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Chapter 225 – What Are You Playing At?

Haha, whatre you talking about, Lin Yi! Pinliang said with a laugh as he seated his butt on the chair beside Lin Yi.

What the hell? Speak quickly and scram. Lin Yi wasnt very keen on talking to this guy- what the hell was up with him?

Come on, Lin Yi! Dont be like that. Weve had a couple of misunderstandings in the past, but its nothing we cant put behind us! Pinliangs words froze Lin Yi in place instantly.

Misunderstandings? Lin Yi was starting to get interested in what was going on here, with the smiles and everything The guy just brushed everything off as misunderstandings! Did he hit his head, or was he planning something?

Misunderstandings? Zhong Pinliang, what happened between us werent misunderstandings. You know it better than I do, howre we supposed to put things behind us with Heibao in jail? Lin Yi said with a confused smile as he looked at Pinliang. Ah, thats right, I almost forgot- Heibao broke out, so be careful! He might go after you!

Hahaha, youre such a joker, Lin Yi you! Ive nothing to do with Heibao, hahaha, whatre you talking about. Pinliang said with a dry laugh.

Okay, okay, just tell me what you want, stop wasting my time. Lin Yi frowned at how weird this guy was being.

Well, actually Ive something important to tell you. Pinliang said as he lowered his voice. This is a really big deal, its about someone close to you

What is it? Lin Yi was starting to get impatient- what the hell did this guy want to say? Regardless, he understood their conversation earlier as meaningless bullshit just for Pinliang to get to the point.

I cant tell you now How about this, Ill treat you to dinner tonight- Ill tell you in detail then! Pinliang said. Of course, you dont have to come if you really dont wanna know, but Im telling you, Im honestly doing this out of kindness!

Kindness? Lin Yi was no idiot- there was clearly something wrong with this guy, something was up.

But what? He was even offering to buy him dinner What information could he possible have?

Kindness? Youd tell me now if it were kindness. Lin Yi said faintly.

Lin Yi, you need to understand that Im risking a lot just to tell you this. Im doing this behind someones back, Im snitching on him! Ive thought about this long and hard before deciding to be on your side! Pinliang said with a sincere look on his face. He wouldnt forgive me if he finds out what Im doing here!

Snitching? Lin Yi squinted his eyes a bit as he looked at Pinliang- he could tell something was up, but the guy did still have that fearful look on his face.

Pinliang had made sure to prepare himself for the act before confronting Lin Yi- hed rehearsed outside the classroom earlier, so as to not get found out that easily.

Yet Lin Yi had determined long ago that Pinliang was planning something- it was clear that something was up, and that was a certainty.

Ill tell you then- that guy, hes planning to do something to someone close to you! I dont wanna be involved in this thing after it happens, so thats why I came to you after hearing about it! I dont wanna get sued or anything! Pinliang whispered. To tell you the truth, there were legal problems because of the whole Heibao thing last time, and my old man went to great lengths to cover up for me. I dont want anything like that happening to me right before graduation, I still wanna hit on Chu Mengyao in college! I cant be wasting my youth away in prison.

Planning to do something? Lin Yi frowned as he pondered who that person close to him might be- Chu Mengyao? Pinliang shouldnt know about his relationship with her That being said, it couldnt be Chen Yushu either.

Who could it be, then? Kang Xiaobo? Tang Yin?

Alright, lets stop here- class is starting. Think about if you wanna come or not! Bye. Pinliang said as he stood up and walked away. Im being really sincere here- dont blame me if anything happens. Ive warned you beforehand!

The homeroom teacher had walked in the classroom, and Pinliang walked back to his seat with Lin Yi staring at him, certain that the guy wouldnt just help him out for nothing.

Yet Lin Yi grew suspicious at those last words of his

He wasnt afraid of anything happening to him, but if Zhong Pinliang was targeting the people he knew Lin Yi would make sure to rain hell on him.

After some hesitation, he decided to send a text to Mengyao. Zhong Pinliangs treating me to dinner tonight, said there was something important about someone close to me.

Lin Yi clicked send and lifted his head to look at Mengyao, who lowered her head after a bit. Lin Yis phone vibrated the next instant. Did he find out about you and me?

Not sure, but probably not. Lin Yi replied.

Kay, then just go meet him, see what he wants. Mengyao replied.

Lin Yi decided that hed go see what Zhong Pinliang was playing at, since Mengyao had said so.

Class ended, and Pinliang ran out the classroom without asking Lin Yi if hed decided on going.

Lin Yi smiled faintly as he walked out after him, Xiaobo following right behind. Zhong Pinliang asked you to dinner, boss?

Xiaobo had heard the conversation, and was about to ask Lin Yi about it when the teacher walked in.

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Yeah, but I dont know what for. He said theres something important he needs to tell me, something about someone close to me. Lin Yi answered. Only people I can think of is you and Tang Yin, so Ive no idea.

People close to you? Xiaobo blinked. Boss, Zhong PInliangs going down the stairs! Should we follow him?

Nah. Lin Yi said as he reached the window at the end of the corridor. He looked out to the field. He said someones planning to do something to someone close to me, and that hes snitching on that guy. Said hell give me details if I accept his dinner invitation.

Oh Xiaobo paused before speaking with a bit of disdain in his voice. Really? Hes the kind of person whod watch and laugh from the side if someone really was planning to do something to me or Tang Yin, why would he ever snitch on him?

Ha Lin Yi chuckled- it was a given that he knew what Xiaobo knew- hed only decided to accept because he wanted to see what he was playing at.

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