it was an extremely rare chance for poor students like Lin Yi to have food like this.

Boss, is the food not to your tastes? Pinliang even wondered if Lin Yi didnt like seafood.

Its fine. Ill manage. Lin Yi said faintly.

…… Pinliang couldnt believe this shit- did the guy say hell manage? This was a couple ten grand on the table! Ill manage??? He suddenly remembered that this was Lin Yis last meal, and decided it was fine. Haha, just tell me if you want anything, boss! Would you like some red wine? Seafood goes really well with red wine!

No need. Just get me two big bowls of rice. Lin Yi said with a wave of his hand.

Wha-?! Pinliang froze- was this guy really going to waste all this exquisite seafood by mixing it in with white rice? Was he fucking serious?

Yet Pinliang ordered the two bowls of rice for Lin Yi all the same.

Lin Yi didnt hold himself back after the rice came, sweeping the delicacies into his mouth along with his white rice.

Its okay. I like braised meat better. Lin Yi said with a burp as he patted at his belly.

……… Pinliang had to hold himself back from rolling his eyes- he shouldve just treated the guy to some braised pork or something! What did he waste all of this money for, the guy didnt even appreciate him for it.

Alright, lets get to the important stuff. Im pretty stuffed- its time to beat someone up. Lin Yi said as he glanced at Pinliang.

Beat Beat someone up? Pinliang blinked, not quite understanding what Lin Yi was talking about. Haha, boss well, you see

Pinliang was starting to panic at this point- Lin Yi ate his food way too fast! Hed planned to have a bunch of seafood to occupy Lin Yi for an hour or two as they drank some red wine, but the guy finished everything in under twenty minutes!

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Pinliang was praying for Heibao to hurry up when his phone vibrated. Overjoyed, he pulled his phone out only to see a shark loan advertisement called Revenge Corp

F…Fucking christ!!! Pinliang cursed internally- he wouldnt be this troubled if this shitty company could give him revenge!

Will you hurry it up? Lin Yi said, a little impatient as he eyed the guy checking his phone the whole time, most likely waiting for some sort of signal for him to pull his tricks.

Yes, yes! Pinliang didnt have much of a choice left. Well, you see Ruoming likes Tang Yin, you know that right?

Cut the bullshit and get to the point. Lin Yi said without answering the question.

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