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Chapter 207 – Heibao’s Escape

It wasnt that Lin Yi wasnt interested in feeling her up, but couldnt. The Miss was right there looking at him- he couldnt just do stuff like that to her soulmate, now could he? He wasnt that reckless.

Yet it was quite a pleasant sensation his wrist was feeling right now

He chuckled dryly as he noticed Yushus killer glare. He tightened his grip, and bent the two fences- there was plenty of space for Yushu to move around now.

Done. Lin Yi let go of his hands and stood to the side.

Ah? Yushu slipped out the fence smoothly. That easy?

That easy! Lin Yi nodded.

Whyd you pull me just now, then, if its that easy?! Yushu asked panickedly. My boobs, they hurt!!

Mengyao cleared her throat, glaring at Yushu. Shu!! Watch what youre saying.

Yushu blushed a little, but didnt really care about that. Shield Bro, you did it on purpose, didnt you?

Yao Yao was the one who told me to. Lin Yi said innocently. I assumed it was a good plan.

You stop that, Lin Yi! Mengyao was starting to get a little pissed off. Assumed it was a good plan? I didnt know you could pry the fences open, okay?!

Haha Lin Yi responded with a chuckle. Well, Ill push the fences back then. Dont squeeze yourself in there anymore But I guess it should be fine if you do it, Yao Yao!

With that, Lin Yi bent the fences back in place.

Lin Yi?!! What did you say?! Are you saying I have small breasts??!! Mengyao said, exploding from Lin Yis taunt.

I didnt say that.. Lin Yi sweated, not expecting that big a reaction from Mengyao. Okay Ill be going then

You get back here!! Mengyao called, very pissed off at this point- the guy had run away!

Yao Yao Small breasts have their pros too You wont get stuck, right Yushu said as she tried to calm the raging Mengyao down.

Shu!!! Mengyao glared angrily- what was the girl even saying to calm her down? Wont get stuck? There were plenty of big boobs out there, she didnt see those getting stuck anywhere? Only an idiot like her could get her boobs stuck in a fence!

Come on, Yao Yao, dont be so mad It doesnt matter how big your chest is, Zhong Pinliang will still love you. Yushu said seriously.

Are you doing this on purpose, Shu? What does it have to do with me whether he likes me or not?? Mengyao couldnt take it anymore.

Ah, right- it needs to be Shield Bro! Yushu nodded.

………. Mengyao was utterly speechless- shed die from frustration if she allowed herself to be pissed off at a soulmate like Yushu. A thought crossed her mind. Shu, you lost at hide and seek, didnt you?

Ah? I Yushu remembered the bet as well, her face darkening- what was wrong with her, setting a bet like that?!!

Yao Yao, I got stuck, you know? You wouldnt have been able to find me otherwise. Yushu explained, trying to weasel herself out of the loss.

Come on, Id still be able to find you. Mengyao said. Shu, dont try to talk your way out of this!! Ill never play with you again if you do!

Okay Yushu replied, disheartened from Mengyaos threat. Fine, Ill do it

When will you do it? Mengyao asked, making sure to make things clear from the start- this was Chen Yushu she was dealing with here, after all- shed probably just drag things on.

Dinner Dinner, okay? Yushu answered, looking to make some sort of preparation. Yao Yao, you gotta let me have time to prepare.

Okay then, dinner! Mengyao nodded. Remember the deal!

Okay Yushu said bitterly. But what if Shield Bro takes it seriously?

Wouldnt that be nice? You can marry him directly then! He seems to like you a lot, right? Mengyao said, curling her lips, a little uncomfortable from the thought for some reason.

Woah, wouldnt you have to marry him too if I did? Yushu said, acting as if she didnt know what Mengyao was talking about. Jeez, Yao Yao, youre so sneaky using me as a vanguard when you like Shield Bro yourself hoh hoh

Shu!! What the- what are you even saying? Why would I ever like him?!! Mengyao put her hand to Yushus lips as fast as she could- Lin Yi didnt hear her, did he? Itd be so embarrassing! What was this girl even thinking, treating a promise they made jokingly as kids so seriously?! Was she looking forward to being a second wife that much?

Hehehe Yushu giggled. Ill shut up, okay?

Hmph. Youd better not tell him beforehand! Ill be watching you. Mengyao said, not intending to leave any room for Yushu to manoeuvre.

Ah? It was actually what Yushu had in mind! Shed planned to have him put on a performance for Mengyao with her during dinner, but Mengyao sealed that whole idea up! Why did she have to piss Mengyao off?? Everything came back around to haunt her! Was this what karma was?!

Yushus eyes darted around as she tried to find a way out of this, to no avail. She sighed. Jeez, fine Ill confess

Thats good. Good girls keep their promises! Mengyao said with a nod before going back to the villa with Yushu.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, was giving Li Fu a call. He needed him to take care of the dents for him, but the guy was driving Chu Pengzhan to a business event.

He hung up as a result when Song Lingshan called, much to his surprise. Whats up? Dont tell me you need to look for suspects again?

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Lin Yi, Heibaos escaped!! Lingshans urgent voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

Heibao? Escaped? Lin Yi blinked at the information.

Yes, just this afternoon! He exploded when they were transporting him to the prison, and he beat up the five officers escorting him!! One of thems in the hospital, really badly injured Lingshan said.

What? He beat up five officers? Five people? You sure? Lin Yi wasnt expecting this- Heibao wasnt even that strong! Was this some sort of joke?

He took care of him like he wouldve a toy that day! He wasnt serious in the slightest! The guy wasnt even halfway past the early phase of the golden class, he was just violent, that was pretty much it! Could he perhaps have concealed his abilities..?

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