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Chapter 217 – Hospital Room News

Tang Yin hesitated, but walked out with Lin Yi all the same. Fen didnt say anything about Xiaobo yet, so I guess its just gratitude?

You think he has a chance? Lin Yi asked.

How would I know? Tang Yin hmphed softly. The people around you just do the same thing you do, chasing after girls when they should be studying.

Ah Lets not talk about me first. Lin Yi said. I think hes serious about this.

Tang Yin looked at Xiaobo in front of them- she wouldnt mind getting him together with Fen if he really was serious Itd help Fen get out of that trauma. You sure its not a one-time thing, that he wants to be with Fen the rest of his life? Hes not just playing around like you are, is he?

…Whyre you always pulling me back in? Also, I never said anything about just playing around with you! Lin Yi said, a bitter smile on his face. Not sure if hes just being impulsive or anything, but it doesnt look like it.

Tang Yin shot a glare at Lin Yi. A girls honor is a very delicate thing! Fens gotten hurt once, she cant go through that again.

Lin Yi hadnt expected Tang Yin to be the committed type, the type of girl whod never let go of a man after deciding on him. Men were usually worried that their girlfriend would leave them for another if they were too pretty, but it seemed like that kind of thing wouldnt happen with Tang Yin as a girlfriend.

The two were talking when Xiaobo started raising his voice.

He seemed to be arguing with a middle-aged man while Huiping tried to calm them down.

Its not like were not spending the money- why is it that we cant have a private room? Xiaobo was getting a little furious- hed been all excited, pulling Huiping along to the hospital room management deans room to get Fen a private hospital room, but they just denied him everything with no rooms!

Even that would be fine, if one of the doctors hadnt brought a patients relative in to get a private room right after they left the office! The dean of the hospital just gave them one without thinking about it, all because the doctor said the relative was his bro!

Didnt the guy say there werent any rooms left? So how come a room came up all of a sudden?

Its the last high-class room, for insiders. The dean explained faintly, not interested in arguing with Xiaobo.

What happened to first come first serve? Its not like were not paying for it, why dont we get the room? Just because we arent insiders? Xiaobo said, very displeased.

Dont come asking for rooms if you cant back it up- my husbands classmate is the hospital dean here! You think you can just ask for rooms without connections? Go back and cut some vegetables! A woman in heavy makeup said with a disdainful look at Xiaobo- she was the wife of the doctors bro. Look at that dumb face of yours, stop embarrassing yourself!

You-!! Xiaobo wasnt taking this well. Whose face are you calling dumb?

What are you gonna do about it? Youre obviously some villager getting cocky with that bit of money on you- look at what your mothers wearing, shes like a villager visiting the city for the first time! The man said with a glare after seeing Xiaobo raise his voice at his woman, thinking Huiping was Xiaobos mother. He spat at the ground.

The spit hit Xiaobos shoe, and it clearly wasnt the mans intention judging by the surprised look on his face.

You-! Wipe my shoe clean right now! Xiaobo had been following Lin Yi the last couple days- he had the boiling blood of men in his veins now!

Alright, alright, kid, enough. The man said as he pulled a hundred kuai bill out his wallet casually, putting it in Xiaobos hand. Go look for some shoe cleaner with this. Let me tell you, just money isnt enough these days. You need connections! Try to keep up.

With that, the man took his leave with his woman, afraid that Xiaobo would start to cause trouble. The doctor who was with them left as well.

The man was Zhao Guangdong, who had come to get his boss a private room. His boss wasnt in critical condition or anything, but he did have high blood pressure these past few days. He didnt need a private room at all, but Guangdong wanted to use some of his connections.

Xiaobo threw the money on the ground with a violent swing, his eyes bloodshot as he glared at the leaving Guangdong, panting with rage.

Ah Lin Yi walked over and picked the money up, handing it to Xiaobo. You still have to take the money- youre pissed at him, not the money.

Boss, I wanna beat him up! Xiaobo understood Lin Yis good intentions- Fen was at a delicate stage, and having more money would always help. Hed thrown the money away for his pride, but Lin Yi had picked it up and handed it to him- he had to take it.

Xiaobo, we dont need a private room anymore, dont get into a fight! That room isnt bad! Huiping said, worried that Xiaobo would get in trouble.

Tang Yin looked at Lin Yi, telling him to talk Xiaobo out of it. She understood where the guy was coming from- hed just gotten out of a situation much like what Tang Yin had gone through, understanding the cold cruelty of this world. She went to the factory herself to get her fathers medical compensation, but where did that get her?

People who had connections only needed to mention it, and theyd get money for the medical bills, regardless of how serious the injury was.

Sometimes, beating people up isnt the only way to handle things. Lin Yi said, patting Xiaobo on the shoulder. You need to adapt to the different people youre dealing with. Wait for me- Ill get them out of that private room the same way they got in.

With that, he started walking to the deans office. The dean was about to ask Lin Yi what he needed when he walked in his office, but one look at Xiaobo and his face grew dark. Didnt I tell you, there arent any rooms left. Whatre you here for?

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You sure theres only one high class room, the one youd just given to those people earlier? Lin Yi asked without answering the question.

Yes. You may leave now. The dean said with an impatient wave of his hand.

Then get them out of that room. Lin Yi said faintly.

Hah.. The dean couldnt help but find Lin Yis words amusing. Who did that guy think he was, the head of the hospital? I still have matters to attend to- Ill have to call security if youre looking for trouble.

So youre not getting them out? Lin Yi said as he pulled his phone out. Then Ill just have to get someone else to do it

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