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Chapter 213 – Heibao’s Revenge

Dont you worry, Master Zhong- Im not after you. Its that piece of shit Lin Yi!! Im out here to wipe him off the planet!! Heibao explained, noticing what Pinliang was worrying about. But I dont have a single penny on me now- Ill need Master Zhongs support financially!

Pinliang let out a sigh of relief upon hearing the explanation- everything was fine as long as Heibao wasnt after his blood. He wanted money, and that wasnt a big deal- he had money! Heibao had went in as his scapegoat, after all, and he was even talking about fucking Lin Yi up for him! Pinliang was but overjoyed to help.

Dont worry, Heibao Bro. Money isnt an issue here, Ill go talk with my dad! Ill get you a million kuai first! Pinliang said. As for Lin Yi, though, well need to talk about this a bit more- we cant get him at school anymore, well need a different location!

Thank you, Master Zhong! Heibao was relieved himself at Pinliangs generosity, pulling a million out right away- it seemed that hed come to the right place. The Zhongs treated him well, too He hadnt been a scapegoat for nothing! Pinliangs statement regarding Lin Yi, on the other hand, made perfect sense- hed never go after Lin Yi in public again. He nodded. Thats right, well need to discuss this later, but I cant stay too long. I wont be able to beat that shit up if my body goes back to normal.

Dont worry, Heibao, itll only be a couple days! Pinliang wanted Lin Yi dead as soon as possible, too- the guy had flipped his chair in front of everyone! It was too great a humiliation, and hed never rest until he got him to pay.

Alright, Ill be going! Here, my phone number. Heibao said as he handed a piece of paper to Pinliang. News of my escapes gonna become public soon, and theyll be on you when that happens. I should be fine with this body, but I wouldnt wanna drag you guys down.

Okay, Heibao Bro. Ill call you after I get the one million from dad! Pinliang said, a little touched at Heibaos concern for him.

Dont rush that- Lin Yi comes first. Heibao was really itching for Lin Yis blood. That fucking shit, I cant live on with him breathing!!

Okay then, you go first, Heibao Bro. Ill talk to my dad, and well talk about Lin Yi later. Ill call you. Pinliang nodded.

Heibao nodded as well, patting Pinliangs shoulder without saying anything else. He leapt off the windowsill and disappeared into the night.

Fuck, seriously? Hes like a martial arts master in wuxia novels or something. Pinliang said, stunned as he stared at the empty windowsill. He looked down and found that Heibao had disappeared already.

Hed have thought he was dreaming if it werent for the piece of paper in his hand!

Pinliang pulled his phone out and started dialing his dad up, who only picked up after quite a couple of rings. It was pretty noisy on the other end of the call- Fabai was outside drinking. Pinliang, whats the matter?

Dad, theres an emergency. Can you come home first? Pinliang said with a lowered voice, even if no one was there to eavesdrop on him.

What happened? Im with a client, your mothers here too- theyre old friends! Its not something I can just walk away from. Fabai said.

It really is an emergency, dad! Can you come home first? Pinliang was worried that someone on Fabais end might hear him, and didnt want to risk exposing anything.

Pinliang, what is it? Dads really busy here, cant you understand that?! Fabai was a little displeased at that point- how serious could it be?

Heibao escaped from prison.. Pinliang said, lowering his voice as much as possible.

What? What did you say?! Fabai froze. Alright, wait for me- Im coming back now.

Fabais heart tightened at the name- his clients werent that big a concern anymore. After all, this was something that could get his own son in jail if he didnt sort it out properly.

Hed gotten a lawyer to meet up with Heibao, and got him to shoulder all the blame for a big reward after getting out Things got really complicated if he just ran like that.

He turned to his wife. Hua, you chat with our old friends first- somethings happened with Pinliang, I need to go back first!

Alright, hurry back then. Fabais wife, naturally, understood the gravity of the situation if it could pull her husband away at a time like this. She didnt bother stressing him with any questions. Leave everything here to me- they all know Im a big drinker.

The other people present at the table werent too pleased with Fabai just leaving like that- they hadnt even started drinking yet! What Fabais wife said, however, made the situation clear, and they just nodded in acknowledgement. They were old enough friends, after all.

Fabai left the pub and got into a taxi, leaving the car for his wife. It wasnt long before he got home.

He didnt even bother taking his coat off as he yelled for his son after opening the door. Pinliang, where are you? Im home!

Pinliang ran out his room and down the stairs upon hearing his fathers voice. Dad!

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Tell me, where did you hear this It doesnt seem to be public yet? Fabai said curiously. Heibao breaking out of prison was a really big deal, after all- how would Pinliang know about it when the news hadnt reported anything?

Pinliang was about to speak when Fabais phone rang.

Fabai looked at who was calling, quickly gesturing for his son to keep quiet as he answered the phone. Captain Song- whyre you calling so late?

Chairman Zhong? I have bad news- Heibaos escaped. Lingshan didnt want to be making this phone call, but it was a necessity. After all, Fabai was one of the main targets for Heibaos vengeance

Lingshan had an idea of why Heibao had done all of that at school She also knew why Heibao was willing to take responsibility for all the crimes. Zhong Fabais influence in the city was strong, and he even had a close relative as a Pengzhan Industries shareholder. There were many parties involved, and Lingshan didnt want to have too many suspicions without proper evidence.

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