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Chapter 209 – Yushu’s Cunning

You have verification? Lin Yi knew why the man was here, but this was a delicate time, and it was no joke. The man might very well have brought them poisoned food if he wasnt genuine.

Ah yeah. The man hadnt expected Lin Yi to be this cautious, but handed him his company ID.

Mengyao and Yushu had heard the doorbell as well, and made their way down- Mengyao remembered that it wasnt Li Fu delivering their food for them today, and Lin Yi might not know the guy.

She did remember to pull Yushu along- she couldnt risk her making contact with Lin Yi secretly, after all. She had to bring her along everywhere she went.

Secretary Zhang, you came! Mengyao said, a little touched as she spotted Lin Yi inspecting the secretarys ID. The bastard was pretty considerate.

Miss Chu. Mister Li is at the neighboring city- Im here to deliver the food. Secretary Zhang tensed up as Mengyao walked out- he was in a dangerous situation, after all. As troubled as he was with this secret Mengyao had, he made sure to put up a casual front and feign ignorance.

Yeah, I know. Uncle Fus called me. Mengyao said before looking at Lin Yi. Lin Yi, this is Secretary Zhang. Just take his delivery the next time he comes.

Okay. Lin Yi nodded as he took the food from him.

Mengyao, naturally, wouldnt consider what the secretary was thinking- it never occurred to her, after all, since there wasnt anything to hide.

The secretary, on the other hand, left the scene hastily after handing the food to Lin Yi. It wasnt an atmosphere he wanted to be staying too long in.

Lin Yi only shook his head at the disappearing secretary- what was the rush?

He then made his way inside with the food, where Yushus eyes were darting around as she thought of a way to communicate with Lin Yi in secret. Her gaze stopped at her Beetle outside. Shield Bro, hows the car? Not bad?

Its good. Lin Yis heart tightened up at the question- could this girl have realized what hed done to her car?

Oh Yushu looked at Mengyo glaring at her as she tried to work a plan out. Eh? Wheres my picture? That one I decorated the car with? Shield Bro, open the door, Ill take a look

Shu, wheres all this coming from? Mengyao said, noticing something was up.

That pictures a really good one, okay? I was really pretty in it, I was fifteen! Im never gonna look like that again, so I wanna go see where it went! Yushu explained.

Fifteen? Mengyao didnt know what to say- of course youd never get smaller, what was she even saying

Ah, I took the picture down and put it in the drawer. Itd be bad if Kang Xiaobo sees that in what he thinks is my car, right. Lin Yi said, wondering what was up with Yushu today.

Oh. Then let me see if its still there, I dont believe you! Youd better not have lost it or ruined it. Yushu said relentlessly.

Shu!! Mengyao, naturally, understood what the girl was trying to do. She was just trying to tell Lin Yi of the bet! Lin Yi, open the car door and show her!

Mengyao thought that itd be fine if Lin Yi opened the door for Yushu to take a quick look- thatd stop her from dragging this on. She was there to watch her, anyway What could she possibly pull off?

……Okay. Lin Yi didnt want to do it, but the Miss had spoken. He could only hope that Yushu wouldnt look up at the backseat.

Oh.. Its here! Yushu said after finding her decoration, still finding a way to give Lin Yi a heads-up. Itd be way too awkward if she just confessed to him out of nowhere.

You happy now, Shu? Lets go have dinner, we still have something important to do! Mengyao said as she emphasized the word important, essentially telling Yushu to give in and just do the confession.

Kay Well, just put it up in the back if the front is off-limits- no ones gonna look in the back right? Yushu said, not willing to give up that easily. Her eyes froze as she spotted the car ceiling in the back. Ah?! Shield Bro, what happened to my car??

Lin Yi was quite troubled indeed- why did this Chen Yushu have to choose today, of all days, to care about her car all of a sudden? Hadnt she left her car in the garage for months without even looking at it? What was up with her today, inspecting the car like that?

Mengyao, on the other hand, assumed that Yushu was trying to pull something again. She grabbed her arm and prepared to leave with her. Shu, calm down, its nothing okay? Lets go eat.

Nonono. Yushu said with a wave of her hand. You didnt see it, Yao Yao! Look there and there! Its all messed up!

Mengyao frowned as she peeked in for a look impatiently, her eyes widening at the damage. Lin Yi, what the hell? What did you do?

Got attacked Lin Yi sweated.

Attacked? Someone went to the back seat to attack you? Howd he get in, did you let him in? Mengyao said, evidently doubting Lin Yis words. The car didnt have doors to get into the back through, after all- it had to be from the front.

Shield Bro, you gotta take responsibility you know! Yushu didnt care about the car- she only wanted to talk with Lin Yi a bit longer. Yao Yao, you go back first- Ill discuss the compensation with Shield Bro.

No, you can do that after dinner! The foods getting cold! Mengyao said definitively.

I like cold food! Lower chance of getting esophageal cancer! Yushu wasnt going to let a one in a million chance like this just slip past her.

Then you talk with him, Ill watch! Mengyao said, not risking leaving the two alone.

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Oh, sure. Yushu replied, pretending as if she werent planning anything in the first place. So Shield Bro, whatre you gonna do about the car?

Lin Yi was starting notice that something was off, as well- Yushu was being pretty naggy today, it was completely out of character! Yushu wasnt one to put any value on materialistic things, after all, and shed even lent him her laptop and car The key to her villa was still in his hands! This meant that she was a really generous girl- why would she be so fixated on this little detail today?

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