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Chapter 224 – Weird

Then let Uncle Yan take care of it, dad I cant go back anymore. Ruoguang said, too terrified of Lin Yi- Tiandi was right, Ruoming was braver than he was.

You piece of trash!! My relationship with Old Yan is mutual, he helps me because I help him! He does something for me and Ill owe him! Why would I ask him to do something so unimportant? Tiandi couldnt believe this- why was his son this much of a pussy?

If its unimportant then lets just let it go Ruoguang said weakly.

Christ, fine, you stay out of this. Scram! Tiandi said with a wave of his hand- this son of his was nothing like hed been when he was younger!

Ruoguang turned and made his way back to his room, leaving a very pissed off Zou Tiandi in the living room.

Ruoming, on the other hand, had heard everything- hed also seen the injuries on his hands. As troubling as it was, it seemed that he had to postpone his plans What would his brother be able to do with those hands?

Something like this needed to be done in the shadows, and he wouldnt be at ease if it werent his own brother helping him. Zhong Pinliang calling him out Monday morning didnt do much to help raise his spirits.

Ming Bro, howre the preparations coming along? You know, that plan I told you about. Pinliang said as he offered Ruoming a cigarette.

Lets not talk about that Ruoming said with a wave of his hand. Something happened to my brother, and he cant help me anymore- I was just fussing over this! Looks like Ill have to postpone the thing.

Pinliang was overjoyed at the news! Hed planned to have Heibao help Ruoming get Tang Yin, use her to bait Lin Yi out and beat him to death Itd be difficult to carry out if Ruoming was there in person.

Yet it wasnt something Pinliang could just mention. Just telling the guy that hed be able to get Tang Yin for her would arouse his suspicion

Ming Bro, this is something that has to be done asap! Itll be really bad if Lin Yi beats you to it! Pinliang said, a plan in mind.

Youre right Fucking christ, this isnt something I can do myself! Ruoming cursed. Liang, you have anyone who could do the job?

Me? Youre not asking me to help you with the kidnapping, are you? My dadll kill me if he finds out! Pinliang said, as if he were in a difficult position. You know it too, dont you, that whole thing with Heibao

Ruoming nodded understandingly- Pinliang had to have gotten a scolding for that, but Pinliang was the only one who could help him at this point. Liang, youve beef with Lin Yi too, right? Help me out this once- that Lin Yis the one who got Heibao in jail, remember? Hes why you got a scolding, hes your enemy as well as mine!

Youre right! Pinliang nodded eagerly. Alright then, Ming Bro, Ill help you out!

Thats a bro! Ruoming said, pleased as he patted Pinliangs shoulder. When can we do this?

Tonight, if you wanna do it as soon as possible. Ill call the guy later! Pinliang said. But Ming Bro, you have a setting in mind?

Yeah, theres this abandoned building in the northern area, theres practically no one there. Its where me and my friends hang out. Ruoming said. Its at Red Flower Street, in the northern district.

Oh, I know that place! Pinliang said with a nod. Ming Bro, you just wait for good news!

Ill remember this, bro! You have my thanks!! Ruoming said as he patted Pinliangs shoulder happily.

For sure, for sure Pinliang said half-heartedly before walking back to school- the guy was thanking him for being used as a pawn.

He went to an alley behind the school and got in a public phone booth, dialing Heibaos number up and telling him about the plans for tonight. Heibao said yes without even thinking about it- the guy was hellbent on getting back at Lin Yi, and anything went as long as it worked.

Heibao wasnt a stranger to kidnapping- hed done it enough times for it to be easy.

After giving out instructions to Heibao, a villainous smile formed on Pinliangs lips. Lin Yi This is what you get for fucking with me. Your girls gonna get messed up right in front of you, and youll get messed up yourself while you watch

Pinliangs concern now, however, was how he would go about getting Lin Yi to the abandoned building.

He couldnt just tell him to go to the place, could he? Even if the guy believed him, hed probably think that Pinliang had started the whole thing and give him a beating first.

Pinliang walked to class with a frown on his face as he tried to figure something else out. He noticed a student from another class telling something to the dean Wang Zhifeng, probably snitching on someone. His lips twitched with disdain.

He hated people like that the most- snitching on others took no skill, and it was simply distasteful Hm? An idea came to Pinliangs mind.

He walked over to the snitch to thank him for the idea. Thanks a ton, bro!

Zhong Pinliang, whatre you doing? Zhifeng said with a frown.

Nothing, Mister Wang, I just find it admirable for students like him to be doing the right thing! Pinliang said with a nod before quickly returning to class.

Wang Zhifeng didnt know where this was coming from- what was with this Zhong Pinliang? He left it at that, however, since the guy had an uncle in the boards of directors. Furthermore, it wasnt like hed done anything bad.

Lin Yi was sitting at the back of the class, listening to Xiaobo rant on about Fen. He yawned as he noticed Pinliang walking in his direction.

Huh? Whats this dude coming over here for? Lin Yi wondered if the guy was itching to get beat up or something- neither Zhang Naipao or Gao Xiaofu were near him, so Pinliang was definitely walking towards him.

As expected, Pinliang opened his mouth and spoke to Lin Yi- his attitude, however, took him by surprise.

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Lin Yi! Pinliang greeted with a big smile on his face, trying his best not to look hostile.

You have paralysis in your face? Need me to treat you? Lin Yi asked, confused as he looked at that smile on Pinliangs face. What the hell was up with him?

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Chapter 224